Fish in the steamer recipes

Trout "Fish in Greek"
481 - 15м 1
The dish is very light, diet that contains no superfluous or the wrong fats, no component is subjected to a roasting heat treatment is minimal. In this hearty and very tasty thanks to the combination of flavors of ingredients. Invented to cook when I was losing weight, but the recipe is firmly established in the menu and "bezpajumtnieku" diet. You can cook not only in a double boiler, refer to the recipe, there is described the second way.
Don't be a fatty!
265 3 20м 2
Prepractice dish of fish for those who lose weight.
222 3 40м 2
Very tasty fish, like hake or walleye, but better.
Steam cutlets of pike
201 5 - -
Very diet of burgers, cooks them, my mother, and she was happy to share its recipe with You.
The sole a couple
181 3 - -
Shrimp in a creamy sauce and gratin of zucchini
172 - 80м 3
Tiger prawns in a creamy sauce "Elder" gratin of zucchini. The recipe is taken from Nina Niksya, author – Serge Fery! I want to say the shrimp was very tender, and the taste gratins are just gorgeous!
Carp with ginger
162 5 35м 4
Carp, in itself, a very tasty fish, and the ginger - something-something!
Salmon in Chinese
161 3 30м 4
Want something new? Try the Chinese cuisine.
Fish for tea pillow
156 - - -
Well, first of all - HELLO! So I returned to the cook family! On returning home I was taken by surprise - the new steamer. Of course, itching to try it. So a couple of retseptiki for steamers.
Salad with rice and seafood
153 5 20м 8
A very hearty salad that can be used as a separate dish for lunch and dinner.
Shrimp with sauce
153 3 20м 1
Fried shrimp with an unusual sauce. Try it!! Very tasty!
Rice balls with seafood "White-black"
147 - 60м 5
I love to cook something new. These balls were my favorite dish. Black rice is white and this dish looks beautiful. Serve warm.
Fish health
145 - 20м 2
Offer healthy food! She started to eat, because breast-feeding little duculescu! And, as they say, healthy food does not mean tasteless!
The trout in the steamer
142 5 - -
For those who food for a couple seems fresh.
Squid stuffed with "Sea"
141 - 15м 2
When you stand in the kitchen and in front of you lie the seafood, to think, what to do with them can be very long. Because of them you can do whatever you want. Here we are with my husband, remembering the statement that all ingenious is simple, I prepared this dish for a dinner devoted to Valentine's day! And raising glasses in voice proposed a toast: "give me tonight"!
Fragrant pink
139 - 15м 2
The recipe is simple, but very satisfying! And for diet suitable for breastfeeding moms, which itself is!
Steam mackerel with potatoes
138 - 40м 4
Another recipe for steamers from the category of "tasty, fast, useful."
Granny's fish
131 3 - -
Maybe America I will not open, but I really want to share the recipe. My grandma a fish cooked, hence the name.
Fish with vegetables, steamed
130 5 35м 4
Healthy, and most importantly, delicious food is obtained using the steamer. Products do not lose their vitamins and nutrients. Fish turns out very tasty and juicy. Try....
White fish for a couple
129 4 30м 6
Dietary dish of white fish with vegetables.
Lunch for losing weight
127 - 25м 2
Over the holidays and it's time to bring the figure in order (well at least for me). And then, comes the steamer! The sole is often fatty, but cooked in a double boiler loses some of the fat (though useful, but I absolutely can not eat this fat). Eat and present: well, I'm slim, beautiful! And still so delicious!!!