Hot veggie wraps recipes

Roll "Utah"
348 - 80м 2
This roll in my family was preparing often... more my grandmother taught me... if I overlooked this recipe on the website please forgive me..
A La Baku pita
227 5 60м 4
From the pita bread with the filling on the vegetable contest a traffic light. Recipe source - my imagination, the dough-a recipe borrowed, with my changes.
Potato roll with cabbage
224 5 50м 4
The site has a lot of recipes for potato rolls but with cabbage I found. Recipe on the website in a roll, put the stuffing, but I was not, so I decided to try with cabbage. It turned out delicious!
Meatless cabbage rolls with beans and lentils
197 - 80м 4
I invite You to try meatless cabbage rolls stuffed with beans and lentils. Tender, flavorful cabbage rolls are suitable for a main dish in the post, and a side dish to meat eaters. Try it!
Pumpkin pie-scrambled eggs
144 3.5 - -
This is the only dish with pumpkin, which my husband was absolutely delighted, so thanks to the contest "festive mood" we are starting to win. Indeed, this pumpkin loaf turns out very tender, juicy, so I prepared it more than once, and with toppings you can experiment with.
Potato roll "oink-Oink" with meat stuffing
124 4 40м 2
Perfect for the holiday table.
Cabbage roll
118 4 - -
Very tasty!!! For lovers of cabbage :)
Roll out potato dough
114 3 60м -
Satisfying... replace the second dish! Very tasty!
Potato and egg roll
111 4 60м 7
The original recipe is on the website Good food, and lean and not lean options. I suggest your. A good way to dispose of the remains of mashed potatoes and other products, as the filling can be any.
Roll for Breakfast
110 3 40м -
This recipe was given to Helen Breeze on one of the culinary sites. The roll was very juicy and tasty. The fact that you can prepare it the night before and in the morning just to warm bribed me :). I hope You like it too. Put the recipe Author with my notes.
Potato roll "Additive???"
109 4 50м 6
Tender, melting in the mouth potato and egg cloud bases, fragrant nadinochka and You go for more. Source: my imagination.
Potato squash roll with mushrooms and broccoli
108 - 60м 4
Simple and tasty baked vegetable roll with mushrooms for food in the post and not only. Delicious with fresh or pickled vegetables or salads. Perfect with Lecho.
Vegetable roll svetoforchik
107 4 - 8
Specially for the contest "Vegetable traffic light". Unusual for me to roll, and very tasty.
Color roll
105 3 40м -
Just roll, just an appetizer for the next meal.
Potato rolls with mushrooms
104 3 30м 10
Planned the evening to stick dumplings became, well, very lazy, so I built quickly so here vkusnyi rolls with potato stuffing.
Carrot rolls
104 5 - -
There were a few carrots, I thought what do I want them to do. That came up with such a basic thing . Nothing happened) Do I make these rolls with meat. It turns out not bad at all. Carrot experimented for the first time.
The "dragons" of eggplant
100 5 - -
Favorite aubergine rolls. Only need to do little more, because they disappear instantly.
Potato of the group
98 - - -
A very satisfying dish. And original look. I think so...
"Eggplant rolls"
95 3 60м 4
Prepared quickly, it turns out very tasty. Better at the same time to fry the eggplant.
Eggplant rolls
95 4.5 - -
Rolls with carrot-tomato and ham nacili. Rolls - yum!
Cabbage pie pita
94 - 35м 8
Called by: Ambar Pamela, at the bottom of the barrel scraped... Turned out very tasty and rich dish, substitute a full dinner. And then you bread, and vegetables, and meat.