Jelly recipes

Healing jelly from flax seed
231 - 60м 3
In the offseason, the body is cleaned, and cold - alas! - are not uncommon. Come to the aid of healthful and delicious jelly from flax seed. Drink and Zdorovye!
Milk-cranberry-pomegranate jelly
179 - 90м 4
Beautiful striped, fragrant and sweet jelly! Jelly-dessert will not leave indifferent neither adults nor children!
Kulaga cherry
163 - 60м 4
Traditional Belarusian treats. Fragrant, rich, delicious pudding based on rye flour.
Cherry-Apple jelly with cinnamon
153 - 15м 4
Drink with a cherry-Apple flavor and a hint of cinnamon, good in both warm and cool.
Jelly "Milk"
138 4 10м 3
The unusual taste of milk!
Pumpkin orange jelly
114 - - -
Perhaps late in the day and post the recipe, but pumpkin everything in the stores is STILL there, but Moroccan oranges is ALREADY there. Stocking up on vitamins, and not subcutaneous fat layer!)))
Leavened jelly
111 - - -
Delicious leavened jelly. Berries or pieces of fruit you can add to your taste. Thickness to adjust increasing or decreasing the number of starch.
Jelly "Milk"
110 5 5м -
Jelly milk. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
Jelly feijoa and Apple
109 - - -
Definitely useful and a vitamin drink, with incredible flavor and extraordinary taste.
Fruit jelly
107 4 20м -
From history. Nestor the chronicler wrote: "the X century in Russia was tough: it was great uninterrupted war with the nomadic tribes who made constant raids on the Russian lands. Once the Pechenegs laid siege to Belgorod. Long was the siege, and began in the city a severe famine. Then gathered a popular Assembly, and was killed by the townspeople: it is better to surrender to the Pechenegs, than all to die of hunger. But he said one elder: "don't give up for another three days and do what I command you". Told the old man to gather from all over the city the remains of oats, wheat and bran, cook them a ceil (honey solution) for cooking jelly, but to look for honey and make it pressedkey situ (honey stewed fruit, honey razvarnaya on the water). Then ordered to dig two pits and put them in tubs flush with the ground. The first tub I poured honey solution, and secondly, honey drink. The next day he invited the citizens of several of the Pechenegs and led them to the wells. Drew a bucket from the first well, cooked jelly, began to eat it themselves, drink honey drink from the second well and to treat the Pechenegs. Marveled at those and decided that feeding Russian the earth itself. When he returned, he told the Pechenegs to their princes, all that was, them lifted the siege and went from home. "
Oatmeal pudding
105 - - -
Oatmeal pudding is shown in diseases of the liver, kidneys, gallbladder, pancreas, cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract (stomach ulcers, for example), diabetes and hypertension. It helps to cleanse the body, improve metabolism, improve efficiency and strengthen the immune system. Not so often you can find a food product having in its composition such a wide range of essential amino acids (tryptophan, lysine, choline, lecithin, methionine) and vitamins. Rich satovsky jelly and mineral substances (calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, fluorine), to ensure the normal functioning of the body, supporting the water-salt balance and improves the function of enzymes. All these positive qualities of oatmeal and even slows the aging process, being a kind of natural biological stimulant. It increases stamina and tones the body, promotes longevity. In the West, the oatmeal referred to as “the Russian balm” and patented it as the “Miracle doctor Izotova jelly”. The basis for the preparation of the balm was the recipes of our ancestors cookbook “Domostroi”, monastic recipes from the XVI century. The idea of pickling oats on the basis of lactic fermentation for the preparation of the concentrate and extract the balm was born out of a combination of modern medical knowledge and experience of traditional medicine.
Milk river, milk and honey
103 3 - -
I have this two-tone pudding I remember from childhood. We often ate (and plates) in my girlfriends. She did so good. Today I decided to cook this to my kids.
"milk and Honey"
101 - 10м 2
The recipe is beautiful, delicious and healthy drink was born out of a desire to make something fast, simple and unusual. Tastes like melted ice cream, especially if cooled in the refrigerator (not the freezer!). If you wish, you can even beat with a mixer, but simply stirred the drink is very tasty. This pudding is perfect for afternoon tea, adding milk enriches the drink with lactic acid bacteria and promotes digestion. Ground hibiscus gives this jelly an amazing color and a pleasant sour note. Children can be given from an early age, they have such a jelly-obsessed. )))
Rowan jelly on flax "Siberian health"
98 - 30м -
In the summer I try to feed my family healthy, vibrant food. Because it is the Foundation of health for a long winter. Such elixirs are frequent guests in our menu. This pudding is not only nourishes and enriches the body with vitamins and minerals, but also regulates the bowels.
Milk-Apple jelly
96 - 30м 6
Jelly can be made from different berries and fruits, water or milk. I want to share with you a recipe very tasty and flavorful Apple beverage.
Oatmeal pudding-jelly
95 - 45м 4
Very much I wanted one day, something oat, tasty and healthy. And in the vast expanses of the Internet I happened to find this wonderful recipe. Initially it caused some apprehension, but the desire to taste the jelly overpowered and I set to work... what do not for a moment regretted
Pumpkin pudding
92 - 30м 6
The valuable properties of the beauties of pumpkin is hard to overestimate. Vitamins, minerals and other nutrients contained in it, makes it an indispensable product for the prevention of various diseases and strengthen the immune system. Help yourself to a delicious and healthy drink!
Jelly Kalinovo
91 5 30м 10
Very tasty drink. Suitable for both children and their parents.
Kissel from cranberries
91 - 20м 10
Cranberry jelly is the best drink for colds and flu, due to the content of ascorbic and acetylsalicylic acids. The jelly retains all the vitamins of the fruits and berries used in its preparation. It can be used as a substitute for one of the meals, such as afternoon tea. Jelly has an alkalinizing effect on the body, which is very important for people suffering from acidity or gastritis and ulcerative diseases of stomach and duodenum. The jelly is rich in organic acids and its beneficial and therapeutic properties depend on those fruits, of which it is made.
Jelly orange "Magic"
90 - 20м 3
... oranges on trial was terribly sour. Ate a slice, my son danced an involuntary thing. And of course, I made the oranges a sentence - to use it exclusively in baking. But recently, we in one of the shopping centers threw a pretty magazine with recipes. Among them I spotted a wonderful jelly. Orange! - following the name. And jelly we love... so, by making some very small changes (which, as it turned out, enormously affect the taste), it's something I have prepared. Treat, my dear cooks!..
Jelly grape-blueberry
88 - 25м 4
As you know, the person on 80% consists of water, which means we are what we drink. Offer to diversify your daily diet through tasty and healthy grape-blueberry jelly