Pork recipes

211 4.5 - -
Very tasty and satisfying! This Korean dish is steam cakes!
Manty "Another recipe"
170 - 40м 4
A traditional meat dish of the peoples of Central Asia. Prepared as taught by my mother))) the Only difference is that I added the stuffing the pumpkin. And tastier and even juicier.
Steam fat
167 - 30м -
This fat is constantly preparing my stepdad.. We love him so much and so quickly eaten. That was the first time photographed..
Pork for a couple in the ground roasted rice
140 - 135м 4
Meat hammer fried rice is a native of Sichuan cuisine. Preparing one of the favorite in Chinese way - steaming. The result is a very tasty and tender meat in the crust.
Rolls of pork with prunes
120 - 30м -
This dish is an amazing combination of flavors and aromas. Tender rolls are good either hot or cold.
Rice in the steamer
120 - - -
For the first time, cook risotto in a double boiler, did not even know that it is delicious )))
Chinese steamed cakes with spicy pork
117 - 120м 12
This dish belongs to the category of dim sum snacks. There are two varieties of these cakes, called Char Siu Bau (Char Siu – filled with pork, Bau – bun): the steam and baked. Steam are white and airy, and baked – darker with glaze. This recipe is a variant steam pies. The dough of these pies special, because it contains yeast and baking powder, making its texture more dense, fine-pored, but soft and airy as freshly baked bread. Inside tender slices of slow roasted pork in a sauce of honey, soy sauce and fresh ginger.
Pork belly in a "drunken pickle"
115 4 - -
About this dish is hard to tell... Its a must try!!!
Strudel with braised cabbage
113 3 - -
It buns steamed and served with braised cabbage with pork. Very hearty and delicious. Spread all the cooking. This dish was taught to me by an older sister (s-ra viktoriya), and she, in turn, learned from her friend from Germany. In the recipes on the website I found this and therefore offer YOU.
Pork ribs and leg on the beer
112 - - -
Very tasty, hearty and flavorful!
Chinese dumplings on yeast test "Baozi"
108 - - -
Char si Bao. Baozi (Chinese. Pinyin: bāozi), or simply Bao is a popular Chinese dish, which is a small cake made for a couple. The proposed recipe is just one of the many variants of Cantonese dim sum with grimirovaniya spicy pork - char si.
Roll from Raecke Eleusizova
107 5 45м -
Taught me how to cook this recipe mother-in-law of my friend, here in her honor I named him, we all love this dish, especially when laziness something to cook something delicious, and then for a few minutes can blind him.
Meatloaf wrapped in bacon
107 5 - -
Delicious meatloaf. When hot - can be served as a main dish. And when cold - a great snack!
Juicy steak with mushrooms for a couple
99 3 - -
First time cooked in a double boiler, so do not judge strictly)))
Manty in the steamer
92 - 60м 30
The pork dumplings and potatoes in a thin pastry
Ham baked with prunes
92 5 - -
Delicious, tender and flavorful ham with sliced prunes (inspired Pork ***Owner***) substitute any sausage for Breakfast.