Small plates fish cakes recipes

Sushi cake Chuka
397 - 60м 8
To minimize the sushi and rolls require certain skills and experience. And the sushi cake is made much easier and faster. Bright, festive, beautiful, hearty and easy dish. All the nuances of preparation, you can see in the video.
Snack cake "Napoleon"
385 5 - -
Edible and very good! Salty cake.
Eateries cakes "Napoleon"
286 3 - -
Very tender, incredibly tasty!!! Make them always crashed and the guests loved it... my husband generally will modestly hold back.
Snack mini cake "Flower meadow"
166 - - -
This variant is the snack cake. Dressy and delicate. From this quantity of ingredients is obtained 4 mini-cake.
Pancake pie with fish
144 4 - -
If you are tired of regular pancakes, try to make a puff pancake pie.
141 5 120м 6
Guys, this is a remarkably tender and tasty dish. Who will not be lazy and collect the cake - you will not regret and will kayfovat. And with him is his favorite (even my mother in law is crazy about him ; )))) and my big Armenian relatives)). In short, it is just the bomb! Get, give) by the Way, this is my debut on our website, so judge STRICTLY! Do not fear, quality checked ; ))) Sorry for the pictures - the camera is poor ( the Number of products designed for cake razmerom 2 X3 cookies, ie 6 servings
Snack fish cake salad with crackers
138 - 30м 10
Congratulations to all dear chefs a happy New year! I want to give the recipe of the yummy torus-salad. Among my guests this salad caused a sensation, surprisingly, nobody was able to determine its composition, but liked all, without exception! Even my mom asked for the recipe, although recipes usually are not interested. Recipe from the super cook website.
Snack cake "Fish Napoleon"
133 3 60м 10
This recipe I got from my sister - a very interesting and original cake. Cooked to your latest anniversary. Try it!
Fish cake
129 4 - -
Guests eat. Very tasty and satisfying.
Salad-cake "Tender" by cracker
129 4 30м -
The recipe I got off Kalinga from Oli (Topaz). The salad lives up to its name. The main condition - make at night and hide from the household to soaked. :-)
Snack cake "Spring"
125 5 90м 8
Delicious snack cake! Source: my imagination.
Herring snack cake-jelly
123 5 - -
Very tender snack cake-Jell-o, a variation on the salad "Herring under a fur coat".
Cake "Snack"
123 4 160м -
Again pulled out an old notebook and finally decided to make a La puff pastry cake.
Cake "nice Island"
121 4 60м 10
This cake is truly a miracle. When christening my daughter, I put the cake on the table, all the guests were surprised: " Because it must be served at the end with tea?" But try, with admiration zatsokal language, and the cake was unusual - with layers of... For the contest "School time" (dedicated to all saints - our teachers and students, which are not too easy)
Snack cake "Kaleidoscope"
121 - 60м 8
A great snack for any table!
Snack cake "good Luck!"
120 - - -
Let my tiger will bring good luck in the new year!!!! For the contest"Christmas style"
Appetizer "Christmas story"
118 4 30м -
Delicate layered appetizer of crab sticks.
Snack cake "Plague"
117 - 25м 6
Well, very tasty and festive snack cake, which will decorate any holiday and just because. The name was invented after removing the sample. Done fast enough. For contest "new style"
Fish cake
116 5 30м 4
Want to surprise your mate? Decided to make a small romantic dinner for two and cook something simple, but at the same time unusual and delicious? Try it! I think this is a simple dish will not leave You indifferent... and hungry )))
Chess sandwich cake
115 - 30м 10
Big sandwich for a big company.
Snack cake "Coat from Tiger"
114 3.5 120м 12
The salad is dedicated to the coming New 2010 Year of the Tiger. For the contest "Christmas style". Nebezizvestny salad "Herring under a fur coat" becomes our snack cake. Look...