Desserts recipes for Easter

Cake "Agnes Bernauer"
3.7k - 160м 16
As I was waiting for this day to treat you to my favorite cooks, this wonderful, rich cake. Original cake Agnes Bernauer (Agnes-Bernauer -Torte) you can taste only in confectionery Cjpeg German town of Straubing, which believe that pastry your brand, and guests of Germany can enjoy this wonderful dessert here. We will make this good with Others. Oetker and me, who is celebrating his birthday! With great pleasure invite you to the table!
Cake "Pani Walewska"
2.8k - 240м 12
Offer you your videorecipe of cooking is very popular in Poland cake (cake) "Pani Walewska". Cooking is not easy, but it is worth it!
Triply "Tiramisu"
2.6k - 60м 4
Tiramisu is an Italian dessert. It's so popular that variations on its recipe dozens. Classic Tiramisu consists of: 1. cookie "Savoiardi" as the basis 2. impregnation of coffee (usually espresso), you can add Marsala wine 3. cream based on Mascarpone cheese, beaten raw eggs and sugar. 4. sprinkle them with cocoa powder. At home to repeat exactly this recipe is problematic. Yes, and raw eggs cause issues... I am personally a little afraid of eating them. Therefore, I suggest you do here is such trifle. They are easy to repeat at home. As for the taste - you will tell me, thank you. It is beyond words. It is necessary to try!
Italian sponge cake 12 tablespoons
1.5k - 35м 12
ITALIAN Pie is a gentle, light as a cloud, with lemon flavor. The biscuit, which has no equal!!! The most interesting and unusual recipe of all. The cake turns out high and airy. It just melts in your mouth.
Cake "cold night"
1.5k - - -
Light and delicate cake without flour. Just melts in your mouth! Cakes can be baked in advance, stored for a week. Very soulful evening to drink tea with this cake.
Cake-meringue "Butterfly" with blueberry cream
1.3k - 2м 8
Cake-meringue in the shape of a butterfly, decorated with whipped cream with blueberry jam, decorated with fruits - will make a splash on Your holiday table. The basis of the butterfly-the meringue can be baked in advance, and the cream and fruit to decorate before serving. All fans of meringue invite you to enjoy.
"Cat's eyes"-cake-roll
1.1k 4 40м 8
My most favorite cake!!!
Cake "Beige"
1.1k 5 - -
Cake with bananas, poppy cakes and jelly. I dedicate this cake to all my teachers! Thank you for your hard work!!!! "School time". Nostalgia.....
German dessert of berries "the Company grutze"
1.1k - - -
The company grutze (Rote Grütze) is a very summery, bright and colourful dessert. To call it a jelly I do not dare, while the principle of cooking is very similar. It is good in itself. In the classic version it is served with vanilla pudding or whipped cream. The company grutze can be used as a sauce to ice cream, to waffles, to cereals and as a filling for pie. But it was a classic serve and vanilla pudding is the most delicious, in my opinion!
Cake "honey" from Pokusavam
1k - 80м 12
"honey" is a super cake. The recipe for the honey cake is very simple and to repeat it everyone can. My recipe for honey cake is extremely beautiful and delicious. Cream cake will be on the basis of sour cream and milk type custard cream with condensed milk. It really is the best cream for the cake. My step-by-step recipe is simply obliged to get to my favorites of the audience. Video recipe compared to the photo recipes will make it easier to understand what the consistency is supposed to be cream, etc. Homemade honey cake is perhaps my favorite cake along with sour cream.
Ellery cake-dessert
1k - 150м 6
Despite the fact that the description of the recipe is great, cake is not difficult to do and pretty quickly. Did it twice. For the first time in the Bavarian mousse added 500 g whipping cream the second time the part was replaced the cream with sour cream so the cake seemed perfect. The same opinion was my family together with guests. Incredibly delicious! Custard cake, thanks to a soft, airy structure, just a perfect mix of very delicate structure, Bavarian mousse that just melts in your mouth. I recommend you this delicious dessert.
