Meat offal recipes

Bay for a couple
316 5 100м -
Long thought to offer you this recipe or not? It seems that similar saw, but then tried searching - found nothing. Began to remember from where I wrote it down to his culinary book and found this recipe on the website Have Saechki (from Olga (olgaS)). Thank her for the idea! I hope that all who read will like it too, as I do, because IT is VERY TO HAVE a N O !!!
The tabs of "sleeves"
144 5 90м -
Series No. 3, until you get bored, I will cook in the "sleeve", very tasty and solid facilities.
Pork ears in Korean
143 - 100м 8
Pig ears can be used not only in the jelly. Come visit and You will see that is prepared from pig ears I.
Buckwheat porridge with chicken hearts, "Port"
137 - - -
Earlier on the chicken hearts I didn't pay attention. This product was unfamiliar. But this year travelled to the South "savages", while settled, it took time for lunch. But really wanted to eat. Went in near the harbour, dining room, and there remained a little of the first and second buckwheat porridge with hearts. My men turned up noses, but hunger - not my aunt, not to talk! :-) I had to take and eat what was available. And Oh, God, mess with the hearts turned out to be insanely delicious! So we "have raskusil". Now cook it often, and my men called porridge "Port". :-) Hi from us to the city of Yeysk and its wonderful inhabitants!
The chicken liver pate for a couple
128 - 270м 6
Not so often we prepare for a couple of something interesting and unusual. Increasingly, vegetables, chicken and fish. For me was the discovery that it is possible to prepare and wonderful recipe!
Liver pate on a few "Soft"
122 - 40м 6
For anybody not a secret that the liver is a very useful and valuable product, but not all of it to taste, but in the form of pastateca is spent hurrah! I prefer veal pechenick, she has a particularly sweet taste!!!
Souffle of liver
114 4 - -
Nothing unusual about that. Everything is quite simple. Another reminder that a wonderful thing - steamer! For a healthy diet!
Liver fried for 5 min.
112 5 10м 2
Tender pieces of fried beef liver is a great addition to many side dishes... QUICK, TASTY, USEFUL.
Liver eggplant
109 - - -
The dish is steamed, it is always tasty and healthy. And more and quickly!
"Veal kidneys"
106 5 1500м 4
Buds ready a long time, but lovers of offal dishes, you know that "worth it".... Offer You the recipe for "veal Kidneys with tomato scrambled eggs" - a family recipe....
Gravy to garnish from the liver
90 - 60м -
Taught this gravy to cook Polish friends and, again, a dish from the section economical. Gravy I poured a variety of side dishes: boiled potatoes, pasta, buckwheat... So, little by little, taught her husband to liver to taste, he said - not love, and now eats and does not complain :-)