Beef recipes

Meat hedgehogs
128 - - -
Do you believe in miracles? "Miracles do not happen!" You say. Then, maybe worth a look here?!
Meat rolls in the steamer "Despite ... "
101 5 60м -
Yesterday, it seems, directly over our apartment, an explosion occurred on the sun in the stove burned wiring, broken camera and cut off the Internet (it was later revealed that because of the accident he was out in the whole campus). Despite all the misery, I made a delicious dinner. Please love... Sorry no photo...
Beef ribs in Apple cider marinade
95 - 120м 5
This is my experiment, recently purchased a steamer and try to cook in it. This time experimented with beef ribs, and really wanted it to be not just steamed meat. And the result I liked - it was very tasty. To prepare is very simple.
Beef wrapped in bacon
94 - 120м 2
A good snack like beer and red wine.
Favorite steamed meatballs
94 - 50м 6
My husband is extremely picky about meat dishes. Give him only roast pork and all. Hoping to somehow dilute his diet more or less nutritious meals made these cutlets. And a miracle happened! Now it's his favorite dish. I want to offer it to anyone who has the same problem and happy owners of steamers. Bon appetit!
Delicious from the bag
93 4 90м 4
Burgers for a couple
92 - 60м 6
My husband is not very fond of greasy and fried foods. This recipe I heard from my friend. Now I cook more than burgers, fried in butter. Also, these patties are suitable for those who are dieting.
Moussaka with eggplant
91 - 60м 5
Very gentle, unusual and tasty dish, whose advantage is the simplicity of its preparation.
Steam the meatballs of veal
89 3 25м 6
Very delicate and light, suitable for small children. You can also cook the meatballs of chicken or Turkey breast.
Chops in foil
85 5 60м 4
Prepared quickly and simply. Very tasty and hearty dish.
Chicken cutlets for a couple
81 5 40м 10
Burgers are cooked in the steamer. Delicious and useful. Suitable for children.