Cheese cake recipes

Cake "the Legend of summer vacation"
198 4 - -
Favorite niece arrived with the children's camp, from the Sunny Anapa, where it was fun and carefree, sea, sun, sand and a mad desire to extend this a memorable holiday... here she was waiting for the last days before school, crazy shopping trips looking for necessary and nothing like the cloudless vacation, but September 1st is still a holiday, and who holiday happy on the eve... eating cake ))) the joy of meeting and to brighten up the last days, I was presented with a cake, which combines two favorite treats this "cake" and cheese, all mixed together, so delicious, what a way to go.))) the Composition is small, but a lot of letters, let this not discourage you, it's much easier)) For a wonderful competition "School time".
Cake "cottage Cheese ballad"
196 5 - -
Very quick to prepare and equally quick to eating cottage cheese cake without flour, which you can please yourself, guests, and most importantly our kids, who did not want to eat cottage cheese, but in the form of cake is quite another matter :) a Small layer of biscuit, covered with a large number of the most delicate and fragrant of bananas, thick chocolate cottage cheese pudding layer, a layer of juicy nectarine. Thick layer of delicate, fresh cheese with jelly, and crowning all this tenderness and utility of a small amount of cream from the sour cream with condensed milk.
Can cheese /Cheese cake / strawberry souffle
190 4 240м 25
Recently was the New Year on the Jewish calendar, the husband asked me to bake. I had a few hours, and I decided to bake this cheese cake is very popular with the Americans. We went to visit, so I had to decorate it. I think you will like it.
Poppy-cottage cheese cake with raspberries and currants
169 - - -
Be sure to make this beautiful cake. Pellets poppy looks wonderful on a white background and bright red "cap" sour raspberry and red currant. The cake will especially appeal to those who love poppy seed cakes.
Cottage cheese-fruit cake "JULIA"
164 4 210м 10
Post your own version of cottage cheese and fruit cake. The site presents a lot of cakes "a La Cheesecake." How good are my option?... Biscuit layer. I tried to make this cake and pastry, and biscuit, and with a simple biscuit. But neither option did not suit me until I tried to make the biscuit base in the manner of a cake "Turtle". It turned out just fine. The cake was sculpted to mark the return of my little sister home, and therefore got this name. Enjoy your tea!
Cake "charm"
160 - 150м 12
Surprisingly delicious and delicate cream cake that everyone will like, due to its delicate structure.
Gatchina cake
154 4 60м 8
Delicate curd cake with raisins.
Pie "Alice in raspberry country"
141 - 40м 12
Fragrant raspberry - cheesecake will satisfy everyone and will not leave anyone indifferent. Raspberry is a harmonious, bright color and taste complement to the cheese layer. The dough is just buttery crumb, almost Stroitelnaya baby.
Cheese cake with orange filling
140 5 60м 4
Tasty and original.
Cake "accord"
136 - - -
Lovers of cheese cakes is dedicated to. Incredibly delicious and delicate cake, and most importantly is not complicated. This is my signature cake for all holidays. Recipe taken from the magazine "Cooking".
Cake "Summer"
133 4 - -
The beauty of it!!!
Cottage cheese-strawberry pie a La cheesecake
129 - - -
Simple, tasty and very summery! If you wish, you might use any other berries, except strawberries.
128 3 - -
Only kiwi and pineapples do not put their acid jelly destroys. Optional bottom layer of biscuit dough to make.
Cake "Swan lake"
120 5 - -
Moderately sweet, curd, tender cake. Of all the cheese cakes that I have cooked this really tasty, and the cheese will not feel even one who does not like.
Marzipan cake
120 - 360м 12
Wanted to please beautiful cake. Option mastic husband rejected, but he loves marzipan. And that's what happened.
Cheese cake-jelly "good mood"
118 - - -
The recipe comes from the Polish culinary website, thanks to the author Joannakucharecka. Actually, I noticed that in the Polish cuisine many recipes of cakes, jelly and pudding cakes. This recipe is for lovers of jelly cake, it turns out he's refreshing, light and not too sweet. The cake I really liked its beautiful cut - a gentle transition from three pastel colors cottage cheese and jelly layer.
Apricot-chocolate "Tenderness"
116 3 - -
An interesting combination of apricot and chocolate, in summer a delicate and tasty dessert.
"Kreppel" for the baby
115 - 30м 1
Recently my son turned one year old. I wanted to please him with a delicious cake, which is not afraid to give the child. In the end, it turned pancake cake in the whey with cottage cheese cream. Very simple and delicious cobbler that will not take much time. I hope my recipe will be useful for mums and babies!
Delicate curd cake with cherries
113 4 - -
Tender, juicy, with a characteristic sour cherry... Well, very tasty...
Cheese cake with coffee and prunes
113 - - -
Delicious cake with coffee and alcoholic impregnation and delicate curd cream with prunes.
Cottage cheese-poppy seed cake
112 - 120м 25
Simple, large and delicious cake. Recipe borrowed from the cuisine of Western Ukraine. I recommend everyone to try.