Pizza recipes for Christmas

The most delicious pizza with micro-chef
268 - 15м 2
Arrange a master class home?)) For pizza you need the finished dough (any yeast), little chef, not a very sharp knife and ingredients below))
Pizza Belissimo
252 - 20м 8
Tasty and quick pizza. Favorite will be happy!!!!!! The dough is thin and toppings a lot! Yum.
Mini pizzas "Hawaiian"
163 - 90м 12
Offer to cook a batch of mini-pizzas. Very tasty pizza with smoked chicken, sweet peppers and juicy pineapple under crispy cheese crust.
Pizza in the pan without mayonnaise
142 - 15м 4
Offer a very simple and quick recipe of pizza in the pan. In just 15 minutes you can prepare a culinary masterpiece which will be appreciated by your loved ones.
Pizza of puff pastry "Yummy"
136 3 30м 8
This is a very tasty pizza, cook that will not make You work. Looks very good and quickly prepared. For those who like less dough and more toppings. Very spicy flavor with a twist.
Waffle pizza
131 - 15м 6
Almost everyone loves pizza, but most cook it in the oven. Offer you the recipe of pizza in the waffle iron! Surprise yourself and your loved ones!
My pizza
124 - 30м 5
The secret to a juicy pizza. A lot of pizza recipes, in principle, all the same, but I do a little differently, it turns out pizza with a cheese crust and under crust very juicy filling. Lived, my friends are blackmailing me now, and will come, if your pizza to bake. In total I made out of it.
116 3.5 30м 4
Own recipe, all the zest in the dough.
Pizza in Russian
112 3.5 30м 8
Refined and simple, yummy, yum!
Pizza Christmas tree
110 4.5 - 18
Favorite and delicious pizza. A little unexpected filling with the smell of lemon, which gives it a Christmas taste.
Pizza "Hawaii"
106 4.5 20м 10
Left the dough... And decided to offer you another option for toppings - I like it even more
Pizza "Christmas Trees" and "Wreath"
106 - 120м -
It's hard to find people who don't like pizza. My daughter is no exception. She inspired me to such pizza in the form of wreaths and Christmas trees.
Tuna pizza
104 3 60м 12
Pizza "yum-Yum"
103 5 40м 1
Quick and tasty)without yeast) And most importantly, that these products almost everyone has in the fridge)))))))))
Mini-pizza with tuna
102 - 120м 12
I want to offer another option as a portion of pizza. This time with tuna. Help yourself!
Puff pastry mini pizzas
101 - 40м 4
Was going to go fishing, men need something to feed to the store to escape once, get here are puff "pizzagate". Fishing, particularly once the feast breed and with gusto to eat the pie even nice...
The pizza is not Italian
101 3 90м -
The classic Italian pizza it is not irrelevant, of course. But it turns out not less tasty! In the photo the pizza is cooked for the New Year and become a centerpiece!
Lenten pizza "Christmas"
99 - 60м -
Lax post. Pizzocco very tasty, healthy, easy to cook. The dough without eggs, milk and yeast! Good post!
Pizza with sour cream and mushrooms
98 - 40м -
It so happens that I plan in the morning to cook Breakfast one, and the family asks you to prepare another dish. And you need to cook something fast and not very complicated. The recipe was born spontaneously. In the fridge left from the mushrooms roast, cherry tomatoes and a small piece of Dutch cheese. The cooking process I remove the did not, but the questions I want to share with you, my friends. Perhaps someone will encounter a situation where the dish should be simple, tasty and quick, for example, you went to buddies or household all of a sudden something is not complicated homemade cakes, then this recipe is for you.
Pizza with chicken and tomatoes
92 - 50м 3
This pizza is cooked long and is addictive. Inventing the recipe and enjoy this delicious dish once I started cooking it every Friday)For 2-minute video shows everything in detail
Pizza "The Snowman"
91 - 120м -
That's the kind of snowman made our family! In the course went the mushrooms, beef and sausage! A lot of pizzas there - They're all not count! We don't praise On the court your provide! For the competition "Family dish of the year"