Eateries cakes recipes for Easter

Liver cake "mother"
445 4 30м 12
Very delicious cake. Ever so yummy, not eaten, not married yet. Cakes thin, and the cake melts in your mouth. You can sit down and eat the whole cake.
Potato cake with mushrooms and cheese
201 - 60м 8
This appetizer was created to conquer the hearts of those who love a hearty and satisfying meal to eat, and its attractive appearance will enhance any holiday table. Try to cook – it's delicious!
Snack cake "Hearty zucchini"
171 - 60м 8
The season of zucchini and I wanted to cook something tasty) last week opened up a new recipe) Husband left full and happy, and most importantly! Who cares, so please, help yourselves!
Snack cake "Fish Napoleon"
154 3 60м 10
This recipe I got from my sister - a very interesting and original cake. Cooked to your latest anniversary. Try it!
"An ordinary miracle"
147 3 60м 8
Puff liver-an omelet cake with various fillings. The idea I saw in cooking gear, hooked up the fantasy, now enjoy the result.
Meat pie "Taras Bulba"
145 4 - 12
But as he looked, then more pictures were not, his portrait has not survived, and each new film, a very different artist. But my TARAS like all the Cossacks together. And actually this is my 100 recipe on the Pillsbury, accept congratulations only in writing, and gifts (under the cut)
Salad "Puff"
144 - - -
Ahead Old New year... I suggest you to prepare tasty salad for this holiday. Prepares simple and short.
Salad-cake "Tender" by cracker
143 4 30м -
The recipe I got off Kalinga from Oli (Topaz). The salad lives up to its name. The main condition - make at night and hide from the household to soaked. :-)
Snack bars mini cheesecakes with salmon
140 - 60м 10
Delicious, delicate, elegant, beautifully presented appetizer mini-cheesecakes with a fish is sure to delight Your guests and will adorn any festive table! Light-salted salmon you can substitute small shrimp... anyway you can dream up, preparing this snack...
Snack cake "Kaleidoscope"
139 - 60м 8
A great snack for any table!
Snack cake "Spring"
137 5 90м 8
Delicious snack cake! Source: my imagination.
Herring snack cake-jelly
130 5 - -
Very tender snack cake-Jell-o, a variation on the salad "Herring under a fur coat".
Cheese cake
127 - 70м -
Very tasty, flavorful and very easy to make a cake. For cheese lovers this is the best option. Cooked very quickly, but eaten even quicker)))
Snack cake with sprats
127 - 40м 6
What could be better than cheese and sprats?... Only cheese with sprats! Juicy snack with spicy flavor and rich cheese flavor. Come have a piece?
Easter "Chocolate eggs"
123 3 - -
Delicate curd Easter. Keep Christ against any bad weather, From a wicked tongue, From the clever enemy, From petty friend From pain and illness, And give you the Lord if it is in His power – Health, long years, Love and much happiness!!! With the great holiday - Easter!!!
Snack cake "Mushroom meadow"
123 3.5 60м 8
Delicious snack cake! Try it and You!
Snack beet-garbanzo bean pie
123 - 80м 8
Help yourself to a tasty snack cake! It is the basis of aromatic-free pastry goes well with beetroot and chickpea stuffing, add spice to this cake can be red caviar, salted salmon or herring.
Snack cake
120 5 - -
Very impressive and tasty dish.
Snack cake "Saint-honoré" tuna
120 - - -
Your Christmas table can be decorated snack cake in explanation "Saint-honoré" cheese gourami stuffed with mild cheese and tuna pate decorated with rubies and red caviar. The cake turned out very tasty, unusual, home was thrilled!
Cake vegetable pancake "healthy."
114 - - -
The cake consists of pancakes with mushroom filling. Tasty, tender, lean, and festive.
Profiteroles carrot with creamy eggplant cream
113 - 180м -
I have never met a person who doesn't like profiteroles. It may, of course, these are but my family is not exactly one of them. Today I offer a snack option such treat. Long I thought over the recipe for this dish and here I got it in my head and came to life.