Syrups recipes

Almond milk
270 - 20м 4
Recipe from the Orthodox culinary calendar. In the morning we used to eat milk porridge. Post always used soy milk. But it is very expensive. Read this recipe and was very pleased: milk without any flavor and can be done quickly. According to the proportions of products obtained 1.2 liters. Similar to milk of poppy. Well, and almond milk in our family associated with "Summer of the Lord" I. Shmelev. Here he describes how delicious meatless food " And vegetable patties with mushrooms, and buckwheat pancakes with onions on Saturdays... and the Christmas pudding with marmalade on the first Saturday, what the "coliva"! And almond milk with white jelly, and kiselak cranberry with vanilla, and... great pie at the Annunciation, with vaigai with osetrinkoy! And Kalia, Kalia unusual, with pieces of blue caviar with marinated cucumbers... and the pickled apples on Sundays and melt, sweet "Ryazan"... and "sinners", with hemp oil, with a crispy crust, with warm emptiness inside!.. Are t and m, where all gone from this life, will be so lean! And why is everyone so boring? After all, all different and full of so many joyful."
Non-alcoholic ginger ale
149 - 50м -
Try it - it's not only delicious, but also very interesting!
Impregnation for cake cinnamon
134 - 15м 1
Fragrant impregnation-syrup cake with a delicate note of cinnamon. If you want you can add to the inflorescence cinnamon 1 clove, or vanilla, or just cook the sugar impregnation without spices.
Poppy "milk"
131 - 15м 3
Who does not know the Mac! The steamed seeds are mixed with sugar and turned into a full-fledged sweet fillings for rolls, pies. Poppy seeds just sprinkle cakes, and sweet, and not sweet, add to creams, puddings, mousses and even ice cream. But you can make a poppy charm vegetable "milk". Delicious and healthy, it is will help out in the post, on its basis it is possible to bake a delicious vegetable pancakes with apples, you can use it instead of cow's milk in creams, in baking, to cook for him based sweet sauce.
Syrup from black chokeberry
122 4 - -
A very concentrated juice from chernoplodku, just to drink it is impossible, it is necessary to dilute with water. Just want to clarify: almost the same recipe seen in Aprelii, but my version with different proportions.
Mint syrup
101 - 10м -
Mint syrup. It's a charming sweetness, pour over pancakes or fritters, soak the cake or grease the muffin or just a spoonful of tea, and in summer you can dissolve a couple of tablespoons of the syrup in ice water...
Homemade Golden syrup
88 - - -
In Poland, this syrup is almost impossible to buy. I once received from a friend, she brought him from the Czech Republic. Perfect color, texture and flavor. Often use in cakes instead of some percentage of sugar. Drink very rarely, well, very rarely coffee, until recently I was drinking with brown sugar cubes, but after tried this syrup m... the flavor is unique. Anyway, the texture is reminiscent of honey, and honey is known to have allergenic effect, and some people can't use it. In this case, the syrup will be an excellent alternative. Health.
Ginger syrup
83 - - -
Ginger is a wonderful IMMUNE modulator! Ginger syrup is recommended for colds, cough and indigestion, destroys malignant cells, and the substance that provides spicy taste of hot pepper that can lead to a reduction of cancer of the pancreas. Add it to tea, take a tea spoon in the morning after eating and you will see that the energy and health with you again! Be healthy and not get sick!
Pomegranate syrup grenadine syrup
77 - 15м -
Sweet syrup red color with garnet flavor for cocktails and desserts.