Home oil recipes

Butter from sour cream
408 5 20м -
This recipe was prompted by my mother.
Purified melted butter "Ghee"
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Imagine a versatile oil that can be used many times, which gives a truly magical taste all the dishes that can be stored for CENTURIES (!!!) and which, with all that is infinitely good for your health! Presented? No, I think. This wonderful oil is called "Ghee&qu ot;! I want you to imagine today.
Melted butter in a water bath
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Ghee is a traditional product of many peoples. During the long process of heating the butter freed from various impurities, such as milk protein and water, protein is formed in the form of a foam, and the water just evaporates. This allows you to keep butter for a very long time and used for deep-frying: ghee does not burn when overheated and does not form carcinogens at high temperatures. In addition, when roasting gives the products great nutty taste. For unrivalled beneficial properties it is called "liquid gold"! Make sure to prepare this oil for yourself, it's useful and easy!
Rosemary oil
241 - 10м -
Hi everyone, I want to share with you the recipe of "Rosemary "! The oil is very quick, has a lovely rosemary-orange like flavor, with a spicy touch! We have Breakfast on the weekend with this oil, add it to potatoes, meat and fish. I would be very glad if the recipe will be useful to someone!)))
Butter with spices
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This oil helps in the kitchen:)
Home oil
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Before writing the recipe, look here. Long thought to spread or not. And decided that my butter is the same as all, but made by other tools) May have no immersion blender, like me, are so useful to my recipe! Oil from the store we stopped like. In our city certainly. So I took old battered recipe of our grandmothers and made his home! I was online looking at different recipes, all with the same outcome. There is nothing new in technology. Just whisk it in different ways :)
195 - 5м 70
Not found on our wonderful site prescription regular butter, which is only 5 minutes to make at home. If viewed, I'd like you to forgive me :) so... butter!
Ginger oil
189 - - -
Use cases are diverse. Makes spicy and full of taste fish, seafood, vegetables, lamb...
Melted butter
175 - 120м 900
I like to cook melted butter, which had not tasted since childhood! I have been reading different tips and recipes brought arithmetic mean) of) the) published for the first time, it's exciting, but I'd like to share. The website is similar I hope!
Butter "Armaggedeon"
173 - 20м -
Love flavored butter by adding a couple of ingredients always get a new taste. And that's with dressing "To Pickle" CAESAR was very tasty, spicy oil. Help yourself.
Peanut butter
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The forum has a recipe for chocolate butter Katya (Pani Kasia), mine is a little different, add it as an option, can someone come in handy!
Butter from goat's milk
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Actually here! Color – intense white. The aroma tantalizing, but "goat's perfume" there was absolutely no. Gently, I must admit, the cow. Very bright "creamy plumberry" taste. But this is the specificity of milk.
Homemade butter
167 - 15м 4
I know that I'm not the first recipe of butter. Honestly look through all the recipes, and they differ from mine! In this recipe, butter is produced from cream from cream.
Homemade peanut butter
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Recently gave me memories from my childhood - delicious peanut butter, which occasionally was it possible to buy parents in the store. Then the house was a small celebration... I remember my dad sitting in the kitchen drinking tea with a bit of sugar loaf, and the loaf a thick layer of chocolate fragrant oil. In order not to destroy the charm of childhood memories buying substitute, and decided to make this butter at home. Very handy on one cooking website, I found this wonderful recipe
Home oil
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I think almost everyone knows how to make home-made butter, but not everyone knows some secrets to improve the taste of our helpful product...
Butter home
150 - 5м 1
Recently brought a jar rustic cream, which was for a long time in the fridge, my mom told me to make it into oil, which surprisingly turned out very tender and creamy taste and just 5 minutes! My husband and dad ate it in one evening with tea and a bun! Now the oil itself is doing. After all, it is the 100% natural, without any additives! If repeated - toss the sneakers, but I'm such a recipe is not found on the website.
Fabrichnoe oil
147 - 10м -
So delicious, beautiful and fragrant oil. And most importantly - what a variety on the table! Help yourself!