Homemade mayonnaise recipes

Mayonnaise with garlic, cucumber and ginger
369 - 10м 5
You, lovers of mayonnaise, dedicate your first Adune recipe! About what they sell in stores with the inscription "mayonnaise" to tell the millionth time I will not. Yes, and the psychological moment, when you know that put - also very important! As a kind and becomes very harmful mayonnaise, and don't get fat from it ), and tasty - solid benefits! Excellent option for situations when the salad is already cut, there's a Blizzard (freezing cold, rain, hurricane, tornado - underline), and in the refrigerator, as it turns out (Oh the horror!) there is no mayonnaise! So, in 10 minutes You'll have it! And not to go anywhere. Based on the classic recipe homemade mayonnaise, but here, as in any culinary business, important details.
Quick mayonnaise or as they say, "home"
314 5 - -
All ingredients should be at room temperature. If the mixture will begin to curl, add 1 yolk, then a little oil. And if all else fails, don't despair, and make a cheese pie!
Salad dressings: of rasola of green peas and beans
284 - 30м -
The liquid from the cans of peas are usually discarded. But few people know that at its basis it is possible to cook a delicious homemade mayonnaise. And cooked beans also makes a great sauce that can be eaten even in the post. Try, because any salad dramatically changes the taste and appearance depending on the chosen filling.
Homemade mayonnaise without eggs
267 - 5м 1
Want to offer you a recipe for homemade mayonnaise without eggs. Cooked very quickly. Great result. The sauce was not thick and creamy. At first glance it seems liquid, but after standing in the refrigerator a couple of hours thickens. Excellent dressing for vegetables, meat, fish salads.
Sauce-mayonnaise "Maggie and I"
261 - 5м -
"Maggie". I propose another version of the mayonnaise. Just one spoon of filling "To Pickle" from Maggi transforms its taste, gives piquancy and a slight kick. Help yourself.
Meatless vegan mayonnaise and nutovo-carrot cakes
247 - - 3
I can not share with you the recipe for a great sauce. Its taste is very similar to the famous taste of mayonnaise, but no egg yolk in the recipe as the classic prototype, nor milk, as in the variations on its theme, we do not need. If I managed to intrigue you, you are welcome! Oh Yes! I almost forgot – burgers. Patties of chickpeas, carrots and onions, very simple but very tasty, I recommend!
Dietary mayonnaise
240 - 5м 5
On video.
Homemade mayonnaise
239 - 20м 400
Needed the mayonnaise, and the refrigerator isn't. Remember mom's old recipe. This recipes wasn't very good. This mayonnaise reminded me of the Soviet, in jars 200 grams.
Mayonnaise without eggs
237 - 10м -
Again, I put the recipes in pairs, because one recipe depends on another. But I think that this mayonnaise will help you in the preparation of meatless dishes.
Sauce mayonnaise
234 - 10м 1
Homemade mayonnaise on an old recipe. Simple and fast.
231 4 5м -
I don't know if this recipe is here to review all is simply impossible. But I know the simplest method of making mayonnaise. Much tastier and less harmful than the store. And I feel compelled to share with You.
Mayonnaise "Provencale" as
229 - 1м 4
Are you still buying mayonnaise?! This mayonnaise is much cheaper and much healthier! And most importantly, no chemicals, only natural products! A minimum of product and time and MAXIMUM TASTE! After all, no Mayo and neither there nor here. Almost no meal is complete without this wonderful sauce, whether it's a sandwich, salad, casserole, or salad second. Well interestingly?! Then begin!
Sauce a La mayonnaise "Julia" milk
220 3.5 5м -
Here I decided to make mayonnaise, I looked through all the recipes and stumbled in the Internet on such an unusual recipe! Very it interested me because it has no eggs and is done in a few seconds!!!))) Well, I think, will do, and was afraid to do the usual: there's a thin stream it is necessary to pour the oil and beat for a few minutes, and eggs, raw confused... and then again for 5 seconds it turns like magic!!! I liked it so much!!! Here and decided to show you it's a miracle! And the taste is not greasy, as it might seem at first glance! I am 100 % sure that you will succeed without problems - it's so easy!!!)))
Lean mayonnaise
215 - 15м 3
Came post, which will run until Christmas. Therefore, the fasting - vegetable mayonnaise at home. Thanks for the idea crybell in the recipe from the October 27, 2009.
Homemade mayonnaise
212 - 10м -
The website contains a lot of mayonnaise recipes! For every taste. But I want to offer a used more than 20 years. I taught a friend cook. Classic - without spices, sugar, milk. Sorry if this is already there. It is very difficult to find...
Homemade mayonnaise "Sunny beach"
212 - 5м -
Cute poweracoustik, probably all will agree that it is hard to imagine a festive table without this wonderful sauce. The method of preparation of mayonnaise immersion blender, I'm sure many know. The emphasis in today's recipe I am making for the proportions of ingredients and choosing the right oil. You have no idea how many varieties and brands of various oils I have tried, till he came to the conclusion that the most suitable oil for making mayonnaise is canola oil refined-! aerovane oil. It has no off-taste, odor and great for making mayonnaise. It turns out very tasty, tender, and thick in appearance and the taste has some similarities with one of the world famous brand. Come, prepare and You will see it for yourself.
Meatless sauce "Provencale"
210 - 5м -
Now comes the Petrovsky post, so I want to bring to Your attention the recipe for this wonderful sauce. It is taken from the cookbook Z. Nezhentsevoy, which I wrote in my diary, although some minor changes in the proportion of I made. And, of course, it beats store-bought vegetable mayonnaise sauces, not just the absence of various emulsifiers, stabilizers and other additives marked with E, but also its wonderful taste.
Mayonnaise "Home", which always turns out
207 - 20м -
Reviewed many variations of homemade mayonnaise, but its not found. Girls from the website were asked to stand. Represent on Your court!!! Long live healthy food!!!
"Mayonnaise" milk is a low-calorie
206 - 30м -
I want to share my discovery to reduce calorie mayonnaise, homemade or purchased. The site has a lot of great recipes for homemade mayonnaise, I especially liked the one that offered. I decided to adapt it to the needs of its consumers - to make them less fatty and more dense. Did it! Try to cook 30% mayonnaise without harmful industrial additives.
Homemade mayonnaise
204 - 5м 10
Homemade mayonnaise is very quickly, simple and incredibly delicious. Want to learn how to make real mayonnaise? - faster watch the video and boldly repeat, even a child will cope. Homemade mayonnaise is wonderful to cook much easier and faster than to go to a nearby store.
Baked potatoes with homemade mayonnaise
203 - 30м -
Quick, tasty and simple to prepare lunch or dinner. Oven baked potato is good by itself... but when combined with fresh homemade mayonnaise - will be even tastier.