Meat eateries cakes recipes

Liver cake "For your loving husband"
0.9k 3 - -
Yes, another liver cake. But not normal, and with a secret. Rather, with a twist, which is the addition of buckwheat flour. It makes the cakes so tender, tasty, aromatic... My husband, a big fan of liver cake when he first tried, was ecstatic and said that the delicious liver cake still did not eat! Since only such specially for him!
Liver cake "mother"
466 4 30м 12
Very delicious cake. Ever so yummy, not eaten, not married yet. Cakes thin, and the cake melts in your mouth. You can sit down and eat the whole cake.
Cake liver "beloved"
214 4.3 40м 8
Favorite ordered liver cake. Was improvising, as always from what is in the fridge)))
Hepatic neo-cake "Bordeaux"
209 - 40м 8
A classic cake from the liver, who knows and loves a good half of the cook, I was transformed and modernized in a fresh and original neo-cake from the liver "Bordeaux"! Help yourself!
Liver cake "Maggie"
203 - 30м 6
Normal liver cake no surprise, the recipes on the website ten. But if the dream stuffed, we can get very interesting flavor combinations. I repeatedly made cakes stuffed with pickled cucumbers, but thanks to MAGGI "Dressing for the Pickle", the taste became more original and rich.
Snack pancake cake
185 - 120м 8
Well, simply delicious, and not cake! And to make it - a pleasure! ) Try it and you will not regret )
Cake of the liver pancakes "snowbound cabin"
182 3.7 - -
According to the plan, the house must still be Christmas trees and snowman. But, came to our dad and treacherously cut off a piece while I ran to the market for dill. The plan failed, the daughter cried, and my husband did not understand what he is guilty. As in "building" involved the eldest daughter, I decided to post the recipe, in order to gratify her vanity, the more that the basis of "home" VERY tasty! Will delight all lovers of hepatic cakes and will decorate the holiday table!!!
Snack cake from the liver
178 5 30м 8
An excellent appetizer for unexpected guests or just family dinner!!!
Liver cake
177 4 30м 10
Very delicious sweet dish liked by everyone - adults and children!
Snack pie chicken and vegetables
176 4 - -
Maybe something like this already exists, I apologize. Haven't been on the site, missed a lot. Search such is not found. Hearty and quick pie. As a snack, and for Breakfast (if in the evening to prepare the dough).
164 - - -
Very tasty dish that resembles a cake. Try it, I think you'll like it!
Liver cake
161 4 40м 8
Appetizer for fans of liver.
"Frosty evening"
155 3 45м 8
Long thought - whether to spread this recipe... but decided to post. Prepared cake back in November, so not the entire Assembly process and once it is not as such flour cakes only decorations choux pastry. But it is very light, vegetable and is designed in the form of cake. Hope you like it. For the contest "Christmas style".
"An ordinary miracle"
152 3 60м 8
Puff liver-an omelet cake with various fillings. The idea I saw in cooking gear, hooked up the fantasy, now enjoy the result.
Meat pie "Taras Bulba"
149 4 - 12
But as he looked, then more pictures were not, his portrait has not survived, and each new film, a very different artist. But my TARAS like all the Cossacks together. And actually this is my 100 recipe on the Pillsbury, accept congratulations only in writing, and gifts (under the cut)
Liver cake
145 5 30м -
A dish for lovers of the liver. Delicate flavor, beautiful appearance and ease of preparation.
Squash-meat eateries cakes
139 - 70м 4
Very tasty snack cakes. Prepared them more than once. Not only for the holiday table, but for dinner for the soul. Prepared from available products. You can bake the pancakes in a large pan, and is a great snack cake.
Cake "Liver"
137 3 - -
This cake in our family for a very long time! The taste is incomparable!
Pancake-meat cake
136 - 80м 8
Love to cook any kind of pancake cakes, today I have a pancake - meat, and tasty, and satisfying. I would be very glad if my recipe will be useful!!!
Meat cake
132 5 60м 6
Doing this cake for several years everyone loves.
Liver cake
131 - - -
Snack cake from the liver.