The dough recipes for Lent

The pastry and cakes "post"
166 - 120м 24
Promised me the recipe of tender lean dough!
Apple pie for Lent
161 5 40м 6
So I wanted a sweet!!! In the Post, you can delight yourself with pastries!!!
The dough is "Swiss" and the cake from him
138 - - -
Why is the batter is called "Swiss m"? Answer I have not found, but its worth a try! Good option for lean dough, which is perfect for sweet and savory pies. Nice work, it looks like sand, but not as crumbly. Look...
Crimean cakes with fruit
123 - 25м 8
Seaside sweets. Juicy patties with a southern fruit. I advise everyone to try, melts in your mouth!!
Yeast dough
121 3 - -
This recipe was taken from the instructions for the bread machine. Very vkusnoe dough, perfect it in post. From this dough I bake cakes and pies, cinnamon rolls, poppy seeds, nuts, scones with jam, bread and pizza.
The dough custard spicy vegetable
121 - 90м -
Such a bright and flavorful dough you can cook any meat and vegetable dumplings with savory filling. The dough is very plastic, it can effortlessly roll into a very thin layer. Also we can use this test to slice vegetable noodles. Try it!
Phyllo dough Moroccan
116 - - 18
How to cook Filo dough I have described in General terms, the mother of a classmate of my son. Fully recipe I found in the vastness of the net.
Rice dough
114 - 20м 6
Diet the batter and the base for the culinary art 😁
Yeast dough without eggs
112 - 90м -
Every comfort in the house associated with their components. For me personally, their 3: children laughing, a clean house and the smell of baking. So bake a lot. About 5 years ago on the Internet, I found a dough recipe without eggs. And now I cook it all the time. The dough is versatile, suitable both for sweet and not sweet cakes, buns, sausage rolls etc you Want to share with you. The recipe will still be interesting to those who are fasting. Although I cook all year round.
Cakes on pastry yeast dough
106 - - -
I can not share with you, my dear cooks, recipe quick cooking choux dough. This recipe I found on one cooking site and are very grateful to the author. Of course now is not the time to roast at the plate, but who dares, will not remain indifferent. The dough just melts in your mouth delicious. You can not only cook, but bake in the oven. The filling can be different: sweet, meat, vegetable. Here the choice is yours! The collection of recipes not found the dough and the search gave nothing. So don't scold if this option is already there. Just want to give you the tried and treated their loved ones.
Universal dough for dumplings, dumplings
105 - 20м 6
The recipe for this dough for dumplings and dumplings in our family from time immemorial - for me it's just how I am. The highlight of this test - only two of the components that are in the kitchen of every housewife: flour and water. My NAU how in this recipe instead of water, use whey. The serum makes the dough more tender and if the dumplings are frozen, the dough after cooking frozen dumplings homogeneous, soft. And most importantly - plastic dough, pleasant, easy to work and tender in the finished product. Fresh: dumplings and dumplings take the taste of the filling - sweet, salty, sour.
The dough for 15 minutes
102 5 20м -
Powerade! I offer a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful dough recipe that you can easily prepare in less than 20 minutes! He also has another plus - it's a lean dough, so pie can cook without fear now )) Pictures of the test I have, but there is a photo of pizza on this test, so I put her, don't blame me ))
Triangles with marmalade for a Post
101 4 35м -
Due to the absence of cholesterol, the marmalade can be considered one of the easy sweets. Its gentle jelly consistency it is bound to pectin, a unique natural substance derived from citrus. I've just sold the ready puff pastry in the Moscow region... and everywhere only vegetable fats, so don't be afraid, buy the puff pastry and cook your favorite pastries!!!
Vegetable pies
100 - 180м -
Something to pamper loved ones, you really really want. It turns out quite well. Pies I got a little light, but taste does not become worse.
Vegetable biscuit
96 - 50м 10
Very tender and melting in the mouth biscuit
Vegetable biscuit
90 - 40м -
Lean sponge cake without eggs and dairy products. Diet, tasty, lush, moist, does not require additional impregnation. A great base for vegetable cakes.
A versatile yeast dough without eggs and milk
84 - - -
Today I want to share a recipe for a stunning, gentle, airy, the perfect yeast dough for pies, rolls, donuts, pies and belyashi. The recipe is very simple and budget, the dough was airy, like fluff!!
Lenten chocolate cake
79 - 30м -
Lenten chocolate cake without eggs and dairy products. Lush, velvety, tender, and moist.
Vegetable puff pastry
74 - 50м 2
Of vegetable puff pastry, you can bake a variety of desserts. Nobody canceled the Goodies in the post!
Lean lemon sponge cake
20 - - -
Lemon sponge cake without eggs and dairy products. Delicious, fragrant, lush, humid.
Quick yeast dough "Drowned" without eggs and milk
15 - - 1900
This option dough called floater (or a diver, or float). Very interesting yeast dough, which is good for lifting need... to drown in cold water. Such dough can be fried pies, bake bread, pies, muffins.