Vegetable stew with meat recipes

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This is one of my favorite Arabic dishes. For Russia it is quite unusual, but very tasty. I hope you will like it!
Stew "Veneta"
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This dish is an integral part of the anniversary celebration cadeby my parents in the month of August. In the original version uses eggplant, but as long as their time hasn't come yet, I decided to use zucchini. Very tasty, hearty and beautiful, "Veneta" will decorate festive table. This is one of my favorite dishes. Its preparation takes enough time, but the result is worth it. Be sure to try it! No one is not indifferent)))
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Vegetables stewed in their own juice with aromatic lamb and a subtle hint of hops. This recipe my husband taught chef one of the best restaurants of our city. Well she(Chelyabinsk) and another in nature, and with a hangover (medical stock).
Vegetable stew with chicken
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Fast! Very tasty!
SOT "hunting"false game
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Saute in explanation of the recipe from the program "In haste"channel "Hunting and fishing", hunter and chef Vladimir Klimov was made from deer meat. But we never hunters, and buy deer anywhere. Therefore, we will prepare "false" game. Interesting?!, go.
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This recipe of moussaka from the book on Lebanese cuisine author Hussein Dekmak, the owner of a Lebanese restaurant in London. This moussaka has nothing to do with Greek moussaka, but use eggplant in both dishes. Juicy chicken breast in tandem with tender eggplant and a delicious sauce-this dish is worth a try.
Meat stew with vegetables
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Variants of cooking this delicious dish a great many. Offer You a recipe of delicious, fragrant pork stew with vegetables and herbs in a thick sauce. This is the most delicious stew I know. Fried to a Golden brown pieces of pork with vegetables cooked in sweet and sour sauce, the meat turns out unbelievably tender and succulent, and vegetables perfectly complement this exquisite, full-bodied bouquet.
Meat with vegetables and pineapple
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The meat in soy sauce with pineapple. Somehow I thought that this dish is very well suited for the spring holidays. It's so delicious!!! Try it, you will not regret! For the recipe thank you Olga Stareway.
Stew "Dragon"
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How nice to go to the country! Fresh air, blooming garden, the bright sun... and fresh vegetables, of course! Typing from the garden bits and a set of fresh, I think that you can make yourself for dinner. The stomach is consistently growling and did not give focus on all sorts of delights, and therefore born this simple and that turned out to be surprisingly tasty recipe. Fans of rich savory vegetable dishes will definitely delight! Note: I named this stew "Dragon" because of the included chili sauce. But if you don't particularly like spicy, you can exclude it from the list of ingredients. It is not fatal.
Stew lazy mistress
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This recipe is my girlfriend read in some magazine and kindly shared with me. So this recipe is dedicated to her! Helen, this is for you! Yeah, I almost forgot, the name for it is irrelevant! We loved the name from a magazine and we decided to keep its originality. And 'called' stews so, probably because most of the work on its preparation is minimal.
Stew "Ruby"
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Healthy, delicious and beautiful dishes will delight you and your guests. It turns out very tender and juicy. I invite you to try.
Potatoes with stewed meat, "Country"
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Very tasty potatoes, per "lugs" are not ottyanesh.
Chops with vegetables in foil
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Delicious, hearty, useful and no-frills. No claim to pretentiousness, but as the saying goes - and in the feast and in the world, and good people... at least for a family dinner, at least for a celebratory dinner. The point is that for the meat use the marinade and not just mayonnaise. Particularly good from the bad fat lamb. Try it, and suddenly it is your taste! And if not, any meal can spice things up with your own ideas and variations. The experiments has not been canceled! Bon appetit!
Vegetable stew with meat
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SOT - kind of stew cooked from Bystrovka meats, poultry or venison or even fish and mushrooms, for about the same principle - first, the preparation (processing, storage in the marinade) in order to facilitate and expedite the heat treatment, and then a relatively quick heat treatment.
Vegetable stew with meatballs
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Usually a stew is cooked just vegetables or with meat. Decided to change a simple recipe and added a vegetable stew meatballs. It was very tasty and satisfying!
Stew "Simpleton"
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Simple because easy to prepare) Prepare for all student - tasty, quick and very easy!! Me this stew many times rescued))
Stew on smoked cartilage with beans
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Fans then smoked hryaschik this dish will taste. Beans stew gives satiety, and the abundance of vegetables makes the dish easy enough. It's actually very tasty!
Stew Mexican chicken
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Another variation on the theme of Mexican cuisine in the framework of any originality in the everyday table. The stew is a bit sweet due to the carrots, corn and cinnamon. Thus the characteristic spiciness of Mexican cuisine is also on site. A special advantage of stew – a large number of tomato spicy-sweet gravy.
"Hot figure"
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This dish my husband gave the name "Hot figure". Because the dish itself is hot, and figure because of this food it will not spoil - at the time the person sitting on the System minus 60.
Rancho is easy
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Simplified a bit, the recipe is from the Portuguese magazine, very fast, tasty and healthy. For lovers of stews and boiled, help yourself, a large family dish.
Vegetables stew "in Chinese"
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Stewed meat with vegetables. A quick dish.