Gingerbread dough recipes

Russian honey gingerbread dough
224 - 120м 10
Or dough for baking "Matovnikov," traditional Russian curly honey cakes. For the preparation of gingerbread products used various aromatic roots, seeds, flowers, bark, zest and other spicy additives. Hence the name of these products - gingerbread. And the gingerbread features beautiful design - sweet, colorful products these recalled toys. In Russia, for example, was made even special gingerbread alphabet. Products from this test it is better to cook for 2 to 3 days before serving. You can experiment with different fillings from fruit jam or marmalade. I want to Express my sincere thanks to Olechka/Pachita for assistance and support in publishing this recipe!
Spicy chocolate terrine
170 - 150м 15
For me the winter holidays are impossible without spicy and fragrant pastries that creates a special mood. Last year I already shared with you the recipe of traditional French "spice bread" in the same tried a new recipe that is more suited to our family tastes. I will definitely repeat this terrine for New year and Christmas. I hope that recipe will come in handy!
Gingerbread carousel
158 - - -
Carousel, carousel begins the story. This tales, songs and fun! Carousel, carousel — this joy for us, ride on our carousel! (Remember the nursery rhyme?) I invite everyone to take a ride on the gingerbread carousel. Smiles and good mood is guaranteed!
Gingerbread dough without honey
156 - 20м -
Recipe of gingerbread dough without the addition of honey. This dough is perfect for baking like gingerbread houses and gingerbread tea)
155 4 - -
Fast gingerbread.
Perfect honey gingerbread dough
151 - 60м -
Delicious, soft, fragrant dough for painted cakes
Gingerbread house "a Surprise for the grandchildren"
146 - 180м 6
Gingerbread is one of the oldest Russian treats. They were treated to almost all the popular festivals, they were made of different sizes, gave them all kinds of shapes and were decorated with intricate patterns. I hope my house out of gingerbread dough like my grandchildren and Cooks and expand a wonderful collection of houses, already presented on this website.
Spicy Italian cake with nuts and dried fruits
131 - 90м 8
Panpepato "Peppered bread" — a variation on the theme of vintage winter baking, which is characteristic for the Central regions of Italy. This traditional Christmas delicacy is unusual in that it adds black pepper. About the benefits Panpepato many articles written by eminent professors! Still, after the composition of this delicacy only natural ingredients. The Italians claim that this bread gives energy, protects from diseases and even lowers cholesterol! Many even considers it to be an aphrodisiac))) You must try this flavorful, healthy and delicious baking miracle! You can, like many modern Italian cooks, replace the black pepper on vanilla, and then Panpepato will become less acute, but no less delicious... And be sure to use brown sugar from the Mistral, it will give the dish incredible flavor and taste!!! And most importantly, in this wonderful dish all the components of plant origin. Ie you can safely please this cake and energize yourself and your loved ones in the post.
Gingerbread honey on the tree with rye flour
129 - - -
A month ago I saw on "the Cook" Christmas gingerbread on a Christmas tree. My somewhat similar, but still different. I use a mixture of rye and wheat flour and add a little soy sauce. It makes the taste of carrots more pronounced. The tradition in our family to hang on the Christmas tree of sweets, but to the Old New Year all the candy from the tree were eaten, so I joined her new sweet decorations. The recipe was taken from the book recipes for HP. I usually "manual" recipes adapt under HP, and then the opposite happened and it turned out well, very tasty! Although it is possible these gingerbread oven is not just for the tree, but just for tea or coffee! Help yourself!
Correct gingerbread
126 - 50м -
What a delicious, fragrant, soft and beautiful these cakes are!!! Cooking them is a pleasure!!! The author of the recipe, OOO "Correct gingerbread".
Gingerbread house and other gingerbread products
120 - - -
The new year is a magical holiday that year waiting for the kids and adults. The greatest happiness is to discover under the tree gift. This gift can be the baking of Christmas test, which to the heart will please your sweetheart. Give your loved ones happiness and care! Happy New year!
Gingerbread with condensed milk
115 - 60м 10
Fragrant, soft and very, very tasty gingerbread.
Gingerbread house
110 - 12м -
In the New year my son decided to make a gingerbread house quick and not complicated cooking. As well as participate in the contest "in the New year with Dr. Oetker" and On the festive table: New year. The house nicely fit our song to the Christmas tree in pink, taste it we pleased already for Christmas. To taste it is not sugary, moderately hard. The guests were satisfied.
Gingerbread "Joy"
109 - - -
Fragrant and very simple cakes of date honey (silan)
Hungarian gingerbread
108 - 40м 9
Aromatic, moderately sweet cake, which viewed the roots of British cuisine. To prianto you can offer coffee, tea, delicious with milk it, especially with melted. It has one drawback - very quickly disappears from the table.
Fabulous gingerbread house
106 - - -
Gingerbread house – traditional decoration of the table in Western Europe. The original dessert is becoming popular in Russia. A house made of sweets, found in manuscripts of the 14th century, Dreamland Kokanee. Also among the ancient Romans it was the custom to bake pastry houses, which were placed in the home altar. Within 1-2 days the house was eaten, symbolizing the unity of the gods. On the eve of new year holidays, I want to give the cakes a real miss on our website - She (miss )!!!
Gingerbread house
104 - 300м 30
Recently I discovered this miracle. Who shares my likes and loves sweet - treat yourself!
Gingerbread with caramel
103 - 90м 4
Prepare gingerbread. These cakes will be perfect as Christmas gifts to family, friends, children. But if before baking make a small hole and threading after baking a beautiful ribbon. This decoration can be hung on the tree: it sure will remember Your children and this could be the best Christmas tradition!
Honey-ginger cakes, which are baked immediately
103 - 30м 20
This gingerbread dough does not need to stand in the refrigerator, the cakes are baked immediately after kneading. Gingerbread this recipe soft inside, and the top is crisp. Very fragrant, tastes like and the cakes that did in the Soviet Union.
The Kaluga dough
100 - - -
And not the dough it does in the conventional sense, as an old Russian sweetness of rye bread. It is not as popular as neighbours - gingerbread Tula and Belevsky candy. But worth a try, because the flavor in the Kaluga dough mouthwatering and the taste is even more amazing. Try to reproduce the recipe of the traditional delicacies, which regaled the princes and boyars.
Tula gingerbread with jam made of cloudberries
99 - - -
I want to share my favorite recipe Tula gingerbread. The stick turns out very fragrant, moderately sweet and very tender, and the juice of its complements.