Dairy products recipes

Keso Fresco
5k - - -
Queso Fresco. The name of the cheese is literally translated as "fresh cheese". This is a fresh semi-hard cheese originally from Perinasal Peninsula. Moreover, it is one of the most popular cheeses of Latin America. Recipe Pavel Chechulin.
Norwegian brown cheese "Brunost"
4.8k - 90м 130
Brunost. Today, the recipe for gourmets. We will prepare the famous Norwegian brown cheese. Color of boiled condensed milk, caramel flavour, sweetish taste with sourness - you need to try to appreciate the extraordinary, like no bouquet of this cheese. It should be prepared at least to expand his culinary horizons. And don't forget that you can cook!
Cheese from Tibetan milk mushroom
4.3k - 40м -
It's no secret that the Tibetan milk mushroom is very useful, but it is also multi-functional :)
2.7k - - -
Canestrato - Sicilian cheese from the basket
Cheese "valence" of goat's milk
2.7k - 40320м 6
French goat cheese Valencay, made in the form of a truncated pyramid sprinkled wood ash on the fruit trees. According to legend, the original form was pyramidal, but Napoleon, who had returned after the failed Egyptian companies, it triggered unpleasant memories and he was cut off by the sword the tip.
2.5k 4 - -
Don't drink milk I don't drink... but I love ALL of the milk! Everything is already spoiled... like, that is soured and, in some cases, even moldy and even stink... well, it is, of course, about cheese! Try where can I can, all of the milk... happened in Bulgaria to ADAT yoghurt from Buffalo milk - not believe it! Is a spoon... Cheese... so here it is, France, through the garden regularly "swooped down" and stocks are replenished... a Lot of things humanity has learned to make from "spoiled milk" - and so delicious! The one-and-what-e-e-e delicious! And what is most delicious? Three attempts I give to guess...
2.4k - 900м 7
Tatar national dairy product on new year's table?! I agree, it sounds crazy. Somehow, a couple of salads with mayonnaise look more appropriate here. But, however, without katika on the table, no cost, no special family celebration Tatars. The sour cream and seasoned soups, and noodle soup. A couple of tablespoons katika eat between the first and second courses. But, from the point of view of benefit to overloaded with heavy stomach with food, Katik - the most wonderful surprise for our body! Even on the Christmas table)))
Imereti cheese
2.4k - - -
At the dawn of its cheese activities I have already posted the recipe of cheese Imereti. This is a more authentic option. As close as Georgia. Just want to say thank you Chelyabinsk cheese-maker Pavel Chechulin, who, while travelling in Georgia, measured by such indicators as the time of flocculation, the flocculation multiplier and temperature regimes.
2.2k - 60м 5
This is a very tasty dish of his childhood in the village, with the milk first Padoa. Very nutritious and high in calories). Here managed to get hold of this milk and that's what happened)
Mozzarella "Fior di latte"
2.2k - - -
Mozzarella Fior di latte (Mozzarella Fior di latte) is made from cow's milk. It is less fatty and contains less moisture than Mozzarella di Bufala. Any Italian pizzaiolo will tell You that the best Italian pizza turns with mozzarella Fior di latte.
Yogurt "Narine"
2.1k - - -
Medical-preventive mechanical means of “Narine” contains live lactic acid bacteria, which are an important component of the normal intestinal flora. El-Pro wrote about the miracle yogurt on the website, but not so simple as she describes. Many times I have done it, but I couldn't do it. One day I suggested to a friend about his cooking secrets!!! Thank You, Olga! Besides Narine is very useful and can replace breast milk from the first days of a baby's life! Will help from dysbiosis, allergies, improve immunity, forget about constipation...
2k - - -
Caciotta (Caciotta) one of the most popular Italian cheeses. It is made in almost all farms of Central Italy. This semi-soft fresh cheese. In katsottu add greens, olives and even truffles. It smoked, coated with pepper, paprika, grape pulp. This recipe has no additives.
Yogurt "ACTIVIA"
2k 3 15м 1
I just gave the name. It is really a real yogurt "ACTIVIA", just cooked at home. This recipe is especially useful for young mothers who are not able to buy baby food on a dairy kitchen. This is the yogurt I give my toddler out of kefir do tvarozek.
Cheese "Gouda"
1.9k - - -
Gouda is the most famous Dutch cheese. Recipe Pavel Chechulin.
Cheese Swiss type
1.7k - - -
Recipe of cheese of the Swiss type for home cheesemaking.
Acidophilus milk
1.7k 3 - -
Acidophilus milk has anti-inflammatory action, activates processes of body cleansing, neutralizes toxins and side effects food and drugs. Particularly useful in the period of epidemic influenza for the normalization of intestinal motility and reduce the toxic effects of pathogenic microorganisms on the mucosa.
The yogurt Actimel
1.6k - 12м 1
Very easy to prepare and very useful. I have a friend cured his child of eighteen months a chronic disorder of the intestine dysbacteriosis. I'm your baby constantly to give the night a yogurt.
Cheese "dry Jack"
1.6k - - -
Cheese "dry Jack" in the coating of cocoa, coffee and pepper. Dry Jack cheese is more dry version of the American Monterey Jack cheese. Appeared randomly at the beginning of the XX century, when the wholesaler could not sell too much party fresh Jack and he lay there until the 1st world war, when he interrupted the supplies of cheese from Europe. Buyers have discovered that aged Jack appeared a pleasant nutty flavor.
A La cheese
1.6k 5 60м 1
Here is the recipe of this cheese, and I have variation, but no less delicious. (recipe from the website "home Cooking", the author of Olyka)
Varenets home
1.6k - - -
Offer the recipe is very useful product. Remember, once upon a time, in stores that sold this yummy. So I decided to experiment. It was very similar, and there are no preservatives and this makes it even more attractive. Well, of course, no secret was not. In General, if you're interested - go.
Suluguni cheese
1.6k - - -
Preparation of cheese Suluguni cheese Imereti