Hot food with sausages recipes

3.9k 4 - -
Kupaty is a special kind of raw sausages that need cooking (Wikipedia). This is a recipe from my grandmother. I remember as a child was preparing kupaty with a special ritual, and ate at breakneck speed - it was delicious. But for home production is most often missing an important ingredient - pork intestines. They have me (happy occasion) was, so I share with You this recipe.
Belarusian Vereshchaka with buckwheat pancakes
2.7k - 600м 4
Vereshchaka one of the kinds of machanka – meat sauce, which dipped pancakes. The author of the recipe – the Royal kukhmistr Vereshchaka. Versace is one of the most famous dishes of Belarusian cuisine, and in different localities in the traditional recipe have their own original features. But it is boiled in a mixture of water, spices and beer and veal sausage. Vereshchaka and served with pancakes or hash Browns. How it all came together in this recipe: sausages and beer for her husband, who is not holding post; buckwheat pancakes for me. The pancakes I got lean and I filed them with lean chocolate sauce. It was very tasty! I hope that this recipe will love it!
"Hippos on the swamp" sausages
2.3k 5 - -
Children, as you know, "eat with their eyes". This dish just for them.
Favorite dish Sheldon Cooper
1.8k - 20м -
"Spaghetti with sosochkami" said Sheldon Cooper, beloved hero of the series "big Bang Theory". Recipes are like the dishes on the website I did not like, and I decided to come up with your own version. It turned out awesome!
Solyanka with sausage "For Vladimir!"
1.7k - 35м 6
My dear! I want to share! Thistle may not be much on the menu! Someone idea will always come in handy! This option is also very much! Friends wishes I respect! And friend, Volodya, recipe our give! Cabbage with sausages so much respect! Let them indulge too happy family.
Sausage Stroganoff
1.6k 5 20м 4
A very simple, economical, quick to prepare and tasty dish. You can cook sausages or cooked sausage. It is much tastier than it may seem at first glance!
Sausages with honey and sesame seeds
1.5k - 20м 10
The recipe is very simple and often helps out at the picnic, especially when the barbecue is not ready yet or after a barbecue, if someone gets me hungry!
Sausage in the casing of the parchment
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The main obstacle in making home sausages - the need to have a hmm ... sausage casing. Well, without special tools can not do. This article describes the method of preparation of sausages, is available to everyone. You have already the kitchen has everything you need. It would wish.
German goulash sausages
1.1k - - -
A quick alternative to meat goulash.
Rakott krumpli
1.1k - 40м 6
Potatoes baked in layers with egg and Hungarian sausages. I invite everyone to taste one of the dishes of the Hungarian cuisine, and all those who simply want to eat. But of course if you are on a carbohydrate diet and eat only sprouted grains and grated carrot, then here you can not go at all. It is possible to grate the carrots, bitterly weeping about missed opportunities. Because Hungarian cuisine which is anything but dietary.
1.1k - 60м 2
Francesinha (Francesinha) is a Portuguese dish. The main place of its habitat - the region of the Port. Conditional francesinha could be called a large sandwich consisting of different types of sausages and meat, covered with cheese and richly dressed with a unique sauce. But not so simple. The Portuguese themselves believe their francesinha not any sandwich, and a full, hearty, an ideal dish. At the same time to meet her somewhere in the South or in Lisbon is quite difficult. But in the Port - on the contrary - on every corner, in every restaurant, and even in the narrow franchising. The dish is quite young. It was invented in 1953, returning from France chef, tried to adapt to local tastes favourite croque Monsieur. Francesinha and is translated as "the little French girl". But fame francesinha acquired later. At the moment is still there and feels the restaurant which made the first francesinha. However, there are many other institutions, each with its own unique sauce recipe. Actually the sauce is the most important thing in this dish. Bread, meat - all in the mind. But what restaurant have prepared your sauce is a secret. Therefore, from the restaurant to the tastes francesinha can differ significantly. And many residents often have their favorite places with the only correct francesinha.
Mother's "machanka"
1.1k - 30м 3
Good day, dear cooks!!! I hasten to You today with a very hearty, tasty and colorful dish is machanka! This is our national Belarusian dish! Traditionally it is served with pancakes. Every family "machanka" are prepared in different ways. I want to share two varieties of "machanic" like my mother and how to cook favorite mother-in-law. And what have You decide for yourself!!! Invited to pancakes with the "machanka"!!! Hungry will not stay!!!
Fried sausages in onion-mushroom sauce
1k - 35м 3
Awesome sauce that makes the dish festive!
Kupaty home
1k - - -
All sausages do at home myself for a very long time. Children store meal do not perceive. Kupaty - the food is fatty in itself, but I make them lean, and so they are like my children.
The Slovak national dish "Cabbage"
1k - - -
This recipe is considered a classic national Slovak cuisine. Knock on any door December 24 for Christmas and you will be invited to the table in the center of which stands a tureen or large bowl with the cabbage. There are recipes, which are cooked for two days. I will treat you to a generous, rich in cabbage. Go!
Breakfast on Valentine's day. Valentine-2
1k 3 30м 2
Combined 2 recipes (thanks to the authors for the idea), added a bit of his and that's what happened.
"Seaweed" sausages
1k 5 - -
What is really only sausage was not! Offer to "Osminozhka" sausages and even "seaweed".
1k 4 - -
Delicious homemade sausage of beef, do not for one year.
Zrazy "Lamerskie"
0.9k - 20м 2
To make the evening fancy and bring a little intrigue to dinner tonight, just to prepare this wonderful dish. The recipe for the meatball is quite simple, but at the same time very hearty and delicious. Prepared on the book of Trier.
Stew with chickpeas and sausages in tomato sauce
0.9k - 90м 8
This stew is more suitable for cold winter evenings. But, stumbled on it by accident, when I reviewed my archive, and decided to share the recipe now.
Ham "Cussler Florentine"
0.9k - 50м 4
Ham, baked spinach with cheese sauce.