The dough recipes for New Year

Chocolate cake without eggs
348 - - -
...and a cake from him))
Choux dough for eclairs and profiteroles
247 - 30м 4
Dear cooks! I want to share with you is unique in its simplicity and delicious taste of the choux pastry recipe for eclairs or profiteroles (called Choux pastry). Is the signature recipe of one of the world's most famous pastry chef Pierre Herme (Pierre Herme), which is called the "Picasso of pastry". There is absolutely nothing complicated, and even the most inexperienced will easily be able to make it. The whole process of making the dough from beginning to end (do not take the baking time) is 30 minutes so we need: 750 g of the finished product (I got 22 eclairs and 20 cream puffs):
These sand tarts
189 4 60м 22
Very long searched for the recipe for this dough, but anything similar did not find. "Pesochnoe", which I would like, not in a single recipe was not. And so that is all very simple. If you adhere to the proportion of 3 -2 -1 (flour, butter, sugar) makes a great dough. The more crumbly the dough, if it is 10% of the flour to put the starch and add just the yolk, without protein. From this dough you can bake delicious biscuits, tarts with jam etc. Very conveniently, in the baskets you can put the rare (liquid) jam that bread will not smear, and the cakes will not put. Try to cook – you will not regret!!!
Profiteroles in sexnice
146 - 25м 8
The recipe is known, but the feature that I cooked profiteroles in sexnice)
Vienna pastry
144 - - -
Have been looking for the recipe for this test. Reread very much. And I found and decided to try it. For a long time, but the lost time has justified my efforts. It is simply Divine dough, it just melts in your mouth. This dough is also suitable for cakes.
Sponge cake with boiling water
142 - 20м 8
This recipe took a familiar pastry. Always turns out great. Filling and decoration to your taste.
Fluffy honey biscuit
137 - - -
This cake is a godsend if you need to bake something quick for tea. No tedious whisking. The dough is ready in 5 minutes! Take on arms.
The dough
134 3.7 60м 8
This dough suitable for making cakes, pies and rolls. You can bake bread.
Cupcake-five minutes
132 - 45м 950
Invited to cook a delicious, tender, flavorful cupcake. Just stir everything with a whisk and put in the oven for 40 minutes. For an evening tea party or for the arrival of guests.
Yeast dough is "Very easy"
132 - 60м -
Rich yeast dough, quick cooking, it turns out almost always and everywhere, even those Housewives who for any reason are not "friends" with yeast dough. To work with the dough is a pleasure!
Gingerbread dough
131 - - -
Offer a fragrant recipe of gingerbread dough, from which you can prepare not only delicious, but also beautiful cakes. With a little patience and imagination, you will be able to paint their products with glaze, the recipe of which you can find on our channel. With all this, you will gain some positive emotions, good mood. Giving the carrot, you will see the admiration and exclamation. Good luck in making it!
Vanilla chiffon cake
130 - 50м 10
Delicious and fluffy sponge cake that always turns out in the slow cooker and in the oven
Honey biscuit
128 - - -
Honey biscuit is prepared very simply and it turns out delicious! he's perfect for cakes cake
The dough for pies
126 5 120м 10
This dough can be prepared without eggs, though it turns fluffy and soft. This recipe is perfect for those who, for one reason or another do not consume eggs.
Cupcake with dried fruit
126 - 40м 10
This cupcake is perfect on the holiday table. It is perfect for hot drinks, as they can surprise guests by submitting as an appetizer-with a slice of Roquefort garnish with berries of your choice. Invite.
Yeast Cake with fruit "Home"
124 - 60м 15
The usual, home-made cake with canned fruit. Great tea for the whole family. Batter light, delicate, moderately sweet with flavors of vanilla from Dr. Oertker. The pie turns out great. Prepared for guests of his daughter.
Crimean cakes with fruit
123 - 25м 8
Seaside sweets. Juicy patties with a southern fruit. I advise everyone to try, melts in your mouth!!
Choux dough for eclairs
119 - 50м 12
Profiteroles, pockets for salads. Easy, quick, just... Choux pastry is the basis for later art kitchen. From which you can feed friends eclairs, cheese curls, and maybe, fill the tart shells with the salad? To put, it's your choice!
Cake "Cheese and berry shake"
118 - 180м 8
Taste of puff pastry with natural cream and condensed milk shaded berry jelly from the juice of black currant, turning the game sour cream and cheese flavors, complemented by fresh berries blueberry and coconut notes. This cake used natural rustic cottage cheese and natural yogurt are homemade.
Cake that always turns out
116 5 - -
I must confess that I to my shame have never in my life not baked biscuit - I somehow was afraid It was my first time. The cake turned out just great - soft and airy. When assembling the cake no impregnation is not required. So anyone have problems with biscuit or fear it, or if you just need a very good and proven recipe - welcome :) the Recipe Franziska
Orange sponge cake
115 - 60м 15
Economical recipe quite low in calories, easy to prepare and excellent result. You can bake in a muffin or cake.