Cereal in a double boiler recipes

Banana manna in the steamer
302 - 30м -
For fans of manna and for those who don't know what else can be cooked in a double boiler.
The sago pudding with peach sauce
169 - 120м 6
Sago! Here's a rare cereal, gluten free, and therefore very useful in diets, I came across recently in the sale. And an interesting recipe for it I found in an old book by Elena molokhovets in 1901. No. 1510. Slightly adapting it to our current products and measures, I still decided to make this an interesting and original pudding!! And to dedicate this absolutely unusual treat I want a great lover of all rare, vintage and original... Guess who?? No?! Then come visit and learn all about it!!
Rice with mushrooms and chicken in the steamer
124 - 55м 5
Rich rice from the steamer. Good to cook it for lunch or for dinner. Moreover, cooking does not distract from other matters.
Pear pudding with Apple cider gravy
121 - 60м 4
Pears and apples contain valuable nutrients and trace elements. It is an ideal fruit for baby food.
117 5 30м 1
Polenta, well, what can I add... Just that I cook it in the steamer. Plus, this method of cooking in the fact that I, as a breastfeeding mom, in the morning, not much time to cook myself Breakfast and eat, my friends, I want to. Unlike the traditional way, you don't need half an hour to stand at the stove, stirring porridge. Prepare cereal for cooking and wait for a coveted ring.
Chocolate couscous with warm mango and mint
106 - 15м 4
This is a very tasty and quick dish, which is cooked in a double boiler. This can be a wonderful Breakfast, snack or dessert. I cooked according to the recipe Olga H 180 This is my first recipe.
Casserole of rice with broccoli
103 - 50м 4
The option is simple, but delicious side dish.
Steam "Rafaelki" with fruit sauce
97 - 50м 6
Very tasty and healthy!!!
Cheese souffle in a double boiler
96 - 40м -
Delicate cheese souffle with a light sour berries