Pasta recipes

Pasta "al-La Contadina"
457 - 50м 2
Do you love pasta as much as in Italy? Of course, tell you, and be absolutely right! Pasta is delicious, nutritious, easy to prepare dish and observing all the rules, it goes into the category of diet.. There are, however, in the cooking of pasta of your secrets in a million, but they are with us Nino sure today will tell. For Italians, pasta is Italian is all theirs. No meal, no celebration in Italy is complete without pasta. Italian dinner, like ours, consists of three courses - first, second, third and compote. So for Italians, pasta is the first dish like soup or borsch. And if you, being in Italy, in a restaurant or cafe, order a pasta, the waiter will certainly ask, and that Signor or Signora wishes to second? Well, until our dough for biscotti is resting in the fridge, we have an hour, Nino decided to spoil us another simple, delicious and life's recipe paste "Alla Contadina", which translates on the peasant pasta, or pasta in a simple way. So prepared paste not only his family, but many families of Italy. Again, a dish from the series and in the feast and in the world. This paste blends harmoniously and acidity, and sweet notes, and zest. Dish, on the one hand, very light, and the other saturates for a long time. Yet we continue the season of ground tomatoes, let's prepare, the sauce is excellent!
Pasta (TORTIGLIONI) with courgette and lemon-balm
426 - 15м 2
Pasta (TORTIGLIONI) in a creamy sauce with young zucchini, Parmesan and fresh Melissa. Pasta can take any. Zucchini can be substituted for the zucchini. Melissa-mint. Lovely dinner. Easy, healthy and delicious!
Transcarpathian planata
323 - 60м 6
Transcarpathian pulenat is an analogue of homemade noodles. A great dish which can fill up with bacon or cheese.
Lasagna "Delicious"
263 5 - -
Delicious, hearty lasagna with ham, mushrooms and indispensable sauce "Bechamel".
Macaroni with beef in tomato sauce
243 - - -
I suggest you to try the favorite dish of my daughter. Every time we go to an Italian restaurant, she orders it. A delicious dish of seemingly simple products. Help yourself!
Pasta with beef in a creamy cheese sauce "Montagues and Capulets"
236 3 - -
Montague, juicy slices of flavorful beef, the Capulets elastic pasta from durum wheat.. and the love between them is like a soft tenderness Dor blue... and the feud between them is as the sharp arrows - a touch of grated Parmesan... a Hearty, mouth-watering, for all pasta lovers!!! Be careful, there is a risk of overeating! The dish is so delicious and flavorful that stop can be very difficult... :-)
Penne pasta "Mama MIA"
229 - 60м 6
A few words about this dinner: the Officials, the Bomb, Mama MIA... Girls, finally I found your recipe for macaroons... We tried different meals and home and away, and in restaurants, but what we ate yesterday for dinner, we have never met: combination of taste, beauty and enthusiasm, all very much liked, even those who do not eat the pasta; once tasted, asked for more, and the sounds of this pleasure was, "mmmmmmmmmm m", "oooooooooo oooooooo", and how much time my husband kissed my hands for this dinner - it's all the best thanks. I suggest to you the recipe for our enjoyment.
Pasta with a sauce of palm oil
220 4 20м 4
Rich in vitamins. Daily amount required for women vitamins. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
214 3 - -
I offer my own way of cooking pasta with meat.
Karamelli with mozzarella in tomato sauce
205 - 15м 3
Pasta is never too much, I was always struck by the variety of forms. Everyone knows Farfalle, spaghetti, Penne, ravioli - you can find them in most cafes and restaurants. How often do you hear karamelli? It is their traditional recipe. Not sure if he will go for a full lunch. For me, it's more of a snack. But it's all in the volumes, of course. Preparing and 15 minutes.
Pasta with chicken and tomato sauce
197 - - -
The pasta with the sauce.
Farfalle (bows) with Neapolitan tomato sauce
196 4 20м 4
Gardens and orchards have long covered with snow, while the green freshness always want. Then come to the aid of frozen stocks. This dish is very simple, but bright and tasty. So I share with you.
Stuffed "boots"
195 5 20м 4
Quick, tasty, fragrant! For all occasions! And products you know it!!!
Pasta spring
192 4 30м 4
I decided to try a little unusually, is very out delicious! Just yum!!!
Gluten-free pasta with sauce and tofu
190 - 30м 1
This dish is perfect for people with gluten intolerance and vegetarians.
Bucatini with seafood in the envelope
189 - - -
Good day, konfa. After "blood" transplants had to go back to a favorite pasta, because friends have ordered it. I take this opportunity photographed the process. You know that pasta for me - almost everything! The basis of the recipe are classic and based on a great love for pasta, modified, so to speak, added the southern Shine!
Pork with pasta quick
171 4 30м 4
the pasta soaked in the meat juice and spices - yum!
Lasagna with mushrooms and olives
169 3.6 - 4
Type Italian.
Tagliatelle with ham and cheese
167 4 35м 4
Per serving - 570 calories.
Pasta baked with fennel
166 - 40м 4
Love to sit on the couch and flipping through magazines and cookery books in search of interesting recipes. Here found this, liked the performance and the interesting point: the fennel. It in Europe eaten raw, fried, steamed. Very fragrant product with a slightly aniseed flavor and gives the dish a special unusual touch. We liked it.
Nests of spaghetti "cock a Doodle Doo!"
163 - 30м 4
Spaghetti?!! Again the pasta?!! How can??? I'm a little surprised the pasta conspiracy, and at the same time - idyll-harmony... my household! I just bravely looking for new combinations! Another recipe from the magazine "Lisa. Bon appetit!" 2001...