Desserts recipes for Lent

Candy a La "Mozartkugel"
0.5k - - 40
Who does not know candy Mozartkugel? These stunning chocolates with marzipan??? I suggest you make these chocolates at home. The more that they can be eaten fasting, vegans and vegetarians. They will not leave anyone indifferent! If you want to pamper your family, this recipe is for You!
315 - 3м 26
Ashure is one of the ancient traditional Turkish desserts, it is very tasty and healthy. This year it is prepared and handed out on November 3. My ashure ready and I want to share with you this recipe. Despite the fact that ashure is a Turkish dish, it has an analogue (IMHO) in our kitchen - kutya )))
300 - - 8
Japan. Country, able to defeat the Europeans in a true ideological shock. Although we are familiar with karaoke, origami, ikebana, anime, sushi, sake, but EVERYTHING is different: the attitude, the clothes, customs, lifestyles, home furnishings... and, of course, food. I walked around this recipe for several years. That was his hour, or even day. I selected a whole folder of recipes and methods for making mochi. For the ordinary Japanese is a very easy recipe, especially because it is based on, pasta, you can just buy at the store, you can make the most from a special flour made from glutinous rice, special varieties of mochigome. But for me it was a real culinary adventure with many interesting stops. If you are interested, please ... To begin with, that is a classic paste for mochi beat burly men with wooden hammers in a wooden mortar, where they grind the steamed rice grain, mochigome. But...
Juicy with tofu
290 - 60м 6
Delicious juicy with soft tofu. Help yourself!
Diet fruit dessert
275 - 5м 2
Jelly made from fruits berries agar-agar - replacement delicious cake for tea
Amazing lean bagels
270 - 30м -
A minimum of cost and effort and time, and the result is a delicious vegetable rolls. Can be done with any filling, what is at hand! In my recipe they are with prunes and plum jam. I did with the dried apricots. My family devoured instantly!!!
Cake "Lean"
262 - - -
This cake can be prepared in the period of fasting on the Day of birth. No one will be left without dessert because all of the ingredients lean. The cake is very tasty, with a variety of berries and fruit.
Raspberry jelly agar-agar
262 - 30м -
Today is a great feast-palm Sunday. The post continues. Indulged in the holiday sweets jelly from the berries, made into agar-agar. As you know agar-agar is a vegetable substitute for gelatin. It is made from a certain type of algae. I'll do useful candy. Therefore, the berries will take all the juice will not separate. The candies are completely natural and will help our digestive tract to work correctly. Because it is fiber. Today I use agar-agar Dr. Oetker, it is 100% natural. Candy can be eaten not only in the Post, they will be suitable for a holiday and for those who are watching a figure and afraid will get better. These candies are low in calories. Berries can be any. For example: currants, strawberries, cherries.
Tiramisu for vegans
245 - 20м 4
Interesting interpretation of the classic Italian recipe. In fact, sweet flummery and cookies, but from restaurant tiramisu indistinguishable! The cream turns thick and rich... mmmmm... very tasty!
242 - 20м -
Delicious, fast, unusual, useful... Great idea for recycling residues of rice, delicious idea for evening tea, a heavenly treat for the post... Delicious classics from the Tajik confectioners.
Thai sticky rice with mango
229 - 30м 2
Sticky rice with yellow mango (Kao Niew Ma Muang) is in the top most famous Thai dishes, mandatory testing. This traditional Thai dessert is prepared very easily, and is liked not only by local Thais and tourists, but also widely circulated among fans of vegetarian and healthy food. The dish consists of steamed rice mixed with thick sweet coconut milk and served with ripe yellow mango.
206 4 20м -
Dessert Tunisian cuisine. Delicious, flavorful and easy to prepare. You can eat in the post. A recipe from a magazine "About the kitchen".
Cake "Song"
205 4 60м -
Is vegetable cake got its name in the process of eating my godfather))When he ate it was Wikiquote remark:" my God, the cake is just a Song")))) I Suggest to you to try.
Soft lemon ice cream
198 - 10м 3
Today's my birthday! It almost always happens in post, so having fun - aside, small Goodies, too, but experiments I can't deprive myself! A couple of weeks had the idea of ice cream with vegetable oil and decided to take a chance!.. I represent to Your attention a soft, delicate ice cream with lemon flavor. Everybody who has tasted, evaluated positively, so feel free to share it with You. This ice cream is best eaten immediately from the fridge, does not frost, that is not harden, but simply thickens with extreme cold. I did a small portion, on trial, so to speak, out of about 250 ml, it is now possible to increase)) Try it and You ;)
195 - 20м 3
To describe in words, Hastak - it is impossible, it just need to try. A fantastically delicious and incredibly healthy treat. This Oriental sweet is popular around the world because of its delicious rich taste and many health benefits.
Scandinavian dessert
188 - 40м -
Very unusual dessert made of rice, unique taste which makes the combination of cherries and cranberries!
178 4 - -
Cakes of rye dough. Tastes like bread crust. Love my babies! The name they gave, too, because the German name sounded quite different on our way!))) The recipe has been taken from "weapons" me a couple of years ago from a German publication.
178 - - -
Warsaw is a small balls made from rice flour with different fillings of sugar, butter, walnuts, sesame, roses, mashed beans or dates. Warsaw, boiled, steamed, fried in deep fat or on a griddle and usually served as a dessert. Sweet and fragrant bulbs also called tunhuang that is consonant with Chinese "reunion". The Chinese believe that eating Tianyuan the rest of the family, the family will always be together, live happily ever after. It is known more than thirty varieties of "Warsaw" with various fillings. Therefore, the taste of cakes "Warsaw" is also very diverse.
Cake from nothing
176 - 40м 8
This recipe is very budget quick cake when the fridge is empty and you want something tasty for tea. The dough is prepared without eggs, milk and butter. Easy, tasty and fast!
175 5 60м -
I have exhibited kokoskov recipe, so this recipe called kokosiki-2; very easy dessert without baking, tender and tasty, and most importantly, products that are always at hand.
Honey Fig
174 - 20м -
Spicy, aromatic rice, with a strong dominance of cinnamon and orange. Perfect for desserts and fasting.