Snacks from by-products recipes

Roll "bear's ear,"
0.6k - 300м 8
I want to share a bread recipe that is sold on the shelves of the store. However, home is the most delicious. Today I will show the easiest way and You to taste you can add garlic, herbs. In General, what's in the fridge.
Pressed pig ears
373 - 140м 4
A terrific appetizer for lovers of crunch!
Kuchi-machi beef tongue
267 - - -
A classic recipe of Georgian cuisine. A dish that is served in restaurants in Georgia and which you can successfully prepare yourself. It is not only beautiful, but also with a spicy taste and aroma, readily take root in every house and may occupy a place on the holiday table.
Appetizer "Tiger serpentine"
243 3 - -
Juicy carrot, carefully wrapped in melting on the tongue liver cloud. Tender roll. For the contest "Gorenje: Christmas song".
Language royally
211 5 - -
Language royally never go unnoticed at the festive table.
From the rumaki a marinated chicken liver for 20 minutes
210 - - -
The rumaki is a Japanese snack that is prepared with marinated chicken liver, shrimp, wrapped in strips of bacon. Appetizer served hot or cold on small skewers, and I wanted to submit just on the crisp leaves of young lettuce.
Marble snack
200 - 150м -
Surprisingly easy to prepare, budget-friendly and delicious snack on bread from pig's ears. It is essentially a sandwich filler, dense and at the same time, melting in the mouth, thin marble strips hryaschikov delicious crunch and look very appetizing sliced. Though the total cooking time is two and a half hours, the actual time of standing for "machine" not more than 20 min.
Muffins with chicken hearts
193 - 40м 12
I really like chicken hearts. Decided with them to conduct a little experiment and added vegetables to make fabulous cupcakes-muffins.
Boiled tongue with sauce in Austria
188 5 - -
Been looking for what kind of sauce to cook boiled tongue. For help addressed to the chef from Austria, she kindly agreed to help. Thanks, Ira, for your help!
Casserole of beef brains
180 - - 6
I bring to Your attention another original dish of this is not very popular product as beef brains. Come on in, help yourself, it's delicious!
Damp-dried beef heart
179 - - -
Delicacy. The snack, beer snack of salted and dried beef heart. Rare, beautiful maroon color. Elastic homogeneous pulp, like a good cheese. Tastes like a smoked sausage. Well kept. Better yet, eaten.
Jelly home
178 5 120м -
Everything seems to be as usual, BUT what matters is what it's cooked. And prepared it from beef tails. Made of pork legs, ears, heads. But try one just once to cook the tails, dismissed all other options of making this delicious and simnasho homemade meals.
Bull testicles
173 - 30м 2
A real delicacy for men! Some delicacies, despite its popularity in other countries, are still considered to be exotic to us. For example, from bovine eggs, popular in the East, and the Caucasus, still not familiar to many Housewives. Some even feel some hostility at the mention of these ingredients, but totally in vain. In Arab countries, bull testicles, the recipe of which is known to every housewife, offering the most honored guests.
Lamb's brains in batter
170 - - 4
As you know, in the Caucasus sheep eaten whole, from head to tail. And dishes out some parts of the RAM in the Caucasus are considered a delicacy. Distinguished guests, for example, are skewers of lamb eggs. And brains are considered a delicacy no less.
Chicken-liver pate with figs and pistachios
166 4 100м -
Fans of liver. And chicken and liver.. a burst of sweet figs. Delicious, tender Pat, beautiful to look at. Replacement liver pate. I liked everything, except for one "but" - I do not like strong taste of liver. My mistake..... Learn the recipe. But, if You like, You will here. ))) Thank you for the recipe Lena-elaizik LJ
Chicken hearts "Russian"
165 - 20м 4
Koreans have many different great snacks! And we are not worse, but it's all in Russian! For fans of hearts simple recipe! I'm certainly not an expert, but claims no dish!
162 - 30м 6
Zhauzhurek is a traditional Kazakh dish which is prepared from the offal of a sheep, usually right after he slaughtered. The dish is very simple, but cooked very quickly, and of course it turns out very tasty! Also, zhauzhurek can be cooked on the grill.
Appetizer "Food Cupid"
161 - 120м 6
The nutritional value of the heart lies in the balanced composition of certain vitamins, micro - and macroelements. In a lot of vitamins b and PP, C, E. In a pig's heart contains a large amount of phosphorus, potassium, iodine and iron. Not accidentally, doctors suggest to consume dishes from pig hearts to people with low levels of hemoglobin and suffering from anemia. In addition, the vitamins included in its composition, useful in diseases of the kidney and nervous system disorders. Pork heart is very tasty and aromatic by-product. Compared to beef, it is more soft. It can boil, stew, fry, bake in the oven.
Liver pate "Mushrooms from a stump"
155 - 30м -
Liver pate for submission to the festive table.
Jellied beef tail
155 - - -
Dense, sweet, very cold! In the eighties of the last century (as it sounds!) walking through the rows of meat in the market I with a puzzled looked at the shelves with pork heads, pork ears, beef tails and other unfamiliar meat members. But one day I came across a recipe for national English oxtail soup. Made exactly according to the recipe. It was a wonderful soup! Rich, dukhovity, hearty. Here since then I sometimes prepare dishes and tails, and heads, and even from the ears.
Delicate soufflé from the liver
149 4 - -
This dish looks good on the holiday table. And just in the fridge as a snack, for example. Prepared quickly, simply and very economically.