Cake "Ruta"
1k - 90м 20
Going out of town, I decided to bake at home any delicious pie for tea, and suddenly remembered this cake, which I have long wanted to try. And, as to steep it for a long time have not stopped this. I would like to say that the author of this delicious cake is a wonderful cook and pastry chef Lika Torzewska whose recipes of sweets I often use at home and never they did not disappoint.
Cake "Kyiv"
0.9k - 1440м 12
Oh, and for a long time I thought, before I give out this recipe... been Reading the previous recipes, which is on the site))But still decided to risk it. Recipe for guests, but with my little modifications.
Cake "kiss"
0.9k - - -
I recommend to make this delicious cake, it will be lovely in the summer heat, it's almost ice-cream cake, but not quite... Two of cream - creamy berries and cream and chocolate are mixed into the kiss with a gentle kiss... how is it divinely delicious!!! The meringue for this recipe turns out not cloying, well, if You don't want to bake the meringue, take the purchase.
Candy "A La Pyatigorchanka"
0.9k - 30м 10
Pyatigorsk confectionery factory has released our favorite candy "Pyatigorchanka". In 13 years of living in Germany really missed this taste. Decided to cook themselves. The result exceeded all expectations.
Cake "Cheesecake madness"
0.9k - 60м 8
If you want to cook a beautiful birthday cake with incredible taste, it is ideal. Unusual, lush cakes and delicate cream will delight all of your guests.
Biscuit honey nut cake "Ideal"
0.9k - - -
This recipe for more than 30 years. I found it on the page of the journal "Peasant " or "Worker" with such a name. And this name is justified. Thanks to the contest "time Tested" I want to share this recipe with You. Very fluffy, flavorful honey cake with a layer of sour cream and condensed milk with nuts. All this is really just a perfect combination, and the use of cane sugar TM "Mistral"; enhances the brightness of honey flavor and aroma. Come and help yourself!
Raspberry jelly agar-agar
0.9k - 30м -
Today is a great feast-palm Sunday. The post continues. Indulged in the holiday sweets jelly from the berries, made into agar-agar. As you know agar-agar is a vegetable substitute for gelatin. It is made from a certain type of algae. I'll do useful candy. Therefore, the berries will take all the juice will not separate. The candies are completely natural and will help our digestive tract to work correctly. Because it is fiber. Today I use agar-agar Dr. Oetker, it is 100% natural. Candy can be eaten not only in the Post, they will be suitable for a holiday and for those who are watching a figure and afraid will get better. These candies are low in calories. Berries can be any. For example: currants, strawberries, cherries.
Cake "Cassiopeia"
0.8k - - -
Fragrant and tender cake with poppy cream and apricots. Very tasty, very tender!!! A recipe dug from the "ancient" filing of the magazine "Liza". Recommend!!!!!!
0.8k 5 10м -
BIEZPIENA MAJINAS[biezpiena Maines] Cheese Houses. Latvians are very fond of cheese, and so many Latvian dishes prepared because of it. The basis of the cheese house comprises three (square or rectangular) cookies, forming a "triangle", which is filled with sweet curd mass. This dish in Latvia very much, especially the children. Very often the houses meet on the holiday table, or just for tea. The taste is so delicate that houses all quietly fade and disappear. :)
Biscuits "Lotus"
0.8k - - -
Amazing cookies, unusual and very beautiful, will subdue anyone who tries it. Perfect cookies for a gift for any occasion, and just to please friends and loved ones. Lotus is a symbol of life and happiness, perfection and beauty! Do compliment your loved ones, prepare for them the cookies. In China the cookies are prepared traditionally during the holidays. And I got the Russian version of this cookie, but is no less tasty, with a twist in the filling and gives this special taste the sugar from the Mistral. Intrigued? Read more the recipe!