Salads with sausages recipes

Salad "easy"
7k - 20м -
Ready in 20 minutes. The products almost always have in the fridge. Easy, fast and delicious.
Salad "Hu"
6k 3.5 30м 2
The salad is very simple, delicate, hearty, spicy, and I always cook for the holidays for a change!!!
Salad "Louise"
2.2k - - -
Simple, delicious and hearty salad.
Salad "Potpourri"
2k - 20м 6
Very tasty, quick salad with the available ingredients, which is not ashamed to put on the holiday table. Smoked sausage in these recipes, often comes in combination with croutons and beans, but I wanted to experiment and to get a more vivid and fresh taste. Myself, if there is a match, then the ideas are in the air.
Salad "Venice-1 "
2k 3 - -
Simple all-season salad. Prepared simply and quickly, especially four hands (for example, when my daughter helps).
Salad "Robin's Nest"
1.9k - 30м -
All, there are times when doing cold cuts for the festive table, and deliberately leave pieces 100-150 grams on " then to finish off," and of course to them is not reached))) After all on the table so tasty! I suggest not to leave for later what you can eat today))) the Ingredients for this salad in addition to buy the junk they have in the fridge always. So get extra salad will decorate the holiday table.
Salad "Robin"
1.9k 3 - -
A tasty salad. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
Salad "Old Munich"
1.8k - - -
Interesting and spicy salad from Dmitry Surikov, the chef of the restaurant "Munich". Found in the book "cuisine"
Salad "Bavarian "
1.8k 3 - -
Very original salad. Women, despite all efforts, are unable to guess the composition.
Wurst salad
1.8k - - -
Very easy to prepare salad! According to the author it refers to the Swabian kitchen and use it in all sorts of variations: put the hunk of black bread, are delicious on their own or as a side dish. It is mentioned that Wurst salad is delicious with fried potatoes. We ate nothing )) Author bunteru found in foodclub_ru.
Salad a La "Parizhel"
1.7k - 30м 4
Interesting recipe, chicken can be replaced with any smoked meat. And it is desirable to infuse the salad in the refrigerator.
1.7k - - -
Original and very tasty salad, food can vary - what's in the fridge ;-)
Salad "Flamenco"
1.7k - 30м -
I suggest to you, dear cooks, prepare this simple and delicious salad, which is spicy hint of smoked sausage is balanced by the freshness of the cucumber and carrots.
Salad with ham, pear and avocado
1.6k - 30м -
Brought once again the son of hamonica and I decided to offer you one of our favorite salads with "participation" ham.
Black forest potato salad
1.6k 3 - -
Very unusual taste, but try it stands (my guests was convinced).
Baskets with salad
1.6k 4 - -
Wanted something unusual, especially my husband comes from a trip (you need to pamper her beloved husband!), and so was born this dish. By the way it is appreciated!(not yet eaten, the refrigerator is not closed)...But what man will not appreciate, because there are two kinds of meat!!!
Evening salad "Rock-cocktail"
1.6k - 20м -
This bright, juicy salad-cocktail will delight with its stunning culinary flavors you and your guests! Spicy, piquant, unusual, with a screaming riot of colors this salad is fascinating, as the same, but passionately exciting, energetic rock! For this wonderful dish I picked up unusual ingredients, and when I made it and tried it, could not put it down... thank you, eldest daughter - she's just snatched from my hands the glass of this splendor! (but then I would eat everything and no one left!) You are welcome to the table! For the contest "the Culinary range of tastes".
Salad Cherkizovsky
1.6k - 30м 4
Two types of sausage from "Cherkizovo" - a traditional recipe known dishes takes on originality.
Salad "Kaleidoscope"
1.5k 3 10м -
Very tasty, nutritious and easy to prepare salad.
Avocado salad with pineapple, apples and smoked sausage
1.5k - - -
Such a pleasant, gentle, with a very satisfying salad! I do not remember where and when I first tried it. One thing is for sure - I like it! Perhaps there are still fans!
Salad "commander"
1.5k - 15м 8
Saw the lettuce in the store ready-made salads - as it is now fashionable to sell. Came home and did but changed a few things (namely cheese cut in cubes and rubbed on a grater). Delicious combination of products, maybe someone will like it...