Chicken recipes

0.6k - 60м 20
The most popular dish of Mexican cuisine is, of course, Tamales! Tamale /tamale/ - specially prepared corn masa dough stuffed with meat and spicy sauce. And all this rolled up in leaves of corn cobs. In Mexico, I just love tamales! You can buy them from street vendors under noisy Mexican song "Hot, hot tamale!", and to order in a restaurant.
243 4 160м 4
It is better to do from a leg part, but you can from the neck, Breasts.
Chicken Chinese style on a few
209 - 60м 2
The sauce will add steam to the chicken rich flavor and aroma. Use and enjoyment all in one.
Tomale Pie Dip (chicken pie dip)
184 3.5 60м 8
Delicious Mexican dish.
Pasta with chicken for a couple
180 4 - -
Dish for steam cooking.
Chicken "Tender"
169 4.5 45м -
In a double boiler.
Chicken with couscous and vegetables
157 - 40м -
Diet dish cooked without a single drop of oil. All lovers of healthy food recommend.
Chicken breast with crab meat
147 3 20м 1
The combination of crab meat and chicken - "BOMB"
147 5 - -
This recipe I have exhibited, but without photos it is difficult to imagine, and I really want to share with you this wonderful dish!
139 4 - -
The present, fairly quick to prepare, and delicious satsivi.
Home kebab
138 3.5 60м 10
Here's a homemade kebab :) Recipe to come up in the morning in bed :) Delicious and dieting.
Chicken breast baked with mango
138 - 30м -
Brought out of Egypt 4 mango, but one needs to eat do not have time before it becomes soft, like mashed potatoes, the kids that refused to eat. And there came to my mind to bake it with chicken, the smell that filled the kitchen, it is still impossible to forget.
Chicken "Little white"
136 3 40м 3
Came across the website of a healthy diet and there, among other things, was a diet that was prescribed in a each day of the week to eat foods of the same color! I don't know about the efficiency of such power, but rampant imagination is huge=))
Chicken Greek in paper bags
135 - - 4
Can't imagine something more diet and is so delicious! This dish steamed a simple way and very fast, and it turns out extremely tasty, flavorful and even exquisite.
Steam chicken sausage "Kaleidoscope"
134 - - -
Delicious, aromatna and useful sausage. Prepare for your diet. Enjoy))) long live delicious diet!! Come on, have a treat!
Aromatic chicken from the steamer
132 - - -
Powerade, You just do not throw anything. But I again to You with a recipe for steamers. Although the steamer I have long (available in 2 PCs ), but to evaluate its usefulness fully happened just now. First- not so hot in the kitchen, secondly, cooking in a double boiler occupied less time. And thirdly, eating food useful steam and we still lose weight!!! (been reading about it on the Internet). So take a regular recipe and a bonus corn for a couple.
My zraziki
130 5 - 40
I looked on the website recipes and decided to write as I do.....
Chicken souffle for a few "Special"
126 - 60м 5
Delicate, airy souffle with green peas and corn, a beautiful table decoration, healthy and tasty snack. It is a really gentle, lush chicken souffle, which literally melts on the tongue. Delicious and warm, and cold. Perfect for both children and adults, I invite you to enjoy, dear cooks!
Chicken wings with potatoes in the steamer
125 - 40м 3
Very tasty and healthy!!!
Manta new
123 5 120м 10
Chicken, mushrooms and fried onions - all in the good old mantas. Mushrooms lend a special piquancy to this dish.
Crab-chicken roll "Tenderness without borders"
122 - - -
Suitable for making sandwiches and as a snack in the thread. Variety of the usual flavor palette and surprise guests. And, well, sooo tender!