Sweet rolls recipes

Pita bread with condensed milk and nuts
0.8k 4 - -
Offer to cook another delicious, simple and quick recipe. It will be a sweet loaf of bread with condensed milk and nuts. This dessert is prepared easily and simply, and the result - yum!
Meringue roulade with raspberries and currants
0.6k - 50м -
Insanely delicious cake with berries, quick and easy to prepare
Roll of pita bread with condensed milk
452 - 5м 6
Haven't baked pies and cakes, and then I wanted to make something sweet. On the way bought pita bread, and condensed milk and made the roll
Roulade of meringue with caramelized currants
450 - - -
Roulade of meringue with curd and caramelized berries is a delicious treat that disappears in the blink of an eye.
Dessert made of Savoiardi biscuit and banana
413 - - -
Dessert made of Savoiardi biscuits with a banana it turns out very tender and incredibly tasty. A good recipe that is prepared without baking. Not everyone likes to mess around with the dough, so these recipes are quite relevant. A wonderful dessert that will grace any table.
379 - 15м -
Timinis popular in the Baltic States dessert dish, translates from Lithuanian as "lazybones" or "sluggard". Really, it is cooked very simply, quickly, and it includes all available products: condensed milk, cocoa and biscuits. It is familiar to many sweet "sausage". What good timinis? First and foremost, its simplicity, even a beginner cook can easily make it, that he gratefully receives the nuts, chocolate, dried fruit, and candied fruit, and cocoa, and alcohol, and even the remains of a dried up sponge cakes filled with different flavors. And, of course, the fact that it is DELICIOUS! This is a basic recipe that provides a wide scope of culinary imagination. I beg you not to throw Slippers...
Moroccan sweetness-Briouat
356 - 60м -
Briouat is a traditional Moroccan dessert made of thin Filo pastry with sweet almond filling and citrus scent of orange water. Preparing to Ramadan just like that. Sweet, fragrant rolls (briouates) stuffed with rice pudding sprinkled with powdered sugar and dipped in honey, it turns out very tasty, and I can't believe that of rice and so easy to prepare such a wonderful thing. Will surely enjoy especially lovers of Oriental sweets.
Sausages with marmalade "Sweet blonde"
355 - 10м 5
All known and all loved chocolate sweet sausage. But some time ago in our stores in addition to "Sweet brunette" appeared "Sweet blonde". I offer you my version of this simple but very tasty dessert.
Sponge roll with strawberries
329 - 60м -
Oh girls (and boys) blew my roof on biscuit rolls, do not feed bread give spinning another roll, and then the occasion turned up - the bachelorette party. How not to use this time?
Knedle with strawberries and chocolate
323 - - -
Unusual dish, very tasty and easy to prepare. This is a very tasty balls that can be served as a dessert or snack. Pamper your loved ones delicious with strawberries, although strawberries can be freely replaced by another berry.
A quick sponge roll
287 4 - -
Delicious sponge roll. Quickly made and quickly eaten :-)
Coconut-chocolate roll
267 - 210м 10
A dessert that is a mix of confectionery sausages from childhood and an exotic filling of coconut. This dessert does not require heat treatment, freezing necessary for making rolls
Dessert roll "Pumpkin"
256 - 240м 6
This recipe owes its birth to the biscuits "Sun" from Anastasia AG. They impressed me, but there are some products. But there are other equally healthy and tasty. And here for evening tea loaf - dessert is ready, help yourself.
Sweet "sausage"
253 - 20м 10
A recipe from my childhood. Delicious, sweet and simple in execution.
Roll chocolate balls with cream cheese
248 - - -
Roll without baking, a wonderful dessert for tea.
Sweet rice paper rolls
247 - 15м 4
Very quick and simple recipe is prepared just 15 minutes
Sweet sausage
245 3 40м -
*I made out of what was... And what happened then, and fell in love.. * - the words of the song, as the time approached for my sweet sausage.
Quick and delicious bread dessert
241 - 15м 12
Not so long ago came across this recipe on one of foreign sites, I decided to try. It's not even a recipe, but rather an idea to cook "something from nothing". Try it and you!
Sausage "Red Fox"
239 - 60м 6
We have a lot of delicious, sweet sausage, but I have not found. It is very gentle and does not smell like carrots. So enjoy even the little picky. Help yourself.
Roll "Children's"
238 - - 12
The taste of childhood. Preparing easy and simple.
Sweet sausage
238 5 - -
The website contains a lot of recipes like this sausage, but they are all cookies. In my own family sausage biscuits did not stick, because it turns out dry, but... my family was eating for both cheeks. I wonder?... Go.