Mushroom appetizer cakes recipes

Mushroom sponge cake
191 4 60м 6
Recipe from Irina Kutovoy from the site "Good food". Is absolutely not complicated to make, tastes just "AHHHH"....
Salad "Puff"
146 - - -
Ahead Old New year... I suggest you to prepare tasty salad for this holiday. Prepares simple and short.
Pancake mushroom cake
138 3 45м 4
Very simple but awfully delicious cake with mushrooms.
Snack cake "Mushroom meadow"
123 3.5 60м 8
Delicious snack cake! Try it and You!
Snack cake "Checkers"
123 3 - -
In backgammon we have played, but what about checkers?
Pizza-cake "Pizzileo"
120 - 150м 8
Was inspired by a photo from the Internet, for the Boy is not found - so I had to improvise :) the pizza recipes are many, spread, just to introduce you to the design. The cake is very dramatic, the men on February 23 is appreciated especially. The name of the dish quite aptly: gave dad some similarities with the famous cake.) Please read!
The liver General
117 - 60м 8
I offer liver cake, which is the ornament of our gatherings for many years, just love it man. Preparing layers of liver dough with different fillings. Can ready cake cut into small pieces and served as appetizers on skewers.
Snack cake "Surprise"
114 5 60м 8
A continuation of my personal fantasies of squash today cheese-mushroom stuffing. Such a stuffing often used for the pancake cakes, so decided to conduct an experiment. Turned out very tasty and unusual. What is squash cake, I did not think anyone... Can serve hot or cold. Help yourself!!
Liver cake with mushrooms "Hedgehog"
114 - - 8
Liver cake with mushrooms cooked in a dish iCook TM. Has the taste and aroma of natural products. Preserved the natural taste of the mushrooms.
Cake vegetable pancake "healthy."
114 - - -
The cake consists of pancakes with mushroom filling. Tasty, tender, lean, and festive.
Mushroom cake with greens and cheese
110 - 70м 8
This cake, decorated in Christmas style with arugula and tomatoes, will not go unnoticed among Your family and friends. He will fill the aroma of the mushrooms the whole house, and the taste will not leave indifferent Your home... For the contest "Christmas style".
Mushroom cake
109 - - -
Easy to prepare, doesn't take a lot of time, the cake can be prepared as a holiday, and every day!
Puff snack cake with mushrooms and vegetables
109 - - 6
Simple, fast, delicious! What else do you need when guests are on the doorstep. I highly recommend to my pie turned out! If served hot, it is possible and as a main dish.
Snack "Napoleon"
109 3 60м -
A delicious and hearty appetizer for the holiday table.
Cake "Mushroom miracle"
108 - 120м 8
The cake of potatoes with cheese-mushroom cream! Simply delicious!
Snack cake "Dance"
105 - - -
Yummy cake – it has everything I love: mushrooms, cheese cream with crazy flavor. And razrezik sooooo beautiful; ) For the contest "Christmas style".
Cake wafer snack with mushrooms and chicken
105 4 40м -
Quick, tasty, airy and unusual appetizer.
A savory mushroom cake
104 5 - -
Thank you for the recipe max Oliver.
Snack cheese-mushroom cake "clearing"
103 - - -
Full-bodied, fragrant, showy snack cake. Sponge mushrooms combined with sweet and delicious cream cheese frosting.
Pancake tree stump for a snack
103 5 - -
Snack cake in the form of hemp. A great table decoration, and the taste is, frankly, quite good :)))
Mushroom snack cake "Forest clearing"
101 - 120м -
Will appeal to those who like mushrooms and lots of cheese. This cake I had an experimental. Cooked on my birthday for friends.