Hot food with sausages recipes

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Kupaty is a special kind of raw sausages that need cooking (Wikipedia). This is a recipe from my grandmother. I remember as a child was preparing kupaty with a special ritual, and ate at breakneck speed - it was delicious. But for home production is most often missing an important ingredient - pork intestines. They have me (happy occasion) was, so I share with You this recipe.
Sausage Stroganoff
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A very simple, economical, quick to prepare and tasty dish. You can cook sausages or cooked sausage. It is much tastier than it may seem at first glance!
Sausages with honey and sesame seeds
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The recipe is very simple and often helps out at the picnic, especially when the barbecue is not ready yet or after a barbecue, if someone gets me hungry!
Solyanka with sausage "For Vladimir!"
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My dear! I want to share! Thistle may not be much on the menu! Someone idea will always come in handy! This option is also very much! Friends wishes I respect! And friend, Volodya, recipe our give! Cabbage with sausages so much respect! Let them indulge too happy family.
Fried sausages in onion-mushroom sauce
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Awesome sauce that makes the dish festive!
Sausage in batter
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Meatballs pasta and sausage meat
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Cakes for children and adults nehochu picky!! Will appeal to all. Is done quickly. Rich, sweet and delicious
"Hippos on the swamp" sausages
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Children, as you know, "eat with their eyes". This dish just for them.
Pots-zucchini with ham and mushrooms
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Brought from the country 3 squash. Could not resist and made "pots". Hearty, delicious
Gravy with tomato paste and sausage
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Gravy perfectly suited to any garnish, I used buckwheat. Cooked very quickly and tasty. So let's say lunch in a hurry. The recipe suggested a friend of my grandmother. I use this recipe for many years. Especially when you need something to cook, it saves.
Kupaty home
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All sausages do at home myself for a very long time. Children store meal do not perceive. Kupaty - the food is fatty in itself, but I make them lean, and so they are like my children.
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Wonderful and very original dish from the usual sausages and ham in a rich, velvety sauce. It will help out, if at the threshold of the guests, and the dinner would be appropriate. A side dish can be steamed cabbage or boiled potatoes. The recipe is from the book by V. Sokolov.
Belarusian Vereshchaka with buckwheat pancakes
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Vereshchaka one of the kinds of machanka – meat sauce, which dipped pancakes. The author of the recipe – the Royal kukhmistr Vereshchaka. Versace is one of the most famous dishes of Belarusian cuisine, and in different localities in the traditional recipe have their own original features. But it is boiled in a mixture of water, spices and beer and veal sausage. Vereshchaka and served with pancakes or hash Browns. How it all came together in this recipe: sausages and beer for her husband, who is not holding post; buckwheat pancakes for me. The pancakes I got lean and I filed them with lean chocolate sauce. It was very tasty! I hope that this recipe will love it!
Home-made sausage
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Homemade sausage is an old recipe of our countrymen.
Sausage drying
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At a time when the sausage in the dough still did not know it was a signature dish of my uncle. Told me about it mom. I recently remembered and decided to try it. It turns out delicious and unusual.
German sausages, curry and curry sauce
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Sausage cooked to order - asked for one good man: want, say, the recipe itself niinamesai sausage. How not to honor here... Only problem is this - the Germans - after all, the noble sausage makers know how they deal, sausages a lot - good and different, which to choose? Thought I opted for the sausage curry: it's kind of like a signature, like, eat a sausage-curry sauce-curry paste - so will die, swallowing the tongue! This sausage people are able to do and the recipe is kept in great secret... In a Swiss Bank, I guess... So 100% conformance to recipe I can't vouch for what bought, for and sell! Only here I want to say one thing: I tried this sausage in public toshnilovok - such crap! I have Bonneville her with all my heart, especially the sauce! And the Germans decorum and love it! But it's like Cola - somebody drink of Paradise, but for me - Oh, conductive will be bad... BUT! When I did it, and we took a test... Oh, there's another thing: tasty, like us: tender, flavorful sausage...
Rolls "A La hot dog"
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Well what can I say: simple, tasty, hearty and affordable.
Pizza roll "Stromboli"
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Pizza recipe? Video pizza recipe? Detailed pizza recipe? How to prepare the sauce and pizza dough? It's not all the questions that I will answer in your video. The main thing I'll show is wonderful but unfairly unknown option closed pizza pizza Stromboli. Write the name in uppercase as the name of this pizza comes from a little volcanic island near Sicily. Although you can cook this pizza started the Americans are not Islands and after the film 50 years "Stromboli, land of God". In General, catch original and incredibly tasty version of a closed pizza Stromboli.
"Business Breakfast"
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Quick and hearty breakfasts...
Sausage raw-smoked home
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Get used to do one weekend at the cottage home raw-smoked sausage. Other sausage recipes need to ripen a week, coptics week, etc. My recipe for "fast" it turns out very tasty!
Bratwurst with sauerkraut "Burger"
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Never thought it was such a simple and tasty dish. Bought sausages and sauerkraut for another recipe. (Kuss sorry, but your loaf will do :) ) But there wasn't time, and there are like. I remembered about German recipes. 40 minutes and a beautiful meal. Cheap and cheerful. A beer - at the time. ;)