Meat in the steamer recipes

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Oromo (roll) — (literal translation from Kyrgyz "wrapped") dish in Kyrgyz cuisine. It can be made from meat or vegetables as a vegetarian dish. On our website there are similar recipes steam rolls, but Oromo unfairly bypassed.
Korean dumplings with kimchi
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Kimchi Wang Mandu. Many are familiar with simple (Uzbek) manti with pumpkin and meat and/or onions. Offer cooks a bit to broaden my horizons and meet manta rays (Mandu) in the Korean version
Bay for a couple
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Long thought to offer you this recipe or not? It seems that similar saw, but then tried searching - found nothing. Began to remember from where I wrote it down to his culinary book and found this recipe on the website Have Saechki (from Olga (olgaS)). Thank her for the idea! I hope that all who read will like it too, as I do, because IT is VERY TO HAVE a N O !!!
Steamed cakes a La "Pagode"
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The tender sweet yeast dough with juicy meat filling and spicy carrots. Very tasty!!!
Hanuschik steam - my version
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After the holidays and before new I want to give a little rest to our body. Here came the idea to prepare a steam roll. Nadinochka team, but it turned out very tasty and juicy. Invite!
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Very tasty and satisfying! This Korean dish is steam cakes!
Pasties in Ukrainian with cabbage and meat
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Fried in oil, "otvarennye" in the steamer pasties and cabbage stuffing will please the eye with their appearance and taste as the family and guests at any time.
Manty "Another recipe"
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A traditional meat dish of the peoples of Central Asia. Prepared as taught by my mother))) the Only difference is that I added the stuffing the pumpkin. And tastier and even juicier.
Steam fat
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This fat is constantly preparing my stepdad.. We love him so much and so quickly eaten. That was the first time photographed..
Home-made sausage
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Homemade sausage that you can fry, bake and jerk. And most importantly, made with her own hands, and we know what's in it!
The tabs of "sleeves"
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Series No. 3, until you get bored, I will cook in the "sleeve", very tasty and solid facilities.
Sausage from steamer
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I suggest you have the steam version of sausage. Easy and very tasty! The sausage is juicy, with excellent flavor, holds shape well and not falling apart! And it fits perfectly in the diet of the first half of the day, for losing weight or blyuduschih your figure!
Steam pork sausage and chicken
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Many families have long abandoned "shopping " of sausage, and it is clear why: the terrible chemical composition+bad taste+health and this whole "beauty" is still decent and worth the money! Offer the option of home sausages steamed. Not difficult, quick and tasty!
Cutlets chicken steam
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So you want to treat your baby to something delicious. These cutlets are very tasty and healthy.
Pork for a couple in the ground roasted rice
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Meat hammer fried rice is a native of Sichuan cuisine. Preparing one of the favorite in Chinese way - steaming. The result is a very tasty and tender meat in the crust.
Cold boiled veal in a double boiler
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To be honest, I didn't know what to call it, so called pork.
Pork ribs and leg on the beer
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Very tasty, hearty and flavorful!
Pate "Rabbit joy"
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Gentle pashtetik...
Meat hedgehogs
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Do you believe in miracles? "Miracles do not happen!" You say. Then, maybe worth a look here?!
The chicken liver pate for a couple
92 - 270м 6
Not so often we prepare for a couple of something interesting and unusual. Increasingly, vegetables, chicken and fish. For me was the discovery that it is possible to prepare and wonderful recipe!
Chinese steamed cakes with spicy pork
91 - 120м 12
This dish belongs to the category of dim sum snacks. There are two varieties of these cakes, called Char Siu Bau (Char Siu – filled with pork, Bau – bun): the steam and baked. Steam are white and airy, and baked – darker with glaze. This recipe is a variant steam pies. The dough of these pies special, because it contains yeast and baking powder, making its texture more dense, fine-pored, but soft and airy as freshly baked bread. Inside tender slices of slow roasted pork in a sauce of honey, soy sauce and fresh ginger.