The dough recipes

Profiteroles with blue cheese
464 - 60м 20
The recipe is spied in Glamour magazine, tested and firmly attached to your cookbook. Do often fly very quickly under wine and not only. Quickly prepared, in short, suggest!
Biscuit from the flour of durum wheat
414 - 50м 8
Because I care about their figure and health, they prefer not to use flour. Flour from durum wheat, a good replacement! Try it and you! You will not regret.
Chocolate cake without eggs
344 - - -
...and a cake from him))
Khrushchev dough
334 - 40м 6
Delicate pastries and cakes "Shoes" of the Khrushchev dough that is time tested!!!
299 4.5 60м 10
A quick and easy recipe for delicious biscuits flavored with citrus notes. For a basis took the recipe OKSANы a Cookie "Children's garden"
Dough "Guests at the door"
296 - 15м -
Shortbread dough is a hit! It is possible to cook everything: the Foundation for sweet and savoury pies, crunchy cookies, fruit basket and savoury snacks. If your refrigerator is made by a small strategic reserve of dough in case of unexpected guests, then you don't need a familiar saying "Uninvited guest is worse than..."
293 4 - -
Made from dough
Quick pizza dough
276 - 15м 1
The recipe on the cooking site. The dough is soft, delicate, subtle. Now I cook a pizza for this recipe. The cooking takes only 10 -15 minutes by adding into the dough of honey contains sugar, which contributes to the rapid "revival" of yeast. Honestly reviewed recipes category "pizza" and "dough", this recipe is not found. I hope someone will be useful this variant of the test.
Vienna pastry
271 5 - -
When a catastrophic shortage of time, if you want to pamper your loved ones with cakes, this recipe is a lifesaver.
Dumpling dough
267 4 30м 64
It is possible for dumplings. Very elastic and roll the can until clear.
The correct dough for dumplings and dumplings
260 5 15м -
Oddly enough, but to find a good recipe for dumpling dough is not so simple, although its composition and the correct proportions calculated a long time ago. Good dumpling dough should be not only delicious, but also have certain characteristics. It should not swell when cooked, should well and thinly roll out, has to succumb to the moulding and ready should be soft and pleasant. I want to share the best in my (and not only) view the recipe of dough for ravioli and dumplings, which fully satisfies all these requirements.
Choux dough for eclairs and profiteroles
247 - 30м 4
Dear cooks! I want to share with you is unique in its simplicity and delicious taste of the choux pastry recipe for eclairs or profiteroles (called Choux pastry). Is the signature recipe of one of the world's most famous pastry chef Pierre Herme (Pierre Herme), which is called the "Picasso of pastry". There is absolutely nothing complicated, and even the most inexperienced will easily be able to make it. The whole process of making the dough from beginning to end (do not take the baking time) is 30 minutes so we need: 750 g of the finished product (I got 22 eclairs and 20 cream puffs):
Easy puff pastry
244 - - -
Recipe of puff pastry I've seen our chefs, but I give his own, with other ingredients. This dough should roll only once and that will be enough. The dough when baking the puff turns out, as the lemon juice takes its structure and cook without any problems ! Try it!
Biscuit easily
242 - 60м -
This is an easy and delicious cake that always helps me. The recipe is good because the eggs should not be divided into whites and yolks. Try to bake, and you will succeed!
Gluten-free mint cake
239 - - -
The recipe was born spontaneously. Imagine: December 31, 5 p.m., and the husband asks for something sweet tea for new year's table. I have it on a gluten-free diet, I had to quickly rectify the situation to please.
Rice chiffon cake without gluten
237 - 45м -
Recipe found on the Internet. Corrected. Observed and made conclusions. Very important: protein fluff is correct; the yolk should increase in volume by 2.5-3 times; - cakes bake not thick, it is better to bake two; centre slightly to release from the dough, more dough to move to the edges. The middle is baked longer and does not have time to rise, though baked through. I got a very lush, vkusnyuschy cake. Tenderness is incredible. Loose. Height 5 cm. I think that even healthy people gluten, like very much. And for people not carrying it-a godsend. Recommend!
Puff pastry
224 - - -
I want to offer you, dear cooks, recipe of yeast dough. The dough is versatile, can be used for sweet and savoury baking. Ideal for croissants. Also this dough you can prepare for the future. The dough kept well in the freezer.
The dough for pelmeni and vareniki
218 3 35м -
It may be useful to someone. Very good recipe of making the dough for dumplings and dumplings, the dough turns smooth, elastic, well rolled, and stored in the fridge for a few days. I follow this recipe and make the dough not so often as for our family it turns out too much. Tried to do a half portion - not. A full portion 194 and 74 dumpling dumplings :)Specifically considered:)
The best pizza dough
213 - 45м 1
The delicious recipe of pizza crust (thin crust)
Chocolate puff pastry from Stelios Pallaresa
211 - - -
Discovered this recipe recently. Make this dough just the second time. The first time it created a furor, because chocolate puff pastry we do not sell. Difficult to prepare nothing, the main role is performed by the refrigerator together with time. Make the chocolate dough for the future and I have no idea what's in my freezer it may not be. Sweet pastry made of him leaves everyone perplexed, because chocolate puff pastry - a rarity. And the name Stelios Pallaresa is a sign of quality.
Dough biscuit
207 4 50м 12
From among my favorites.