Fruit drinks recipes

Rare "Apricot water"
294 - 15м 6
Sweet, delicate, sparkling. Just remember Bulgakov "Master and Margarita" And Berlioz, who inspired me to "Apricot water" "Once in the shade of the budding lime trees a little, the writers of the first duty rushed to the brightly painted booth with the inscription "Beer and Water". Yes, it should be noted the first strangeness of this terrible may evening. Not only at the kiosk but along the whole Avenue parallel to Malaya Bronnaya street there was not one person. In that hour, when really, it seems, had not the strength to breathe, when the sun, having heated Moscow, in a dry fog fell somewhere beyond Sadovoye ring, no one came under the lindens, no one sat on the bench were empty alley. - Let the Seltzer - asked Berlioz. - No Narzan, said the woman in the booth and somehow offended. - Got beer? - A husky voice enquired Bezdomny. 'Beer's being delivered later this evening' said the woman. - What do you have? - Asked Berlioz. - Apricot, only warm, ' said the woman. Well, let's, let's, let's!.. The apricot juice produced a rich yellow froth, making the air smell like a hairdresser. After drinking, the writers immediately started to hiccup, paid, and sat down on the bench face to the pond and back to Bronnaya."
Morse pink gooseberry
234 - 10м 4
Offer to diversify the spring and summer drinks are tasty and beautiful in color vitamin refreshing juice from gooseberries, it's made with honey and has a sweet and sour taste, well satisfies thirst during the heat.
Juice of gooseberry Express way
202 - - -
In summer, all kinds of soft drinks. A cool fruit drink in the summer season, perfectly quench thirst and give you lots of vitamins. Only here to prepare the juice in the traditional way are not all Housewives, bustling this. Try my Express way. The maximum elapsed time for cooking - 10 minutes!
Apple-nektariny juice with mint syrup
194 - - -
Morse is never too much! Before you choice for a tasty and healthy drink for the hot summer! Try it ;)
Cranberry-viburnum Morse
174 - - -
Useful vitamin drink from the journal "Delicious recipes".
Morse of honeysuckle and strawberries
174 - - -
The summer passed, and the joy of hunting vitamin! I offer you a fruit drink. It is made from frozen berries (not purchased!).
Morse "December"
172 3 40м 8
Offer a recipe of the cranberry juice, cranberries and ginger. Morse turns bright red rich color with excellent taste and aroma. During a meeting of the New year, and that a sin to conceal, many after the holiday will be nice to get out of the refrigerator the juice and quench your thirst.
With a quick Morse
168 - 5м -
Incredibly simple, a simple recipe of juice! Today we have 37, so Morse is just what we need in this heat! From the "Brutal men's kitchen"))
Sea buckthorn juice
162 - - 2
Sea buckthorn juice is not only healthy, but also delicious drink!
Blueberry juice
156 - 15м -
A wonderful drink that can be enjoyed warm or chilled. Besides, he still and very helpful, which is important for fasting, because these days the body must receive sufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals. And it is very easy to do, knowing the recipe that was used by our great-grandmother... In the sequel to prescription "vegetable spring cookies"...
Morse winter
152 3 25м 10
Useful vitamin drink from the stock summer! Very tasty and hot or cold! Drink is universal - for both children and adults to the feast (and thereafter), and the nature can be - and in a thermos, and cold. Dreaming of the summer!!! :)
Homemade lemonade with black currant
152 - 10м 6
You can drink in the chilly evenings, and it will warm you with the spice and citrus aroma. You can drink on a Sunny day, and he will give you the coolness and the acidity of currant and oranges.
Morse "Paradise apples"
150 - 40м 4
Refreshing, tasty and healthy juice! Treat yourself and your loved ones!!! For the contest "Burnt by the sun"
145 - - -
Brier champion among medicinal plants for vitamin C. it Also has vitamins a, K, R, B1, B2, Pantothenic acid, trace elements (manganese, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, and calcium) and antioxidants (helps to eliminate toxins, heal wounds, and even the fusion of the fractures). Because of this, he has a pronounced tonic, antiprotons and anti-inflammatory effects. Used for prevention of ARI. Improves blood. Due to large amount of iron, decoction of rose hips is useful for anemia. Prevents atherosclerosis. Complex of flavonoids rose hip is able to inhibit the deposition of cholesterol plaques. Has choleretic, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, restorative, healing properties, improves metabolism. I collect rose hips in the autumn in the Crimea forests and mountains. We have a small, but vigorous. But the biggest rose hips I saw in St. Petersburg. There he giant! But it's better to tell the Ira Dog-Rose :-)
Cranberry juice
145 - 20м 12
Cranberry — good berry fruit drink. Everybody knows it, and everybody loves juice. But not everyone understands how best to cook the juice. The word "optimal" I mean the best balance of time, resources and outcome. Yes, many people just do not realize what generally miserable miser you can cook a wonderful full bodied juice. So, it's simple: the products will need cranberries, water and sugar. Of the utensils you will need three pans, a colander with large holes, a mesh strainer and a pestle. Time? — 20 minutes for everything, including breaks to watch TV or do anything. It may seem that the ratio of water and cranberry too great! — nevertheless, it is true. Don't listen to anyone who says cranberries have to take 1 to 4 or even 1 to 2. The correct method and at the ratio of 1 to 10 will give you the savings and taste. The final color of the juice — here is the photo of the glass. And the method itself — here it is, below.
The juice of black currant with mint
134 - - -
Refreshing and rich taste of the drink, as well as the use and power of vitamins will give You a good spirit on a hot summer day! Try it ;)
Drink with red currant
115 - 30м 4
Useful and a soft drink. Goes to fly away. And does not require much time to produce. It's simple.
Citrus drink-designer
107 - - -
I want to share my favorite summer drink! The drink turns out very saturated colors, nothing cooked, berries and fruits fresh. Why designer? Because having available in the freezer 2-3 kinds of ice and base, you can always enjoy the cool in the heat of a beverage with completely different flavors - one basis, but different ice - try?
Morse of cherry and raspberry
106 - - -
"Oh, Summer, summer star sing louder..." don't know about you, but my summer is primarily associated with the smell of berries, warmed by the sun... Offer to cook a very tasty, healthy and truly summer Morse. My two year old son drank almost all by himself: "My juice!"
The juice of black currant with thyme
104 - 60м 2
This delicious and healthy juice will warm You cold winter evenings. This piece is a great alternative to fruit drinks. Stored up to a year at room temperature.
Antiprotonic Morse
99 - 20м 4
Husband called from work, said that completely fell apart, was cold and has fever. I rushed before he came to cook him antiproton potion... now in cold, wet weather very well, and a bunch of vitamins. Well, himself... to boost the immune system are not infected.