Dairy products recipes for New Year

Keso Fresco
1.4k - - -
Queso Fresco. The name of the cheese is literally translated as "fresh cheese". This is a fresh semi-hard cheese originally from Perinasal Peninsula. Moreover, it is one of the most popular cheeses of Latin America. Recipe Pavel Chechulin.
355 - 900м 7
Tatar national dairy product on new year's table?! I agree, it sounds crazy. Somehow, a couple of salads with mayonnaise look more appropriate here. But, however, without katika on the table, no cost, no special family celebration Tatars. The sour cream and seasoned soups, and noodle soup. A couple of tablespoons katika eat between the first and second courses. But, from the point of view of benefit to overloaded with heavy stomach with food, Katik - the most wonderful surprise for our body! Even on the Christmas table)))
Cheese "dry Jack"
340 - - -
Cheese "dry Jack" in the coating of cocoa, coffee and pepper. Dry Jack cheese is more dry version of the American Monterey Jack cheese. Appeared randomly at the beginning of the XX century, when the wholesaler could not sell too much party fresh Jack and he lay there until the 1st world war, when he interrupted the supplies of cheese from Europe. Buyers have discovered that aged Jack appeared a pleasant nutty flavor.
Suluguni cheese
264 - - -
Preparation of cheese Suluguni cheese Imereti
Cheese Swiss type
251 - - -
Recipe of cheese of the Swiss type for home cheesemaking.
Condensed "Quick and tasty"
201 - 10м -
Gusenichka be prepared very quickly and turns out very very tasty. Condensed milk this recipe was prepared by my mother who passed away on July 27 of this year
151 - - -
Caciotta (Caciotta) one of the most popular Italian cheeses. It is made in almost all farms of Central Italy. This semi-soft fresh cheese. In katsottu add greens, olives and even truffles. It smoked, coated with pepper, paprika, grape pulp. This recipe has no additives.
Dubrovensky cheese
126 - 45м -
Creamy white cheese with a unique taste that conveys all the subtle notes of birch juice, so familiar to us from childhood.
Cheese, loaded beer
125 - - -
Cheese is a good snack to beer, so say in the pubs. But American cheesemakers have come up with to combine cheese and beer.
Homemade cheese
115 - 10м 5
Got the recipe from my grandmother, I strictly do not assess did only once.
Homemade natural yogurt
107 - 420м 6
I'm a big fan of all natural, real and fresh. Recently I was given a yogurt maker, which I had long dreamed of. The essence of the yogurt maker is that bottles of product for a long time in a warm environment, so if you don't already have this wonderful device, you need the environment to create warm blankets or any other personal tricks =) Dishes it came out very tasty, and the options of cooking a huge amount, I want to give you the 6 kinds of cooking yogurt.
Cheese on cheese from yogurt
106 - 55м 4
Long conquered the whole world, this delicious, glorious cheese! How many types of cheese know! We love it all! Helps us all! And with a snack on the table, while julienne and spaghetti! The miracle of these sandwiches! The soup is always tasty, someone in the likes casseroles! To vegetables and meat with the bird, he certainly will come in handy! Dear friends, remember the recipe, so humble and complexities just. Two liters of yogurt and some butter, added the egg and be ready!
Millet cottage cheese for Breakfast
100 - 60м 2
You love grilled cheese for Breakfast? Then this recipe is especially for You. I want to offer the option of home processed cheese cottage cheese and millet flakes of TM "Mistral". This cheese is best done in the evening that night he carefully stood, and in the morning with a Cup of tea, you can enjoy its delicate taste. In addition, the contents in the cheese, millet flakes, makes it satisfying and useful. Begin your day with delicious and healthy food)
Homemade cheese
100 - 25м 8
Cheese is very quick! It turns out insanely delicious. If you put more salt - it will be very similar to the salty cheese, a little less - the taste is sweet and pleasant. Overall very tasty anyway and is so simple that really can't go wrong.
Homemade cheese "feta"
89 - 30м -
This homemade cheese is lower in calories, easy, but the taste is not inferior to the original feta cheese. Feta cheese would be a great addition to your salad or just as a separate dish!
Cottage cheese cottage cheese
82 - 40м 6
We all love cheese, but cooked with his own hands and even at a minimum of cost and time - like twice!