Dishes of meat in a steamer recipes

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Khanum is another masterpiece Eastern cooks. It is easy to manufacture the dish belongs to the Uzbek national cuisine. There are many options for its preparation, as well as plenty of sounds name: Khanum, Hanon, Hanon, Hanum, Hunan. The composition of the dish resembles the famous manta rays, with the difference that the Mrs cooked whole, rolling up the roll, and sculpt the piece.
Buryat poses "Boozy"
269 - 60м 5
́PS — the name in Russian, Buryat - buuz. Every year throughout my life, I regularly travel to Buryatia. As a child, went to grandma's for the holidays, summer, winter. And now with their children every year in Buryatia, not breaking the tradition. Not one meal is not complete without buuz. At home we maintain that tradition and, if desired, can easily prepare a favorite childhood meal. In Buryatia there are competitions devoted to this dish, where mold and eat buuz, thus attaching young people to the culture.
Dumplings in Uzbek "Gul-Khanum"
246 - 120м 8
This dish of Uzbek cuisine. Steamed. Very simple to prepare and looks original. I hope to taste You will enjoy.
246 - 40м -
Pigadi or Korean cakes for a couple - very tasty dish! Originally I am from Kazakhstan and know firsthand about this dish, I had many friends-Koreans. Preparing pigadi very simple way of cooking something like dumplings, but the dough for pigadi used more. In the dough add the yeast and it's getting air, soft and white. As the filling use chopped meat or minced meat (pork and beef), as well as cabbage, radish, onion, garlic and spices. Pigadi served with soy sauce. I do not claim the accuracy of the recipe, perhaps someone is preparing it more right, but this recipe shared with me by my mother-in-law, and I did so, and not otherwise, in order to please my husband))
Meatloaf with djusai
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Not throwing the Slippers from the simplicity of the recipe, in fact, the filling can be done all sorts, the whole trick to the test. I live in the East and we love jusy. It is added to the dumplings, rolls, pasties, salads... well, everywhere. So, let's start!
Meat hedgehogs for a couple
170 - 50м 5
Delicious steamed meatballs in the form of hedgehogs.
Chinese steam dumplings
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Friends are invited to a master class on modeling of shaped dumplings - Lotus flower, water Lily, fish is simple and gold. Gather the whole family at the table - from small to large, it will be interesting, and then good!
Lazy dumplings
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Tomato rolls in tomato-cream sauce
162 - 60м -
In explanation of lazy dumplings...
Steam roll "lady" with a cheesy mushroom sauce
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Roll out dumpling dough stuffed with meat and cabbage, steamed, mantoverde (or steamer), and it did cheese-mushroom sauce. The combination of fillings of meat and cabbage is very tasty, and if you season it all with mushrooms and cheese, it is possible to equate to a festive dinner, turned out well, very tasty. Steam rolls with meat are called "Lady", but to claim such a title, I will not, I do not know how he prepares, all the subtleties of cooking the stuffing and whose dish do not know, therefore I propose an alternative, which can be called "simplified manti" in their interpretation.
Stuffed cucumbers
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An unusual way of using cucumbers, which they are almost pickled and absorb the flavor of minced meat, and he, in turn, is very good in combination with onions, ginger and soy sauce.
Roll meat
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Continuation of the series "cooking in the steamer".
Steam cutlets of veal
127 - 40м -
Very tender cutlets for children and their parents.
Useful burgers
119 - 40м 4
With the advent of the child, had to reconsider their diet. Because children often copy us and always give them what you eat. I used to cook for the whole family without too much oil. Chicken this recipe came out delicious and airy. To cook them chicken, beef, rabbit, chicken.
Chinese meat hoglets
114 - 40м 4
I think most chefs would cook hedgehogs - meat meatballs with rice. Many happy owners of steamers even used the recipe Lyudochka (beautiful woman) to get the magic prickly hedgehogs. I really liked the composition of the stuffing for these hedgehogs - very spicy, spicy and Oriental delicious!
Meatloaf (Hunan, Mrs)
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Easy to prepare and delicious steam roll stuffed with minced meat, potatoes and onions.
Steamed meatballs
112 - 40м -
Tasty burgers for the whole family!!! Steam cutlets is a tasty and healthy dish. Dishes, steamed, useful and this fact will not argue. No wonder steam cutlets considered a dietary product and is also made for children.
The chicken sausage in the steamer
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Of course there are numerous varieties of sausages which are very tasty, but assuming and knowing what they consist of, do not want them to take, and, like sausages. So my youngest is a big fan of sausage. BUT, without shells, until we switched to steam sausages, which are prepared simply, but vkupno
Chicken in a basket of pepper
111 - 60м 5
I love this recipe not only easy to prepare but also a light pleasant taste. Another attempt to paint snow bright spring colors)
Rolls of minced meat
107 - 45м -
Rolls with cheese filling. Easy to prepare and suitable for any garnish
Steam ground beef patties with cheese
101 - 60м 6
Meals for a couple is ideal for those who have problems with the stomach. For dishes that are cooked through the steamer does not need any extra oil. The products are high water-soluble vitamins (A, C) and minerals. Ideal for potatoes, pasta, cereals)