Meals with sausages recipes

Chorizo sausage for frying
396 - 45м -
I offer you the recipe for Spanish sausage for frying "chorizo fresco". Unchanged ingredient here is smoked paprika which gives the sausage the red color and special taste. Other spices you can experiment with.
Pete's-pizza "Dogs"
301 - - -
Offer quick preparation of the original pizza, made on pita bread, with a delicious mustard sauce and decorated in the form of dogs. This variant of pizza is sure to delight both children and adults.
Sausage "plates" with salad
292 - - -
Delicious snack will help out in case of arrival of unexpected guests.
Potato pancakes with sausages
274 - 60м 12
This week in the controlled buy chef was cooking pancakes on the ham sausage. Early this morning, opened the fridge, and there the mouse was hung up. Husband sleeps in the shop is not to send good found 5 sausages, potatoes, onions and garlic, and decided to repeat the recipe, not sausage and sausages. Here's what the impromptu turned out! Taste unexpected and pleasant. Quite hearty pancakes! A full dish, or a hearty Breakfast. Now they've cooled off, but has not lost its zest. Maybe even one in the refrigerator mouse hanged?, so take note.
Canapés "Boat"
272 - 10м 4
Offer the option of very simple and tasty canapés. Looks nice on the festive table and goes well with alcoholic drinks.
Fragrant bruschetta with pesto and salami
242 - 15м 12
Bruschetta this created for a very special occasion: a crisp slice of baguette, delicate pesto and "Salami Cherkizovsky"... mmm... just a dream, just a story... a Christmas dream, Christmas fairy tale!!!
Snack "Ping-pong"
241 - - -
The first dish on the table - an appetizer!!!
Hot dogs 3 toppings
240 5 70м 3
✅ These hot dogs are perfect for outings, picnic. They can also serve to diversity dinner for the whole family. Here we consider the preparation of 3 options of fillings. The number of ingredients in the recipe makes 1 hot dog each.
237 4 40м 4
starters - interesting, tasty
Potato schnitzel
236 - 20м 3
Today I offer a wonderful recipe, delicious and flavorful schnitzel. These potato cakes suitable for Breakfast, lunch or dinner. They can also take with you to work or on a picnic. They are delicious in hot or cold. Serve with sour cream, yogurt or tomato sauce.
Sausages "the diamond arm"
225 - 25м 4
Instant snack! Surprise your loved ones and children!!! Help yourself!
Canapés with liver sausage
217 - 30м 10
This original, eye-catching appetizer will decorate the holiday table! You can prepare the day before, and cut and arrange in day of a holiday. I invite you to try it!
Bread cups baguette
215 - 30м 4
To cook simply and crunchy, delicious cups. Such cups can be eaten not only at home but also to take along on a picnic. Wrap in foil and before serving, slightly warm on the grill.
Hot dog at home
215 - 20м 4
Of course, time is always short, and if teenagers want to feed them fast and delicious. Today homemade hot dog. The recipe is quite simple and will not take you much time.
Salad "Sen-SEI"
214 - 30м 6
Wonderful recipe very delicious salad with spicy dressing! Fresh, hearty and flavorful!
Hot appetizer "Buttons"
213 - - 6
Another option original, quick and delicious snacks. The products used are the most common, available for any budget. At the same time, this dish looks very attractive on the holiday table! The holidays can be beat as buttons from the coats Santa Claus! :)
Ballet flats of eggplant
212 - 60м 8
In order for any man's holiday or a pleasant meeting was a success, you need a joke and it is enough to follow two easy steps: pour and freeze! This appetizer is for real men with icy vodka out of ice. If you don't want to be henpecked wife buy ballet shoes!
Sausage in the "owner"
211 5 - -
Very easy to prepare and enough interesting dish.
"Pizza" to the drying
210 4 10м -
Delicious and fast! Changing the fillings to change the taste of pizza...
208 - 40м 6
This recipe I found in the Internet, and it's just lovely!! Try it and you will not regret that you have made it. Scatter the seeds.
Appetizer of tales "Three little pigs"
207 4 40м 2
The tale continues... today the pigs who built a house salad...