Gingerbread recipes

Gingerbread "Katarzynki"
0.6k - 40м 10
Very tasty and very simple cakes. Bake them in Poland exclusively for Christmas. This is one of the most beloved and popular spicy gingerbread at Christmas markets. Cooking will not cause any difficulties even for a beginner.
Gingerbread, chocolate and honey
0.6k - 60м -
Chocolate gingerbread with honey taste will surely delight you and your family.
Gingerbread house "a Surprise for the grandchildren"
0.5k - 180м 6
Gingerbread is one of the oldest Russian treats. They were treated to almost all the popular festivals, they were made of different sizes, gave them all kinds of shapes and were decorated with intricate patterns. I hope my house out of gingerbread dough like my grandchildren and Cooks and expand a wonderful collection of houses, already presented on this website.
Gingerbread balls
0.5k - 90м 10
I could not get past the contest where sponsor is my favorite Dr. Oetker. And the reason is great - make unusual gifts for their friends and colleagues.
Tula gingerbread with rye flour
474 - 120м 8
Suddenly I visited in my city shop "taste of tuly" and tried Tula gingerbread. I immediately wanted to bake your own version of this delicious treat! Here it is my first experiment with rye flour and original stuffing! My dad is a fan of all kinds of sweets, said it was the best gingerbread he was eating! In his youth dad had tried the genuine Tula gingerbread, and said that my cakes even more delicious! Although it is difficult to please)
Gingerbread of Hercules flakes
456 - 60м 12
These colorful, honey, aromatic, and soft gingerbread can apply not only in the morning, but to put children in school. They also can be trusted and painting gingerbread sweet pencils for cake decoration.
Gingerbread 3d Christmas tree
446 - - -
We have a long family tradition. My grandmother at Christmas baking Christmas gingerbread. I for my daughter every year I bake gingerbread house. And this year I made a 3d gingerbread Christmas tree. I invite you, I'll tell you how I did it.
Christmas gingerbread wreath
446 - - -
Offer You delicious and spectacular decoration for the festive table - Gingerbread Christmas wreath. Can cook it according to any recipe of gingerbread dough on the website. But this recipe is simple to prepare, economical. The dough is very malleable to work with. Gingerbread is not hard.
Gluten-free gingerbread
441 - 90м 4
For Christmas mood!
438 4 - -
A favorite recipe of homemade gingerbread.
Marble cakes
437 3 - -
Very tasty and beautiful in the context of the cakes. However, my photo of this beauty can not see, but after reading the recipe, you will understand that I'm not kidding...
Gingerbread "Tasty"
431 - 40м 10
Tender, crumbly, and useful gingerbread, and the scent lingers in the apartment during their cooking... Come for tea!
"Delicacy" of the dried cakes
427 - 15м 15
Well, what can I say... In families where there are kids, always a lot remains unsold cakes, cookies, bagels. After all, we only give children a fresh. So we have to look for numerous balances. The long search is offset by a delicious result. The result - tender "delicacy".
Gingerbread "Russian"
426 3 - -
Russian gingerbread.
Perfect honey gingerbread dough
425 - 60м -
Delicious, soft, fragrant dough for painted cakes
Almond-coconut cakes
414 - 25м -
Crisp, aromatic gingerbread with a taste of almond, coconut and light vanilla note.
Gingerbread cheesecake-mint
414 - 50м -
Soft, delicious gingerbread. The recipe is very simple ingredients at least. If you have no peppermint oil, no problem. Gingerbread in any case you will appreciate its taste. The cheese in them is not felt, but gives the product lightness and softness.
Russian honey gingerbread dough
414 - 120м 10
Or dough for baking "Matovnikov," traditional Russian curly honey cakes. For the preparation of gingerbread products used various aromatic roots, seeds, flowers, bark, zest and other spicy additives. Hence the name of these products - gingerbread. And the gingerbread features beautiful design - sweet, colorful products these recalled toys. In Russia, for example, was made even special gingerbread alphabet. Products from this test it is better to cook for 2 to 3 days before serving. You can experiment with different fillings from fruit jam or marmalade. I want to Express my sincere thanks to Olechka/Pachita for assistance and support in publishing this recipe!
Gingerbread carousel
409 - - -
Carousel, carousel begins the story. This tales, songs and fun! Carousel, carousel — this joy for us, ride on our carousel! (Remember the nursery rhyme?) I invite everyone to take a ride on the gingerbread carousel. Smiles and good mood is guaranteed!
Honey gingerbread
392 3 - -
Easy, quick, tasty. The recipes looked like this was not.
Gingerbread house and other gingerbread products
385 - - -
The new year is a magical holiday that year waiting for the kids and adults. The greatest happiness is to discover under the tree gift. This gift can be the baking of Christmas test, which to the heart will please your sweetheart. Give your loved ones happiness and care! Happy New year!