Pizza recipes for Lent

Pizza "Diet"
133 - 90м 4
The pizza is, indeed, Dietetic - low calorie dough and filling, but the taste is not lose. In the spring we really want to look slim and elegant, but won't deny myself the pleasure!
Vegetable pizza with eggplant and mushrooms
119 - 60м 4
Pizza without cheese and meat? And why not! Believe me it turns out also very tasty! Vegetables pickled in soy sauce came out very tasty, and the arugula adds freshness!
Lean pizza
112 - 60м 2
For me pizza is a lifesaver. It is possible to prepare and to meet guests on check in, and if in the morning you can enjoy Breakfast. In the days of fasting I also treated their loved pizza, but only with food and vegetable preparation.
Lenten pizza
111 - 30м 8
The pizza is very tasty, and the taste seems that it is not lean, but, actually, there is one little secret - she's lean!!!! If You want to please the fasting person, then You've come to the right place!!!!!
Apple pizza
106 4 - -
Idea peeped in the journal "a Collection of recipes - Pizza". The dough made according to the recipe, because the Post :-)
Lenten pizza "Christmas"
99 - 60м -
Lax post. Pizzocco very tasty, healthy, easy to cook. The dough without eggs, milk and yeast! Good post!
Mini pizzas with potato hats
98 - - -
I want to offer incredibly delicious vegetable cakes. Crispy potato hat, juicy stuffed tomatoes and mushrooms, all on an incredibly delicious crispy base made from corn flour. Very tasty, hot soup as a first course. When children try these "pizzas", he said... mom, is it lean??? Two of the prepared baking pan shattered in an instant, even cold did not have time!!! Husband requires repetition, now I think to not do a La carte and in the form of one big "pizza".
Lean pizza
98 - 80м 4
Almost a real Italian pizza on thin dough with vegetable ingredients. A great way to diversify Lenten menu.
Pizza with fish and seafood "Generous sea"
97 - 60м 16
We have a family pizza prepared by my husband. I make up the filling for her. Since I last week began to observe Orthodox posts, the pizza is up to the fish. Since I don't know what happens, the stages were not photographed. And only excellent results has resulted in the publication of this recipe. The amount of ingredients is given for two pizzas-twin.
Vegetable pizza with rye flour and chicory
96 - 40м 8
This is no ordinary vegetable pizza. In its dough includes powdered chicory, which gives it a very distinctive taste. I don't like too lush dough in the pizza oven so I prefer it denser, which, however, does not affect the taste. What I love about pizza is that oven it spontaneously, and the house is always a suitable set of products. The filling I chose randomly from the available home range, so basically it got canned and freeze. I would be very glad if someone will also like my pizza :0)
Pizza with vegetables and bread to the bean test
94 - - 8
Well, a delicious, hearty, meatless pizza with veggies to the bean test. Never thought of that without cheese and mayonnaise, it turns out so delicious! But still useful!
Pizza from two chefs
92 - 60м 12
This pizza came from two different recipes from two MEGA-CHEFS cooking! The dough is from Jamie Oliver and the idea of potatoes from Jim Lahey. Yours truly made a little gag - a complement to the spices in the potatoes and toppings for the second half not lean. Come and get it! The pizza turned out well - tasty, with a thin dough, fragrant potatoes and spicy add-ons!
Vegetable pizza with beans
85 - 60м 4
A simple recipe))) Asparagus and beans is hearty and delicious! The dough was thin and soft and the edges crispy! Recommend!
"Pizza" vegetarian
84 - 60м 2
A quick and tasty dish for those watching their figure or adhere to a separate food
Pizza as in pizza
81 - 120м 6
I'm sorry, everyone who asked me for this recipe that made to wait so long. Today I finally post the pizza recipe that I have "to pull" from our friends, holding the place for two generations. The pizza dough I kneaded it by hand, but in the bread machine in the mode "dough" (which I often do, because usually time is not enough for all). To make Your pizza was really tasty, there are important points that must be respected and today I will tell you. So...
Pizza with potatoes and garlic
73 - 30м 1
Lean flavorful pizza with a crispy crust and juicy filling.
Vegetable pizza on beet test
57 - 90м 8
Vegetable pizza on a bright beet test will appeal to both adults and children. For cooking you can use any seasonal vegetables. The dish is light, non-greasy, also suitable for the Lenten table.