Cheese cake recipes

Kefir-cottage cheese tiramisu
1.2k - 20м 4
This mouth-watering cheesecake dessert is very simple to cook. Treat with a soft, creamy structure that will perfectly complement not only your daily lunch, but also serve as a festive table decoration. Kefir tiramisu to cook well in the spring and summer, especially when you want light desserts. And I prepared a dessert of homemade cheese and yogurt, cooked on sourdough.
Cake "Brats"
1k 3 - -
Prepared on the day of birth of the youngest daughter of Valeria!
Poppy-cottage cheese cake with raspberries and currants
1k - - -
Be sure to make this beautiful cake. Pellets poppy looks wonderful on a white background and bright red "cap" sour raspberry and red currant. The cake will especially appeal to those who love poppy seed cakes.
Cake "Sof'en"
0.9k - - -
Approached the birthday girl. I wanted to bake something new, something I had not done. Found on the Internet this recipe. The name has not changed.
Can cheese /Cheese cake / strawberry souffle
0.9k 4 240м 25
Recently was the New Year on the Jewish calendar, the husband asked me to bake. I had a few hours, and I decided to bake this cheese cake is very popular with the Americans. We went to visit, so I had to decorate it. I think you will like it.
Chocolate cake with curd-yogurt cream
0.8k - - 8
Slices of gorgeous chocolate cake framed with a delicate curd-yogurt cream, chocolate icing and notes of currant jam... What could be better?!!! Never mind that I have a lot of steps and a lot written, so I have a rule, to do everything in detail, so that no further problems with cooking! In short, as always, wrote longer than was prepared. In fact, the cake is very simple to prepare, and the result is very worthy!!!
Cake "charm"
0.8k - 150м 12
Surprisingly delicious and delicate cream cake that everyone will like, due to its delicate structure.
Cake-souffle "Latte"
0.8k - - 8
Delicious cake, almost entirely consisting of extremely useful components. This cake is not a sin to treat yourself, even limiting themselves to the food!
Cake "Mound"
0.8k - - -
The cake team. Collected in the bowl, it caused the mound. My husband really like the combination of cottage cheese, custard and coffee, and added nuts. It was very tasty!
Cake "accord"
0.8k - - -
Lovers of cheese cakes is dedicated to. Incredibly delicious and delicate cake, and most importantly is not complicated. This is my signature cake for all holidays. Recipe taken from the magazine "Cooking".
Cake with frozen berries
0.8k - - -
Winter, winter... But ... most importantly desire! If you have frozen berries... you can prepare this wonderful cake.
Cheese cake pita
0.7k - - -
Easy recipe cottage cheese cake of pita. Cheese, sour cream, berries and pita bread. A little bit of honey and cake ready! Perfect dessert in hot weather!
Cheese cake "mariska"
0.7k - 360м 8
Incredibly tender, flavorful and of course delicious sponge cake with curd, cream and fruit! Light, airy and does not spoil a figure!
Cake "cottage Cheese ballad"
0.7k 5 - -
Very quick to prepare and equally quick to eating cottage cheese cake without flour, which you can please yourself, guests, and most importantly our kids, who did not want to eat cottage cheese, but in the form of cake is quite another matter :) a Small layer of biscuit, covered with a large number of the most delicate and fragrant of bananas, thick chocolate cottage cheese pudding layer, a layer of juicy nectarine. Thick layer of delicate, fresh cheese with jelly, and crowning all this tenderness and utility of a small amount of cream from the sour cream with condensed milk.
Cheese cake in caramel-honey-based
0.7k - 60м 6
The recipe for this dish, I combined two favorite dessert: cookies "Kalakaar", which I borrowed Tatanj and cake "angel Tears". The result exceeded all my expectations - delicate curd cream flavored caramel-honey shortbread-based, decorated with airy meringue - the perfect combination! Share the recipe)
Cake "the Legend of summer vacation"
0.7k 4 - -
Favorite niece arrived with the children's camp, from the Sunny Anapa, where it was fun and carefree, sea, sun, sand and a mad desire to extend this a memorable holiday... here she was waiting for the last days before school, crazy shopping trips looking for necessary and nothing like the cloudless vacation, but September 1st is still a holiday, and who holiday happy on the eve... eating cake ))) the joy of meeting and to brighten up the last days, I was presented with a cake, which combines two favorite treats this "cake" and cheese, all mixed together, so delicious, what a way to go.))) the Composition is small, but a lot of letters, let this not discourage you, it's much easier)) For a wonderful competition "School time".
Cake cheese "Napoleon"
0.7k - 240м 8
Cheese "Napoleon" - a very interesting and unusual version of the classic "Napoleon" cake, which just melts in your mouth. Cheese cakes are well soaked with the delicious custard that tastes like ice cream, the cake turns out tender, soft, slightly moist and of course delicious!
Cake "Swan lake"
0.7k 5 - -
Moderately sweet, curd, tender cake. Of all the cheese cakes that I have cooked this really tasty, and the cheese will not feel even one who does not like.
Delicious cake without the hassle
0.7k 5 - -
In explanation of the recipe "Cheese dessert "Trio"" from Shine (Fox), there is here such a cake:)
Cake Lemon
0.7k - 60м 12
This delicate cake will brighten up a cold winter evening.
Cheese cake with a delicate cream and BlackBerry cream
0.7k - 40м -
I'm a nursing mom. My daughter is teething. You need to eat (two of us) a lot of cheese. And this cake is a storehouse of calcium!!! I don't like to search for recipes before baking, so they invented this cake and it turned out just yummy!!! Hell and the neighbors and guests, everyone loved it! I recommend to lovers of sweet! Tasty, but as useful! Most importantly VERY SIMPLE AND ALWAYS TURNS out! And most importantly - the speed of preparation!