Pizza recipes

Pizza "Mafia"
0.5k 4 20м 4
This recipe is completely mine. Except that the dough is well-known. Regular, yogurt. But the idea suggested to me a long time ago some show about Sicily. There pizza is not just sprinkled with cheese, as it is everywhere, and doing special fill...
Pizza Mario
443 4.5 60м 12
Learned to cook this pizza at this Italian.
Fast pizza with grilled vegetables
288 - 40м 6
Pizza on the wheat tortilla, the type of tortilla is much faster than a traditional pizza, because we don't spend time for preparation of the dough. But it is no less delicious because the main character here are the seasonal vegetables - eggplant and zucchini - marinated and grilled.
Pizza with potato stuffing
267 3 40м -
"Malta is so strongly influenced by Italian cuisine, pizza and pasta dishes you will find everywhere. However, the inhabitants of the neighbouring island, Gozo, has invented an unusual pizza Ftira Ghawdxi (FTIR Audi) - with potatoes and spices as toppings and no cheese. An unusual combination and very tasty. Will be on Gozo - by all means try!" After reading this article, I began to look for a pizza with potatoes on the Internet and found what she was surprised. Baked, it came out very even nothing. My husband said that this pizza is the most delicious.
Fruit "pizza"
257 5 120м 1
July. Heat. Want pizza? Offer you a summer "pizza" with fruit and berries.
Spicy Mexican pizza
252 - - 5
Weekend released time for culinary experiments, especially if the weather does not favor the sun. Pizza Mexican bean layer with cheese and spices – why not?
Pizza "A-La-La"
249 5 40м -
This dish is easy to prepare.
Turkish pizza "Pide"
243 - 25м 8
Pide. For cooking it is better to use standard ingredients that are included in the classic recipe, although small changes are possible. The recipe is simple, and each of you can easily cook this delicious dinner. For making dough I used warm milk, but you can replace the yogurt and warm water.
Pizza "double cheeseburger"
241 5 60м 4
Two kings of fast food: pizza and double cheeseburger. In those moments when you want some harm, I always find it difficult to choose between them. What if... you combine these two dishes? When this idea came into my head, I could not think of how delicious it will turn out! Just imagine: crispy pizza crust with the aroma of oregano and juicy cheese and meat filling with a spicy surprise...
The most delicious pizza with micro-chef
225 - 15м 2
Arrange a master class home?)) For pizza you need the finished dough (any yeast), little chef, not a very sharp knife and ingredients below))
Pizza with chili sauce and carpaccio
221 - 40м 3
Spicy pizza with chili sauce, Basil, oregano carpaccio and Turkey. Of course the pizza is made at home, but with spicy-spicy taste, we have it in the house is a favorite.
Pizza the third day
215 - 40м 8
Was holiday - birthday, New year or just a big party. Usually on the second day we are finishing the remaining main dishes and salads. And on the third day he called friends, and we frantically think of what to put on the table? It remains only meat and vegetable slicing, and the slightly dried up. For such cases the best way – pizza.
213 5 50м -
Quickly and all are fed.
Pizza "Twist"
212 - 120м 6
I really love Italian cuisine with its variety of dishes and tastes, warmth and emotion that the Italians are investing in the preparation of food. Don't know anyone who wouldn't love Italian classics – pizza and pasta. And beautiful pizza in in the form of the sun is sure to appeal to children. When you tear off a piece of dough, followed by stretching strands of melted cheese and the aroma of your house is fabulous – freshly baked dough and homemade tomato sauce.
Pizza Belissimo
206 - 20м 8
Tasty and quick pizza. Favorite will be happy!!!!!! The dough is thin and toppings a lot! Yum.
Pizza with chicken and mayonnaise
205 - 30м 4
Vegetable pizza with chicken
Pizza "The Test"
199 5 60м 8
This pizza is, of course, does not claim to originality. But I am a beginner and introduce this recipe into your harsh judgment, my dear culinary masters!
198 4.5 - -
That's such a cool micro pizza... But vkusnyatina!!!!
Pizza "Herringbone"
196 4 30м 6
interesting design in General. All ingredients have is pizza, and the design is pretty toasty ones tree.
Pizzetti grill
196 5 - 4
Never cooked anything on the built-in oven and grill, although the stove bought for a long time, used only the grill for Browning. My Grilly debut - first base is baked under the grill, then do pizzetti with filling. The dough is quick and delicious!
Pizza "Paris"
187 4 140м 1
Pizza "Parigina" Another Italian (Naples) pizza diner. This pizza without cheese "Mozzarella". It was cut into little squares portioned for an appetizer, not as a regular pizza. Baked this pizza in a rectangular shape (at home, of course, possible and regular!), I do... apologize for the photo, managed to "grab" and take a picture of just this one piece!