Pizza recipes for 8th of March

The most delicious pizza with micro-chef
268 - 15м 2
Arrange a master class home?)) For pizza you need the finished dough (any yeast), little chef, not a very sharp knife and ingredients below))
Pizza with chili sauce and carpaccio
253 - 40м 3
Spicy pizza with chili sauce, Basil, oregano carpaccio and Turkey. Of course the pizza is made at home, but with spicy-spicy taste, we have it in the house is a favorite.
Pizza Belissimo
252 - 20м 8
Tasty and quick pizza. Favorite will be happy!!!!!! The dough is thin and toppings a lot! Yum.
Pizza Malta di Mare
197 - 25м 6
Three-dimensional, multi-faceted flavor, rich aroma - it's all about the pizza Malta di Mare sauce "Pesto" (garlic Basil, emerald-green sauce made from olive oil and pine nuts)
Pepperoni pizza
180 - 30м 4
In this recipe the more I want to say about the stuffed pizza. the Dough for a long time and almost always unleavened. Everyone knows that the first layer on the test should be tomato sauce. The spicy sauce can make yourself, and it is possible for speed to use sauce "Krasnodar" add the garlic and ground hot pepper - just perfect. Pizza bought Italian salami and pepperoni. A great sausage for pizza... Begin!
176 - 120м 3
Chocolate dessert pizza on a thin dough will not leave indifferent even the most discerning palate. Warm chocolate, delicate sour-sweet peach framed by walnut notes... let's Try to cook!
169 - 40м 3
I offer mini-pizzas! The basic batter, cook each! It turns out very tasty! Toppings you can use different what you like!
Pizza rolls
161 - - -
Prepare the original pizza in the form of rolls. It turns out very tasty and juicy. It is convenient to take along on a picnic, to school or to work and even apply for a festive table! The filling can be anything, the main thing do not spare the cheese!
Vegetable pizza on a thin shortcrust pastry
158 - - 6
A detailed recipe is very soft and delicate pizza dough.
Pizza in the pan without mayonnaise
142 - 15м 4
Offer a very simple and quick recipe of pizza in the pan. In just 15 minutes you can prepare a culinary masterpiece which will be appreciated by your loved ones.
Pizza "Home"
140 - 90м 23
This pizza recipe I came up with myself, may, of course, such a recipe exists somewhere, but I didn't take it from any electronic sources, books, and magazines. The recipe is "born" as something in itself... This homemade pizza I cooked for 12 years, a set of ingredients I got always the same, and the taste all of these 12 years remains unchanged. A solution of pizza with sides - 1 large baking sheet.
Pizza of puff pastry "Yummy"
136 3 30м 8
This is a very tasty pizza, cook that will not make You work. Looks very good and quickly prepared. For those who like less dough and more toppings. Very spicy flavor with a twist.
My homemade pizza
135 - 85м 3
Pizza in our family all love... and when friends hear I'm going to make a pizza.. it will come with a beer "To Lubaszka pizza"... the Pizza is always easy and fast... many have their own recipes, I will share... Here the most important thing - the dough was fast, easy, subtle and delicious, the filling can be any, but the basic is ham or sausage with mushrooms... and of course, the desire and good mood... Pizza is never too much, so we say...
The pizza my husband
133 4 40м 4
Juicy, vegetable, hearty. Store-bought pizza "rest". Easy to make and a great field for creativity (the filling).
Waffle pizza
131 - 15м 6
Almost everyone loves pizza, but most cook it in the oven. Offer you the recipe of pizza in the waffle iron! Surprise yourself and your loved ones!
129 - 45м 4
Classic Italian pizza at home, there are some nuances that I learned from YouTube video from Ilya Lazerson (Lazerson). NO: MAYONNAISE, KEFIR, RAGANOK, KETCHUP, BUTTER OILS. So, in order!
My pizza
124 - 30м 5
The secret to a juicy pizza. A lot of pizza recipes, in principle, all the same, but I do a little differently, it turns out pizza with a cheese crust and under crust very juicy filling. Lived, my friends are blackmailing me now, and will come, if your pizza to bake. In total I made out of it.
121 - 120м 6
Have long nurtured the idea to create a dish-portrait. Finally, today I decided to do it. Decided to start with the realization that my favorite singer Katy Perry on the pizza! I really hope that You, dear hostess, will enjoy my edible portrait)the idea of the new, like nobody had posted))
116 3.5 30м 4
Own recipe, all the zest in the dough.
Pizza with shrimp and cheese
115 - 60м 4
Pizza at home for yeast dough for pizza with shrimp, mozzarella, Parmesan and olives.
Spicy pizza with meatballs
113 - 40м 4
Was very surprised, having met a pizza recipe with meatballs. Never could even think that was possible! More to say about filling in this recipe. Pizza dough cooking is almost always the same pattern. I want to share this delicious pizza, cooked at home.