Hot dishes made of horse meat recipes

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Beshbarmak from horse sausage "Kazi"
1.2k - 2м 10
Traditional recipe from the Kazakh horse sausage "Kazi". This is one of the most ancient recipes. Beshbarmak is translated as "five fingers", but it's the everyday name of the dish. In the literary Kazakh language this dish is called "kazaksha et", which means "meat in the Kazakh style"! This is a very simple dish came to us from Kazakhstan and became a traditional dish in countries such as Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, etc. it is Prepared in different ways: lamb and beef. Beshbarmak has become so common recipe that now you can try it in any Asian restaurant. But the real recipe of this ancient dish you can try at home! *Almost everyone met with beshbarmak first ears, then eyes, then nose and then only hands and mouth!
Zrazy meat
0.9k - 60м 6
Relatives came from the village - they brought the pork. The day arrived, the friends from Kazakhstan brought horse meat (I know that we love her). So I decided instead of the overexposed city from meatball tasteless chicken to cook their meat. There is an opinion that horse meat is quite tough meat. Actually it all depends on the method of heat treatment of the meat. A solid piece of meat with fat I just boiled for 3 hours with spices - all well fall apart. Fried we can't that's why he made pancakes for a couple, but not exactly a diet option because pork also had something to attach.
Naryn horse
0.8k - 180м 6
For the first time in my hands hit the horse. And, of course, wanted to cook something tasty and unusual, especially a sweet Kazakh woman - the seller is advised to make a wish, if you cook horse meat for the first time, promising to mandatory execution. Naryn - Uzbek dish, and if something is wrong, I apologize.
Steak home-style meat
0.7k - 60м 3
I certainly understand that this is not the right steak, but I just don't know what to call this dish), I know that steak meat must Mature not a small number of days, etc. So I called the dish at home! Bon appetit!