Vegetable snack cakes recipes

Pizza with scarola
349 - 90м -
Simple to prepare and very tasty neapolitanskaja pizza. Lightweight, good cold and hot.
Squash-egg cake snack
191 4 - 12
For the recipe, got the recipe Squash-egg trot from gitelson, made no big changes and that's what I did. gitelson thank you very much for the idea of the recipe.
Cabbage-squash cake
182 - 60м 8
This is a vegetable cake that you can cook lunch, dinner etc. and he will delight all who try it. Bon appetit.
Potato cake with mushrooms and cheese
173 - 60м 8
This appetizer was created to conquer the hearts of those who love a hearty and satisfying meal to eat, and its attractive appearance will enhance any holiday table. Try to cook – it's delicious!
Snack cake "Hearty zucchini"
136 - 60м 8
The season of zucchini and I wanted to cook something tasty) last week opened up a new recipe) Husband left full and happy, and most importantly! Who cares, so please, help yourselves!
Snack cake of puff pastry
133 - 60м 10
It needs some work, but the result is worth it! However, for those who are watching their waistlines, this recipe will not work - a lot of calories) Cake is well suited for the festive table! I always ask for the recipe!
Snack cake "Tigger"
128 - - -
This snack cake I made for the contest "Christmas style". This is a rehearsal before the new year holidays. Cute and fun Tigger adds a little "flavor" to this cake.
Terrine of sweet pepper
117 - - -
Recipe found in the magazine "School of Gastronome". Very it interested me. Prepared and was pleasantly surprised. It was very tasty. Festive dish.
"Christmas tree"
115 3.5 60м 4
Happy New Year to all! In recent years, increasingly faced with people who are fasting. Filippov post just falls on the New Year. And how many people want beloved Olivier. I found a way that I hope will appeal to many and fasting and vegetarians and lovers to try something new. Meet Olivier "Christmas tree". For the contest "Christmas style"
Snack cake "Blizzard"
112 - 60м 8
Tried to get a cake in the shape of a snow Blizzard. As it turned out swirls, you be the judge. ) Niniejsza snack with cheese flavor. For contest "new style".
Cake snack "the Dove of Victory-Dove of Peace"
108 - - 6
The Victory day brings together a variety of people feelings that overwhelm us in this celebration. This excitement, joy, and pride, and the pain of loss. Both of my grandfathers were war heroes. One died heroically in Ukraine in 1942. And the second took Sapun mountain in Sevastopol, went through the entire war. Today, when preparing this dish, dedicated to Victory Day, we remembered the great-grandfather of my husband - Benjamin A. Ferens (husband was named in his honor). Went through the order, flipping through the pictures. At the front, he was an artillery engineer, fought in the battle of Stalingrad, participated in the famous Victory parade on red Square in June 1945. The bright memory of the fallen! Glory to the living! The contest "10 components of victory"
Cake lentil "manly"
107 - 60м 8
My wife loves to bake cakes.. And I love my wife and often help her in this exciting business. She has a birthday coming up, and wanted to surprise her. And while she goes shopping and buys a delicious and healthy foods for lent, I decided, "And cook-and Cake!" But not to sweet, and nutritious, wholesome, bright, musical vegetable cake of beans. As peas and lentils comprise the staple diet in the post, along with potatoes and pasta, we offer a wide range of products of a good brand.
Cake of cauliflower
104 4 - -
Trouble with this cake, despite its apparent simplicity, a lot. To make it slowly when a lot of time and no hurry. Good thing I decided to try it on a normal day, not a holiday. Otherwise it would be a lot of nerves spent. But the cake turned out very tasty, it reminded us of liver cake. The recipe was exhibited by Natalia Molchanova in the group "what's for dinner?", but only in General terms, without specifying. I altered it a little, decided on the number of products and slightly changed its proposed technology.
Pie from spaghetti
104 - 60м 8
Macaroni, spaghetti believe standing dish. Serve them for Breakfast, when you need in the morning to feed the family a hearty, prepared in a hurry at lunch or dinner. But there are a lot of recipes when the pasta can be submitted more presentable and festive. Suggest not difficult and available pie recipe from spaghetti. We can say that this is familiar to us, lapcevic, but want variety and bright colors on the dining table!
Profiteroles carrot with creamy eggplant cream
104 - 180м -
I have never met a person who doesn't like profiteroles. It may, of course, these are but my family is not exactly one of them. Today I offer a snack option such treat. Long I thought over the recipe for this dish and here I got it in my head and came to life.
Squash cake
103 5 - -
Very tasty and tender cake from zucchini. Try to cook it сами6 it and You will love it. This cake is like, even those who don't like zucchini in any form.
Pie pancakes
103 3 20м 8
Snack of pancakes, French kitchen
Cake sun-dried tomatoes and pesto
103 - 45м 8
Very effective snack cake that will delight you and your guests with its look and taste. The cake is beautifully kept in the refrigerator, it is quite possible to prepare in advance.
Snack cake "Sun"
102 4 40м 4
This is a simple but very delicious cake of eggplant, cheese and egg with spicy sauce. The dish is ready quickly, and looks elegant and festive. Help yourself!!!
Eateries vegetable mini cakes
100 - - 8
Project ends "Matches + ". A month the main ingredient in my kitchen was gorgeous sauce from Kikkoman. Through this project I realized that soy sauce is not only belong to Oriental cuisine. It can be added to almost any dish and taste our traditional dishes immediately becomes more interesting, spicy and stimulating the appetite! The final chord of this project I decided to put these three cakes of delicate mousses. A great snack for us girls (though maybe the boys will be offended)! Delicate, light, airy, elegant and beautiful! Thank you all for your support and participation!
Cucumber Charlotte
100 5 30м 8
Very nice, fresh and tasty. Done quickly and the result is impressive.