Pilaf recipes

Shola - rice porridge in Afghan
1.1k - 50м 6
Delicious, fresh rice porridge in Afghan. Many will say that it's a pilaf, but I will say that the difference is that in the mess of boiled rice and pilau rice from the rice grain separates easily, so you can count them. It turns out that if not rice, then porridge!
Festive Uzbek pilaf
0.5k - 80м 4
I want to introduce you the recipe for a festive Uzbek pilaf. Since my husband is from Eastern family, I learned to cook Eastern dishes, including plov, which is considered the main dish of the table. A classic recipe pilaf is cooked with meat, and we will be with meat and dried fruits, this pilaf is cooked on holidays in Uzbekistan)
SUJUD-PILAF - pilaf with dill and qazmaq
405 4 70м -
About the pilaf can tell a lot, especially in Azerbaijan. There are about 200 species. No visitor, having been away, not leaving until will test the main dish is pilaf. Today put one kind of pilaf with dill. For magazine contest "the Culinary workshop"".
266 3 180м 10
This dish is also called "upside down" with lamb. Often preparing this dish, plov, a rich, full-bodied with spices and very tasty. This dish will decorate any table. Your loved ones will be delighted.
262 - 200м 15
Weekends are coming, and that means that we can and need to cook something very tasty! And if you are expecting guests? The need for everyone to share a delicious and hearty meal. And enough for everybody and more. Is ideally suited for this pilaf. Many come to me to enjoy pilaf!
261 - - -
Today I presented a dogwood, searched in the net, where to attach it. Found the recipe of this pilaf. And again, no chicken anywhere... Pilaf Azerbaijani cuisine. Forgive me for all the Azerbaijanis in General and Layla in particular. For what has bought, for and sell! But we liked...
234 - 180м 15
Cooking this pilaf realize that pilaf, pilaf strife! In the list of the Turkmen cuisine, it's there.
226 - 150м 6
Step by step instructions of cooking pilaf with Oriental secrets
Pilaf with chicken in Azerbaijani
223 - 50м 4
I will not argue about the authenticity of this recipe, especially because it is a little like risotto, but nonetheless, it was saw this recipe on the Internet. He bribed me with the brightness of the rice, once introduced this Oriental saffron flavor. I think, your family too will be happy, the more that is prepared simply, quickly, not expensive.
This pilaf
222 3 45м 6
All the secrets of pilaf. This Pilaf in Uzbek has a lot of secrets in cooking technology. Here I bring these secrets. Vyznat hereditary Uzbek. Very tasty! To bother you will be 45 -50 minutes, then he had independently prepared the hour and half hour endurance in a blanket (fans of the classic approach). We can not stand, eat immediately )))
212 5 - 10
For many years rice in our family, cooked by my father. He was born and grew up in Tashkent. I was in the kitchen, as they say, waiting in the wings. Now I cook it myself. Family enjoying...
Homemade pilaf with chicken
196 - 60м -
Recipe shared neighbor-Tajik in the country. At Home they are traditionally cooked rice in a pot, of course, but home can be no less tasty dish. Chicken - meat diet and is combined with rice and spices, so always make risotto with chicken. It has become my tradition.
Pilaf "Classic"
192 3 - -
Of course pilaf"KLA sciezki", but if you follow exactly the suggested recipe, you get a "first!"!
Pilaf "City"
174 - 30м 6
Pilaf "City" in 29 minutes. Unfortunately, Uzbeks hereditary in my family), and because my family loves rice, I had to step away before I came to this ideal, in my opinion and taste, recipe. Moreover, the decisive moment was not easy and quick, it does! I advocate classics and traditions in such dishes! And in pursuit of the result was ready to cook, Sirak sweat from his forehead and fireman a fire under the cauldron by all the rules of the Uzbek elders, if would not have been able to achieve success much faster and easier, because the slope, with the city wit), And, by the way, your friends don't need to know that you made it in just half an hour, let them think that you killed an afternoon on it, it will add value. Joke!) And so they appreciate you, without any pilaf!), But I assure you, even if you admit that you made it with such cosmic speed, they still can not believe it!
Officer plov in Russian
171 4 90м 6
To prepare this plavcic is for those who have no cauldron or get a traditional Oriental rice, or those of a complex likes to do easy)) Recipe learned from a friend, since then I bought about 5 years. Tasty, very! In my opinion, rice is no worse than the East all the rules.. But the findings, cooks, doing it yourself))
Pilaf in Tajik "Gelak Palav"
169 - 70м 6
I want to bring to your attention another interesting and delicious kind of pilaf - Gelac Palav. This pilaf is cooked with meatballs, which are very juicy, and the rice pilaf is very crumbly and delicate. This dish can be served as a hot dish on a festive table, and be sure your guests will not be able to abandon it. This kind of pilaf is served in a large dish, where the slide overlaps the rice and meatballs arranged on top of it, also it usually sprinkle with herbs.
Pilaf chicken
158 - 90м 7
Prepare crumbly pilaf!!!
Elahi Bakhsh-Bukharian pilaf Jews
158 - 180м 10
Delicious and colorful dish, both in preparation and in use.
Pilaf "Shah"
154 4 - 4
One of the options to prepare Azerbaijani plov. Very tasty and beautiful. This is a small portion. Everything was done on the run. So forgot to photograph in detail, and about quality generally silent. It's just awful ((( Just really wanted the recipe to share. So do not judge strictly.
Pilaf of nutria
154 - 60м 10
Our family is very fond of nutria meat. I noticed that on the website there are almost no recipes from this diet meat. So I decided to rectify this situation.
A real "Uzbek plov"
152 3 120м 6
Meat, rice, carrots..... Cooking risotto takes 2 to 3 hours.