Cheesecake without baking recipes

Cake "Catherine"
204 3 30м -
Was going to daughter Katyusha birthday, but suddenly it became clear that it will be quite the opposite - that they will come to visit us (I had prepared a hodgepodge, and they are big fans of her!). It turns out it is quite late. I had to think of something for tea. I lay for a week completely dried purchased sponge cake, a week ago I was preparing the cake, I used only two layers, and the third remained. And, fortunately, has been in the refrigerator 2 packages cream cheese 150 g. One is Buko and the second new cheese viola. Just appeared in the sale - viola cream cheese. That's good! Gelatin is. Well, the sugar-flour-butter - needless to say. Only thing missing was a cream. The next day we got up early, made a run to the supermarket for the cream. Came home and very quickly, literally within 30 minutes portrayed the cake. Well, plus the time to solidification and decoration. I apologize in advance that some steps are not photographed - was in a hurry and forgot. But, in General, the process is clear. Absolutely nothing complicated.
Cheesecake "Cherry"
153 3.5 20м 8
Cheesecake without baking. Is done very quickly.
Cheesecake "cranberry"
135 - 240м 10
Very tasty and tender cheesecake. The recipe for this dessert I found online but have made minor adjustments that are, in my opinion, improved the recipe of the dessert.
Mini cheesecake "rainbow"
131 - 120м 6
The appearance of this cheesecake without baking is very suitable for the main spring holiday. Very handy for batch submission!
Caramel cheesecake mousse no-bake
124 - 60м 8
I wanted the tea sweet, and no gas. But the recipe Ira jazzinitup really helped with some small changes. Tender, flavorful.
Blueberry cheesecake-vanilla
122 - 30м -
Came to grandma's fresh homemade cottage cheese, so I decided to make cheesecake. Just the season of blueberries in the forest these berries are heaps - and got the blueberry and vanilla cheesecake.
Easy cheesecake with peach
105 - - -
When on the nose the holidays and prepare to have a lot, to please a tasty dessert want to. That got me the recipe for this simple cheesecake. Preparing in stages i.e. prepared, poured under has been waiting for. And in between you can prepare something else.
Mango cheesecake no-bake
103 - 30м 10
Gentle, melting in your mouth cheesecake, easy to prepare, but it is collecting, literally, applause)
Banana cheesecake dessert
101 - - 6
I love cheesecake – creamy cheese, shortbread base, a tantalizing scent... So delicious... and so damn rich. Well, decided to seriously buckle down and prepare the body to spring, I propose to evaluate alternative dessert – without using cheese, sugar, flour, starch, biscuits, and so on.
Cheesecake dip
99 - 20м -
Well, another recipe digression classic cheesecake. Dip "Cheesecake".
Cheesecake "Gentle"
95 - 60м 12
Banana-flavored, with lemon acidity, very airy and delicate cheesecake we liked it! Try it and you!
95 5 - -
Gentle, gentle!
Cheese and chocolate mini cheesecake without baking
95 - - -
Preparation namechennogo cheesecake from the UK. Delicate, rich flavor, quite simple and quickly prepared - the result, I'm sure will appeal to all!
Cheese cake with chocolate chips
94 - 200м 10
Easy, fast, impressive-looking cake.
Cheesecake "Vanilla"
94 - 30м 8
Cheesecake melts in your mouth like ice cream leaving a creamy chocolate aftertaste!
Mini cheesecakes with salted caramel
93 - 400м 6
Another version of cheesecake without baking. And again the combination of sweet and salty. Very tasty and unusual! Especially this year on new year's table necessarily there should be desserts based on dairy products.
Cheesecake no-bake "Cow"
92 - - 8
Curd desserts are very popular on holidays and especially at Easter. Offer you delicate cheesecake without baking with the taste familiar since the childhood candy, "Cow".
Mint vanilla cheesecake "daughter's order"
92 - - -
My daughter is 2 months in the hospital not that starved, but you know - grub state in our hospitals hardly anyone will appreciate ( ( ( Here and asked to be discharged to make her tasty. The order consisted of 3 dishes, one of which is cheesecake. It was necessary. And the cheesecake she loves the most mint. Here for her and have done)) To speed up the process (time is now running out) the cake took the biscuit - Vienna.
Cottage cheese cheesecake no-bake
89 - - 8
In this video you will see how to cook sweet dessert – curd cheesecake without baking! Recipe cheese cheesecake with cookies very simple, which is especially attractive. Cheesecake is cake, soufflés which is prepared from soft creamy cheeses or cottage cheese. Pour prepared filling on the cake that is created from the cookie and butter. The finished cake must stand in refrigerator for several hours, and only then can be served on the table. The result is inconceivably delicate, airy dessert is able to overshadow any opponent. Watch my video and cook along with me this wonderful, cottage cheese cheesecake!
Cheese cake with chocolate Mars bars
89 4 - -
This cake recipe without baking from the magazine "Gastronom" I was pleasantly surprised by its delicate taste and aroma of creamy vanilla ice cream. Be offended - and you will not regret, enjoy their kids!
Portioned cheesecake no-bake "a Christmas story"
87 - - -
Insanely delicious, flavorful and easy to make dessert. Treat yourself and your loved ones. Happy New year and merry Christmas!!!