Fish rolls recipes

Rolls of herring with remoulade sauce
254 - - 3
The main thing in this dish - the sauce - because it excited everyone in our family! There are many versions of remoulade, but this one appealed to me the availability of products. It is suitable to fish dishes and perfectly will blend in with vegetable snacks (for example, I make a salad of beets and potatoes and served this sauce). And mashed potatoes with remoulade - just eat with a fork! But the New year I suggest You serve with this sauce wonderful rolls, in Germany they are called "Rollmops". A truly festive dish. Hope intrigued!
Fish roulade with olives
190 - - -
On New Year we try to cook more variety of dishes - hot snacks, salads, meat, vegetables, fish. That's just about fish appetizer and will be discussed in this recipe. This roll made from boiled trout and smoked salmon, and not fundamentally for him to take these two fish species. Suitable salmon, pike-perch, mackerel... the Cut will be even more interesting if the fish will be different - red and white, for example.
Festive snack roll "Tiger"
154 - 30м 6
Loved the picture and I decided to cook this roll. Very nice to get Tiger. And of course delicious!!!
Rolls of crab sticks
147 4 - -
Can and every day and occasion. Stuffed you can improvise at your discretion. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
Roll out potato dough with fish-mushroom stuffing
136 - 50м 8
Delicious! Fast! Simple! Beautiful! Can be eaten hot or cold.
Salmon rolls with cream cheese on cucumber slices
121 5 - -
Green slices of cucumber combined with bright salmon creates a festive and good mood.
Sea roll with garlic sauce
120 - - -
In a post many people consume seafood that go perfectly with rice. In itself the dish is, of course, only the set of products is lean, and actually got a king. Rice, shrimp, squid, seaweed - very tasty combination. All this is diluted with rice. Garlic sauce by the very simple recipe.
Pancake rolls with trout and cream cheese
115 - 15м -
The best form that can make the holiday is the New Year. No one will argue. And the best form that can make salted trout, pancakes and cottage cheese – it's these rolls. Enjoy the most delicious harmony of form and content!
Rice rolls a La sushi
112 - 50м 4
Offer you to cook for Christmas table, easy to make, delicious snack that also looks nice on the table.
Appetizer "Fur coat"
111 3 30м -
Today a little surprise for someone so loved by many salad "Herring under a fur coat". But I will try to do this by combining the original is not a classic part of the salad with the idea of stuffed French loaf (recently supplanted by lawasia). It turned out so delicious that my imagination surprised even me. Try it and see for yourself - it's beautiful, tasty and easy to prepare.
Terrine of red and white fish
110 - 90м 6
Very tender and tasty terrine!!
Roll of mackerel with carrot and egg
109 - 120м 4
Delicate roll of a beloved mackerel. This cold appetizer looks very nice on the table, so perfect for a holiday table and for everyday use.
"Green" pancake rolls with salmon
107 4 40м 16
Recipe Squirrels Vita with hood-cook. I slightly changed the filling. Gentle cream with herbs, cream cheese with lemon flavor, with a drop of honey and salted salmon with crispy radishes are United in this snack.
Snack roll "Tale"
107 - 45м 1
For minced fish is just perfect the garlic, which adds flavor and taste snack rolls. The roll turns with a strong core. Such a roll can be served even on the holiday table. Prepared a roll of a small number of ingredients and does not take much time to cook it. However, the result is excellent.
Roll "the Russian tale"
106 - 30м 8
The roll are easy to prepare will decorate your festive table. This is a replacement popular Herring under a fur coat with a few additions.
Snack strudel choux pastry
104 4 - -
(holiday version) I had been "hooked" on the rolls - a quick and tasty snack. So I bent over stuffing That loved her husband most. At first it may seem that the toppings a lot (in fact, the way it is - I took double the norm), but the result was worth it - soft, delicate and very tasty.
Roulade of spinach with smoked salmon
104 - 60м 6
A very gentle roll with lemon aroma and soft taste. It looks very nice on the table thanks to the contrasting tones. Serve chilled with a glass of champagne.
Snack "Flavor Of Spring"
104 4 30м 6
For those who like red fish.
Eateries barrels of salmon and cucumber
102 - 10м 4
Kegs (aka rolls) is perfect as an appetizer for the holiday table
Rolls of cucumber
101 - 30м 3
Everyone knows that the rolls are very nutritious dish... The "heavy" in them is rice. But if it is clear, that is, to replace, it will turn out delicious and easy! Always cook this dish while on a diet!
101 - 20м 2
Delicious hearty meal, great for a picnic or dinner at home!