Snacks from by-products recipes

Kuchi-machi beef tongue
2.9k - - -
A classic recipe of Georgian cuisine. A dish that is served in restaurants in Georgia and which you can successfully prepare yourself. It is not only beautiful, but also with a spicy taste and aroma, readily take root in every house and may occupy a place on the holiday table.
Roll "bear's ear,"
2.5k - 300м 8
I want to share a bread recipe that is sold on the shelves of the store. However, home is the most delicious. Today I will show the easiest way and You to taste you can add garlic, herbs. In General, what's in the fridge.
1.7k - 30м 6
Zhauzhurek is a traditional Kazakh dish which is prepared from the offal of a sheep, usually right after he slaughtered. The dish is very simple, but cooked very quickly, and of course it turns out very tasty! Also, zhauzhurek can be cooked on the grill.
Bull testicles
1.5k - 30м 2
A real delicacy for men! Some delicacies, despite its popularity in other countries, are still considered to be exotic to us. For example, from bovine eggs, popular in the East, and the Caucasus, still not familiar to many Housewives. Some even feel some hostility at the mention of these ingredients, but totally in vain. In Arab countries, bull testicles, the recipe of which is known to every housewife, offering the most honored guests.
Beef heart ham
1.5k - - -
Ham from beef heart. The store will not see this. Tastes like a language - a well-known delicacy.
Pressed pig ears
1.5k - 140м 4
A terrific appetizer for lovers of crunch!
Pickled jellied beef tongue
1.4k - 270м 12
Of course, boiled beef tongue a delicacy, but prepared according to this recipe, it becomes something completely different. Dense, but soft meat, a wonderful flavor, attractive appearance, rich color. Honestly, I'm not a supporter of complicated recipes, but this one was decided and did not regret it. Will have to Tinker a bit more, but "worth"! I assure you it is very tasty. The author of the recipe Irina Khlebnikova, a wonderful cook, you can take this dish to an old English kitchen, and calls it "Pressed beef tongue".
Liver sausage
1.3k - 70м 2
Delicious home made liver sausage! "Flies" from the table very quickly and with gusto))
Pig ears "Korean"
1.3k - 30м -
If you want to try some original snack with a sharp taste, and besides, still and inexpensive, then think about this by-product as pig ears. In Asia, pig ears are considered a real delicacy. This is a very tasty and spicy food, which can easily be a great appetizer to vodka or beer. You will spend on its preparation is quite a bit of cash and effort. Also pig ears prepared in this way can be used as an additional ingredient to any spicy salad. By the way, feeding pig ears can not only on the everyday table, but on the holiday, as they always have guests is a great success.
Appetizer "Pasarica"
1.3k - - 2
Translated from Romanian "Pasarica" means "Bird". The recipe for this dish I found in mom's old address book... Since I love chicken innards, I decided to try! The taste is not disappointing! Hearty, delicious, quick and unusual. Serve this snack have hot!
Liver-cheese balls
1.2k - 20м 6
Appetizer of liver and cheese in a walnut crumb. Very tasty and spicy.
Appetizer "Tiger serpentine"
1.2k 3 - -
Juicy carrot, carefully wrapped in melting on the tongue liver cloud. Tender roll. For the contest "Gorenje: Christmas song".
Kuchmachi-chicken giblets from Georgian
1.2k - 60м 10
Kuchmachi Georgian — very tasty and nutritious snack dish which is simply and quickly prepared at home. It is based on guts, in my case, chicken hearts, gizzards and liver.
From the rumaki a marinated chicken liver for 20 minutes
1.1k - - -
The rumaki is a Japanese snack that is prepared with marinated chicken liver, shrimp, wrapped in strips of bacon. Appetizer served hot or cold on small skewers, and I wanted to submit just on the crisp leaves of young lettuce.
Liver boiled in a yoghurt sauce
1k - 60м 2
Pork liver is cheap product, but despite this its use is undoubtedly great. The liver is the source of animal iron, which is absorbed in the human body, is involved in the formation of haemoglobin and delivers oxygen to the cells. The recipe is easy to prepare and a good diet.
Lamb's brains in batter
1k - - 4
As you know, in the Caucasus sheep eaten whole, from head to tail. And dishes out some parts of the RAM in the Caucasus are considered a delicacy. Distinguished guests, for example, are skewers of lamb eggs. And brains are considered a delicacy no less.
Home red Brawn with sauce
1k - - -
If you are a lover of black pudding, then this recipe you will like it and hopefully useful to you. Red Brawn called meat loaf out of the blood with various additives. A lot of writing makes no sense - who loves, he will understand. Special piquancy and aroma that gives Brawn sauce "Mach".
Liver cake
1k 4 40м -
Came across a recipe tweet Liver cake " Cobweb", changed a few things and that was so yummy it turned out
Casserole of beef brains
1k - - 6
I bring to Your attention another original dish of this is not very popular product as beef brains. Come on in, help yourself, it's delicious!
Language royally
1k 5 - -
Language royally never go unnoticed at the festive table.
Saltison with kartikami and skin
1k - 210м 10
As we saw in the meat pork caltiki, and thought what they can cook. The site found only one recipe - stuffed caltiki - but decided not to, because my husband is not very friendly with the cartilage. And as saltison fine fat, they were received with enthusiasm, I decided to add Saltykov, and not lost.