Poultry dishes in the steamer recipes

474 - 60м 20
The most popular dish of Mexican cuisine is, of course, Tamales! Tamale /tamale/ - specially prepared corn masa dough stuffed with meat and spicy sauce. And all this rolled up in leaves of corn cobs. In Mexico, I just love tamales! You can buy them from street vendors under noisy Mexican song "Hot, hot tamale!", and to order in a restaurant.
169 4 160м 4
It is better to do from a leg part, but you can from the neck, Breasts.
Pasta with chicken for a couple
138 4 - -
Dish for steam cooking.
Tomale Pie Dip (chicken pie dip)
137 3.5 60м 8
Delicious Mexican dish.
Chicken Chinese style on a few
135 - 60м 2
The sauce will add steam to the chicken rich flavor and aroma. Use and enjoyment all in one.
Artichokes stuffed with mushrooms Turkey
129 - 25м -
Finally, our family gathered to show their work. For a very long time I couldn't come up with a dish for the Christmas contest. I wanted it all to be tasty, useful, beautiful, and all the family work to occupy. Randomly remembered the recipe, to which all hands did not reach, or rather dare not dare to cook this wonder of nature. Only have to buy artichokes, but it was not so easy to find them in our stores. Husband was looking for two days this overseas vegetable, traveled half of Moscow and, of course, found! Our work for the contest "Family dish of the year".
Chicken "Tender"
127 4.5 45м -
In a double boiler.
Chicken with couscous and vegetables
121 - 40м -
Diet dish cooked without a single drop of oil. All lovers of healthy food recommend.
Just meat
113 4 90м -
Meat with spicy broth
Chicken breast baked with mango
111 - 30м -
Brought out of Egypt 4 mango, but one needs to eat do not have time before it becomes soft, like mashed potatoes, the kids that refused to eat. And there came to my mind to bake it with chicken, the smell that filled the kitchen, it is still impossible to forget.
"Underdog" from the liver of poultry in a sauce of port wine
109 - 30м 3
As always in my menu-quick, tasty and healthy)
108 5 - -
This recipe I have exhibited, but without photos it is difficult to imagine, and I really want to share with you this wonderful dish!
Home kebab
102 3.5 60м 10
Here's a homemade kebab :) Recipe to come up in the morning in bed :) Delicious and dieting.
101 4 - -
The present, fairly quick to prepare, and delicious satsivi.
Chicken Greek in paper bags
100 - - 4
Can't imagine something more diet and is so delicious! This dish steamed a simple way and very fast, and it turns out extremely tasty, flavorful and even exquisite.
Chicken "Little white"
97 3 40м 3
Came across the website of a healthy diet and there, among other things, was a diet that was prescribed in a each day of the week to eat foods of the same color! I don't know about the efficiency of such power, but rampant imagination is huge=))
Tender chicken liver pate
95 - 40м 5
Tender chicken liver pate, so delicious that I just want a plate to eat together with him! Pleasant viewing!
Chicken breast with crab meat
94 3 20м 1
The combination of crab meat and chicken - "BOMB"
Heart muchachos "From Marousi"
94 - - -
Chicken hearts with pickled peppers and zucchini.
My zraziki
93 5 - 40
I looked on the website recipes and decided to write as I do.....
Cabbage rolls Chinese style
92 - 80м -
This dish is for lovers of Asian cuisine and for those who care about their figure.