Cheese and curd snack cakes recipes

Pancake cake
199 4 30м 8
My version! Very tasty!!!
Snack-sour cream cake-souffle "Pesto"
193 - - 8
You like sour cream? And Basil? And all together? Huh?! Then You here! Come on in, help yourself!!!
Cheese cake with ham and mushrooms
182 5 55м 8
Delicious and nutritious dish of simple products suitable for the common table, and for the arrival of guests.
177 - 40м 6
Bake pancakes in Russia began in the period of paganism. First mentioned about them in the eighth century. Then the pancake was called the sacrificial bread. Later, the pancakes became a symbol of the sun. The British, noting the Sinful Tuesday, arrange races. They are on the run, flip the pancakes, lying on the pans. Who the hell drops, the competition is eliminated. The French believe that when you turn the pancake can come true their desires. For this you need one hand to hold the frying pan's handle and the other to hold the coin. The starter of this familiar dishes with a rich history
Snack-cottage cheese mini Napoleon "Three cheese"
177 - - -
Festive appetizer, snack for the buffet table, spicy, with a rich taste.. really like it fans of curd and cheese. Spicy filling, a creamy base, the aftertaste of grapes and nuts is delicious! There are a lot of holidays we could try? This Napoleon was even softer, thanks to the homemade cottage cheese prepared on the basis of the leaven from Oursson.
Cheese cake
161 - - -
Well, fans of the cheese, tuck in! Savoury pancakes with paprika and Basil create the cake base. And filling-cheese. Very tasty warm.
Snack bars mini cheesecakes with salmon
140 - 60м 10
Delicious, delicate, elegant, beautifully presented appetizer mini-cheesecakes with a fish is sure to delight Your guests and will adorn any festive table! Light-salted salmon you can substitute small shrimp... anyway you can dream up, preparing this snack...
Cheese pancake cake
137 - 30м 4
Rich cheese cake, eaten in one sitting). Very easy to prepare. Please note on the toppings!
Snack cake "Christmas"
135 4.3 15м 70
The basis is the recipe cake " Cheese passion", just changed the filling and decoration. And looked on the table well, and very tasty. Photographed practically on your way to the Christmas table :)
Snack cake
133 3 - -
Tasty snack.
Cheese cake
129 - 70м -
Very tasty, flavorful and very easy to make a cake. For cheese lovers this is the best option. Cooked very quickly, but eaten even quicker)))
Snack cake "Christmas Light"
128 5 - -
Christmas - a holiday when all family together gathers at the table. The table was prepared hearty: pancakes, fish dishes, aspic, jellied pork and beef feet, suckling pig stuffed with kasha, pork head with horseradish, homemade pork sausage, roast, honey cakes, sbiten-and, of course, roast goose... but given that the holidays last week already and every day more and more difficult to force myself to eat something.. offer to taste the delicate.. easy.. tasty snack cake that will illuminate Your home with the light of stars, shone in the sky in the hour of birth of Christ and let Your hearts the LIGHT of CHRISTMAS! easy puff pastry.. tender nadinochka from indjushata pechenochki, a layer of cheese, carrots and garlic.. Oh and something else :)
Snack cake with sprats
128 - 40м 6
What could be better than cheese and sprats?... Only cheese with sprats! Juicy snack with spicy flavor and rich cheese flavor. Come have a piece?
Easter "Chocolate eggs"
126 3 - -
Delicate curd Easter. Keep Christ against any bad weather, From a wicked tongue, From the clever enemy, From petty friend From pain and illness, And give you the Lord if it is in His power – Health, long years, Love and much happiness!!! With the great holiday - Easter!!!
Cheese "Croquembouche"
120 3 - -
Forgive my French, because it is not a dessert cake, as usual, and snack. This cake I came up with myself. It is perfectly decorate a Christmas table in the form of edible Christmas trees. For magazine contest "the Culinary workshop".
Cake of cheese
119 3 - -
A cross between a cake, lasagna, and casseroles. But in a good hot appetizer.
Cheese pie with onions
115 4 40м 3
"GATEAU AU FROMAGE ET AUX OIGNONS" is a traditional dish of French and Swiss cuisine. Eat hot for dinner or Breakfast or cold with a green salad. It's quick and easy!
Snack cake "Cheese of passion"
115 5 60м 10
Fans of cheese will love this amazing snack cake. He will definitely become a favorite for Your holiday table. The combination of mild creamy taste with spicy sauces, rainbow color... and You will get another piece... This recipe once saw in a cooking magazine, attracted all their imagination, and here is the result.
Snack cake "snowflake"
112 5 30м -
Light fluffy snowflake white, how pure, how brave! Dear rapid Easy passes, Not upwards azure, On the ground asks. But here ends the Road is long and touches the Earth Star crystal. Flying fluffy snowflake bold. How pure, how white! For the contest "Christmas style".
Pumpkin cake with goat cheese
109 - - 8
Snack cake zucchini with cream of goat cheese. This snack relished by all the guests! Spicy cream and soft, aromatic base of zucchini left no one indifferent.
Cake snack pancake "Recognition"
109 4 60м 8
Today each of us hurried to please your loved one or a favorite birthday cake or salad. I decided to give your loved one here is an unusual cake:pancake with salmon, creamy horseradish, mushrooms, spinach... It's just fantastic beauty with extraordinary taste and aroma... Which man will not be happy with the cake?! And since Valentine's Day has arrived and everything is already cooked his yummy, you can use this option to favorite men on February 23! My precious, most gentle, most sweet, How lucky I am to be with you, your wife! I not have lived, and loved, And me I walked by your words, Your hugs, kisses - that's all it takes to be with you in Paradise. Love you, a thousand times I love you And your heart in your hands give up!