Homemade cheese recipes

Keso Fresco
5k - - -
Queso Fresco. The name of the cheese is literally translated as "fresh cheese". This is a fresh semi-hard cheese originally from Perinasal Peninsula. Moreover, it is one of the most popular cheeses of Latin America. Recipe Pavel Chechulin.
Norwegian brown cheese "Brunost"
4.5k - 90м 130
Brunost. Today, the recipe for gourmets. We will prepare the famous Norwegian brown cheese. Color of boiled condensed milk, caramel flavour, sweetish taste with sourness - you need to try to appreciate the extraordinary, like no bouquet of this cheese. It should be prepared at least to expand his culinary horizons. And don't forget that you can cook!
2.7k - - -
Canestrato - Sicilian cheese from the basket
Cheese "valence" of goat's milk
2.5k - 40320м 6
French goat cheese Valencay, made in the form of a truncated pyramid sprinkled wood ash on the fruit trees. According to legend, the original form was pyramidal, but Napoleon, who had returned after the failed Egyptian companies, it triggered unpleasant memories and he was cut off by the sword the tip.
Imereti cheese
2.3k - - -
At the dawn of its cheese activities I have already posted the recipe of cheese Imereti. This is a more authentic option. As close as Georgia. Just want to say thank you Chelyabinsk cheese-maker Pavel Chechulin, who, while travelling in Georgia, measured by such indicators as the time of flocculation, the flocculation multiplier and temperature regimes.
Mozzarella "Fior di latte"
2.1k - - -
Mozzarella Fior di latte (Mozzarella Fior di latte) is made from cow's milk. It is less fatty and contains less moisture than Mozzarella di Bufala. Any Italian pizzaiolo will tell You that the best Italian pizza turns with mozzarella Fior di latte.
1.9k - - -
Caciotta (Caciotta) one of the most popular Italian cheeses. It is made in almost all farms of Central Italy. This semi-soft fresh cheese. In katsottu add greens, olives and even truffles. It smoked, coated with pepper, paprika, grape pulp. This recipe has no additives.
Cheese "Gouda"
1.9k - - -
Gouda is the most famous Dutch cheese. Recipe Pavel Chechulin.
Cheese Swiss type
1.6k - - -
Recipe of cheese of the Swiss type for home cheesemaking.
Cheese "dry Jack"
1.6k - - -
Cheese "dry Jack" in the coating of cocoa, coffee and pepper. Dry Jack cheese is more dry version of the American Monterey Jack cheese. Appeared randomly at the beginning of the XX century, when the wholesaler could not sell too much party fresh Jack and he lay there until the 1st world war, when he interrupted the supplies of cheese from Europe. Buyers have discovered that aged Jack appeared a pleasant nutty flavor.
A La cheese
1.5k 5 60м 1
Here is the recipe of this cheese, and I have variation, but no less delicious. (recipe from the website "home Cooking", the author of Olyka)
Suluguni cheese
1.5k - - -
Preparation of cheese Suluguni cheese Imereti
Cheese a La "Crescenza"
1.5k - - -
Correct, the original name of this cheese Crescenza. The Internet is the name most often used of Credenza. Thank you, Dmitry (NDemon) for pushing me to making a new wonderful cheese. So how, exactly, the recipe could not reproduce, but very very close, so the name "a La". And I've made it thanks to the wonderful bacterial leaven "Yogurt" from Orsik.
Homemade cheese with herbs and olives
1.5k - 120м 14
For fans and lover of cheese! Simply recipe delicious and piquant cheese. The result is 800-900 g vkusnejshaja cheese!
Of Asiago, hot
1.4k - - -
Cheese of Asiago, hot happens to the plateau of Asiago, hot in the province of Vicenza in Italy. This area, located at an altitude of 1000 m above sea level and surrounded by mountains
1.4k - - -
A simple recipe of mozzarella. The so-called rapid recipe
1.4k - - -
Burratine is burrata reduced size
Cottage cheese "Cottage cheese"
1.4k - - -
Cottage cheese - this cheese is also known as "cottage cheese", "farm ", it is sold as cottage cheese with cream, and usually it is more expensive than a simple cottage, but it is tastier, I just love it. And now, thanks to Dmitry (NDemon) and Orsik starters I learned how to do it myself.
Adygei cheese in 15 minutes
1.4k - - -
Only 3 main ingredients and 15 minutes of your time you need to cook a very tasty soft cheese at home. You can eat it by itself or use for different salads, appetizers. Recommend!
1.3k - - -
Belper Knolle cheese was invented in Switzerland relatively recently (about 20 years ago). The name consists of two parts. The first part is derived from the name of the city of Belp (Belp), near Bern. There is this cheese came up. The second part is Knolle. So Swiss German is called mushroom truffle, which this cheese is similar in appearance.
Are also available
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Are also available is an Italian cheese made from variety of fresh cheese, of which in Italy number quite a lot. In honor of what this cheese got its name is not known, but there are two very plausible version. In the first version of this once the cheese was called rubeole, i.e. "red" as in ripe cheese, the rind acquires a reddish color. The second version is geographical, according to it, in the Vercelli region of Italy, is a small town, Robbia, in whose honor and was able to get the name of the cheese are also available. It is unknown which of these two versions is closer to the truth, but regardless of this cheese turned out fine.