Cottage cheese recipes

Cheese from Tibetan milk mushroom
1.1k - 40м -
It's no secret that the Tibetan milk mushroom is very useful, but it is also multi-functional :)
Cheese homemade "Lazy" (urban version)
207 4.3 600м -
Well, very lazy! Does not require pre-fermentation of milk. For those who want homemade curds and natural milk to take anywhere. Or for those who have no place at all to buy a normal cheese (such too, and I'm including). In General, for all who would like to join my urban experiment.
Cheese from milk and yogurt in 5 minutes
204 - 10м 2
Quick recipe tender and delicious curd from milk and yogurt.
Cheese-cream "Travertine"
202 4.3 15м -
This recipe I've been looking for, looked in his notebook, the Internet.. until I found in the forum how to do it in the home version. It was said that you can cook with cheese and cream, but a word about it. I'm terribly fired up the idea to cook this cheese. After all the trial and error settled on this ratio of ingredients. Luck pleased me! Cheese-cream "Travertine " did it! Try it! To cook very easily! Fast, inexpensive, which is important in our days!
177 - - -
Of course you will say that cooking recipes of cottage cheese on the website is enough. I can only say that none of them "works" for me. I live in Canada and from local ingredients a hundred times trying to cook the curd in vain: either very expensive or General stuff turns out... Finally I picked up for you prescription from available and inexpensive components, which turns out just such a cottage as in Russia. I think this will be interesting, especially the cooks from Canada and the United States.
Cheese from yogurt
160 5 - -
We have a little man often drink kefir, which is produced on the dairy kitchen, also themselves through times of drink, in short builds up sometimes a lot, throw a pity, pancakes sometimes too lazy to cook, what to do with it? Cheese! It turns out a little bit, but in the case! Cottage cheese, you can do many things, here on the website a lot of recipes. Can someone come in handy.
Classic cottage
160 3 40м -
The recipe for the homemade cheese.
Cheese in a water bath
158 - 40м -
Lovers of cheese, everyone is invited! A simple recipe for menu offer! Homey, cozy, simple recipe! After all, except for yogurt, the products are here! Dear friends, and then decide! You want a dessert, serve it, but you can with greens to make a normal, any option, one that usual! Just love cheese! He is always very dear to me!
Cheese homemade "Special"
157 - - -
The peculiarity of the preparation of this cheese is that the initial product though cooked, but NOT COOKED! We all know that if you digest the cheese get grains. Think - soured badly clot separated from the serum. In this case, it ALWAYS happens. In search of such a recipe is not found.
Cream cheese of sour cream and milk
154 - - 2
Didn't think given my version of cream cheese in the recipe "cookies "Oreo" so many people are interested in! Since I've been using them for a long time and even already prepared everything "eye"))) So, publish it as a separate recipe! Sour cream and milk it is advisable to take fatter if you want the final product, more fat and a buttery texture! I love cheese more dense, so 1-2 hours the cheese is unloaded, and then put a small load and leave for the night. The expiration date will not say exactly, because more than three days the cheese is kept! But in my opinion, up to five days can safely stand in the refrigerator.
Cheese from yogurt in a slow cooker
148 - 105м 5
A simple recipe for homemade cottage cheese from yogurt in a slow cooker. Natural product without E... and substitutes.
Cottage cheese dessert with berries
147 - 5м 4
A long time ago in one of the cooking magazines I saw a recipe of delicious cheese, and now this recipe has taken root in my family.
The cottage, "the yogis"
145 5 15м 2
Very useful and simple.
Cottage cheese-cottage cheese
141 5 - -
This recipe I made not for ourselves, but for our chefs living abroad. A big problem for them to find real cheese. By trial, I still found a way. Turned so easily and without problems to convert liquid cottage cheese-cottage cheese (cottage cheese) in the ordinary curd. What can be said about him? Slightly salty and in the first few hours felt a bit cheese, but then the flavor of the "cheese" has disappeared. Try this recipe. I hope I could help, and now the delicious curd and casseroles will be on your Desk! Good luck!
Spicy cream cheese from yogurt with herbs
140 - 1440м 5
Cream cheese. He's cream cheese, it cottage cheese, cream cheese. Soft, chewy sweet. Which is so nice to spread on crusty toast and drink a Cup of coffee. Cooking is very simple.
Cottage cheese for baby
139 4 10м 1
Recipe for moms who don't know how to cook curd for infants (as complementary food).
Cheese from yogurt
138 - 120м 4
Gentle, absolutely non-acidic, natural cheese in their cooking. Cook once, five years is not bought ready, because the taste quality is incomparable. Good as a separate dish or as an ingredient for any food with cheese.
Cottage Cheese "Gourmand"
138 3 10м -
Thanks to this method of cooking, we can feed our children every day curds.
Fruit curd
135 - 30м 1
Delicate, airy cottage cheese for babies under 1 year of age. The recipe is very simple. Preparation takes minimum time and delivers maximum pleasure for the baby. My son just like this and prepare. I hope your baby will enjoy!
Fruit bruschetta with cheese
132 - - -
But the curd is not simple, in the scalded milk. And combined with juicy berries and fruit is so delicious summer dessert!
Mascarpone at home
132 5 10м -
As promised, I checked out the recipe mascarpone, found on the Internet. I can say that it turns out very close to the original. The replacement is great! However, only tomorrow will it apply, then I will say finally. And in appearance, taste and texture - that is necessary! Maybe someone will rescue this recipe. I must say that analogues of Mascarpone Cheese in the world. Still, this recipe turns out something very close.