Dishes of vegetables in the steamer recipes

Vegetable medley
276 3 50м 8
This dish is cooked in a double boiler. Fast, simple, useful and very cute
Mini vegetable rolls for a couple
192 - 30м 4
Continue to have my steamer, so this recipe was born.
154 4.7 - -
Meatloaf with vegetables definitely will like all the Housewives! Prepared in the steamer, I don't have it, so that the steamer was made of improvised means))). Participate in the contest "Fast "Philips"
Soup with sorrel from the steamer
151 - 90м 3
Thanks to the contests on the "Cook" many cooks got the steamers. But perhaps not everyone knows, however, as I until recently, that the steamer can cook not only meat and fish. You can cook soup, borscht. And even cook puddings and cakes (my first time).
The potatoes in the steamer
150 5 - -
For those who the seem to be fresh.
Potato balls
148 - 60м 5
A simple and delicious recipe for steamers.
Stuffed zucchini from the steamer
140 - - -
Delicious, hearty, healthy!
Spinach Turkish "Ispanak yemegi"
135 - 30м 4
A recipe for delicious and healthy food that is easy to cook.
Soufflé green peas
132 5 - -
If your large and small squeamish Sims don't like peas, then this recipe is just for you. My husband said, would not know that the peas would have guessed. Very gentle and easy. Well on the side, and as an independent, easy dish.
Steam potato and mushroom dumplings
130 - 90м 8
Summer, sun, vacation, of course, everything is fine. But besides relaxing in the garden plots need to work hard to have a harvest festival and "belly". Many parents that did not come up to attract little helpers to a moderate work in the country. And in our family there was a Garden dragon who lives in the garden and closely following the order in its territory, watching propisyvayutsya like a watered garden beds and who are both working. And to thank the assistant after the completion of major heavy work in the garden, we're having a celebration of Garden of the dragon. Sculpt with our young assistants dumplings, but not simple, and the main dumpling in the shape of a Dragon, the small one is in the form of bags of coins dragon, birds that live in our garden, etc. and then evening on the terrace of the table, gathers our family friendly, relax after a good day, eat delicious dumplings with fresh vegetables.
Casserole broccoli with cheese
128 - - 2
Only healthy foods: calcium and phosphorus included in the composition of cheese is good for bones and teeth, and strengthen the heart muscle, and broccoli is an ideal diet food because it contains just 30 calories per 100 g. you Can add to a dish grated cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, etc., this will enrich the taste, but will increase the calorie content.
Vegetarian pilaf
123 - 40м 2
Veg biryani - Offer the option of cooking pilaf with vegetables. In this dish the rice turns crisp and juicy, thanks to a variety of vegetables. Cooked very easily. Recipe of Indian cuisine.
Garlic paste, recipe for steamers
121 - 30м -
A paste of garlic. Delicious spread on bread or crackers.
Cabbage and cheese casserole
120 - - 2
Another diet casserole. Rich taste can not promise, but that it is useful - I guarantee it.
Stuffed kohlrabi
116 - 50м -
The recipe for this dish was posted on the website in 2008 by user Alefniunia under this name and is illustrated with me in the framework of "Coloring". I want to say a big thank you to Alla, the author of the recipe. The recipe is simple, and can be paperitehtaat, well, let's all in order.
Steam potato gnocchi with mushrooms
112 4 - -
Because passion about repeat prescriptions have run amok and do not see any logical conclusion (recipes still repeated), then, before you publish your recipe, I carefully checked everything: NO! So with a clear conscience, I offer you his version of potato gnocchi.
Steam duck with mushroom
112 - 25м 10
The last months I'm on a diet that excludes fried, and require frequent meals, therefore we started looking for tasty and healthy retseptiki for snacking. It was nice of steam sarnicki, made them almost every day. Now the diet has gone remission and sweet after the holidays you do not want, so I decided to experiment a bit with the recipe.
The pumpkin from the steamer
109 3 25м -
This is for those who loves the pumpkin!
Extraordinary pumpkin
101 - 15м 1
Not so long ago I was skeptical about the pumpkin, well, I do not perceive it and that's it. The eye began to see a recipe for a recipe from the pumpkin. Interested and... love. Offer a simple recipe but extremely tasty. Prepared for Breakfast, but did not eat, took her to work here wanting to taste was a lot, tried everything, has revealed one drawback that was not enough.
Vegetable rolls with cranberry sauce
100 5 - -
These rolls will impress even the most avid meat-eaters. Very juicy, tasty, flavorful nadinochka of vegetables framed in thin dough, under amazing cranberry sauce... Rolls steamed which allows to preserve so necessary now vitamins. For expensive chefs who are fasting. I think this dish has quite the chance to participate in the contest "Fast from Moulinex".
Pumpkin a couple of burgers
99 - 60м 12
Delicious and very light. Especially good for children. To appeal to those who are not afraid to combine flavors.